TI Vol 14: Chapter 18-2

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Vol 14 Chapter 18-2

This armor was also a product of the federation, a high tech equipment designed to be suitable for wars. In other words, it was garbage. The armor’s defense was minuscular. Even the standard assault rifles could shoot it into a beehive in no time. So its effectiveness in the military was close to zero. In contrast to the backward military tech, civil tech had great growth. For example, this armor looked bulky but was actually quite light. It could also shrink to the wearer’s size, living up to being a sci-fi item.

Zheng held two armors in front of him. He was using them as shields. Tatata. Impact sounds hit the armor as soon as he stepped out from the intersection. This corridor was about twenty meters long. Ten troopers were shooting at him from the other side.

Zheng didn’t actually need to be scared of high tech weapons with such power. The dragonshard could take a tactical nuke so the bullets were a piece of cake. However, he had his difficulties. He was fighting in front of the troopers so he couldn’t use his Tiger’s Soul nor the dragonshard. If people mistook the dragonshard as the bugs’ defensive ability, there was no way he could talk it through.

The reason he took two armors was to use one to block his upper body and the other to block his lower body. His eyes defocused then he charged in. Twenty meters were almost a blink of an eye. His running speed was too fast, even when he was holding back. Though it wasn’t unacceptable. He charged over to the troopers. The nearest one felt a pain on his head then fainted before he could react. Zheng kicked him on the chin and knocked him three meters back.

The rest of the troopers were shocked for a moment. Zheng threw those two broken armors at them. Four troopers immediately dodged to the side. Zheng took a few steps forward and kicked one on the chest which sent the trooper flying and hit several people. He then gave an elbow to another trooper’s neck. The trooper fell to the floor without uttering a sound.

These troopers were harmless considering Zheng’s current physical ability, especially when it came to close combat. The troopers and sergeants were easily knocked down. Normal people basically couldn’t damage him a bit.

Zheng didn’t kill them since there were a lot of troopers watching from behind. If his means were too brutal, especially when the targets were the troopers, people would have negative ideas and doubts. Their situation didn’t allow him to make the troopers doubt him in any way.

The central conference room came to his view on the other end of the corridor before long. What confused him was the troopers lying on the floor outside the door. Their uniforms denoted that they were part of the backups that just came, troopers who were supposed to be protecting this room. He couldn’t tell if they were still alive.

The door opened. A muscular middle age man pushed the door and walked out. He looked at Zheng and the hundred troopers behind then muttered. “Now that things have come to this, there’s no more point to worry about them. Is your name Zheng Zha? The leader of team China? I passed by you on the other starship, so we have met once. Nothing needs to be said. Come on in. I know you are here to catch our members who are in this starship. Oh, and I unlocked the first stage. You can obtain a lot of points and reward if you kill me.” He laughed out loud and turned back into the conference room.

Zheng frowned as he looked at the door. He turned around to say to the troopers. “Everyone spread to suppress troopers who won’t put down their weapons. We must guarantee the safety of this conference room. Two squads stay and protect this place. I will go in to take a look at the generals. No one is allowed to enter without my order to avoid provoking the parasitized humans and make them kill the generals.”

The troopers nodded. They were certain these people were parasitized when they saw the troopers lying on the floor. Two squads let by veterans stayed and the rest left quietly. Zheng took a look around then entered the conference room.

There were also troopers lying on the floor inside the room, including sergeants, lieutenants, news reporters, starship staffs, and even generals. The only two people alive were the muscular middle age man and a Caucasian from team Africa.

The Caucasian showed an insane smile as he pointed to the generals. “Hehe. You don’t know that each colonel rank officer is worth 300 points right? A general is worth 1000 points. It felt so great when I was killing them. That’s over 5000 points here. Haha. Aren’t your team so strong? I earned all the points. What is there left for you? Haha.”

Zheng and the middle age man both frowned. Neither expressed anything else. The middle age man nodded to Zheng and said. “Hello, team China’s leader. My name is Richard Robias, the strongest person in team Africa. I want to make a trade with your team.”

Zheng was surprised. “Trade? What kind of trade? I don’t think your team can conduct any trades with us at this point. You have done the extremes by killing these generals. Things are going to become more complicated. Furthermore, it shouldn’t be your team earning those points. I don’t think there’s a need for trades.”

Richard sighed. The Caucasian yelled. “F*ck! So what if I killed them? What can you do? Come and kill me? It was you that forced me into such desperate situation. And that retarded Neos! Genius criminal? He’s just a retarded kid. If I make it out a live and see him, I will kill him with my own hands…” Before he finished talking, Richard slapped him in the face and sent him flying over ten meters. He knocked over several plastic chairs then lay among the broken plastic.

Richard gave Zheng an apologetic smile. “People can only see the faults and shortcomings of other people. They never notice their own mistakes. It was my team’s problem this time. We attempted to kill you because we had the influence advantage. Greed obscured our conscience. Nothing should be said now that we are in this state. Since we wanted to kill you first, it’s reasonable that you want to kill us. It’s just that aside from Rose’s couple, there’s a little girl in our team that’s innocent. She has a pitiful background. Both her parents had AIDS. They sold her to prostitution when she was little. She also obtained AIDS as a young age. She was on the brink of death when she accidentally entered this realm.”

“This little girl is innocent. We made all the decisions to kill you and to fight. Greed was also our fault. I only beg that you can let the little girl go. I can give my life to you. I can take care of this man for you if you want, so that you can kill him without any effort. Can you accept my request?”

The Caucasian slowly got up from the floor and laughed with insanity. “F*ck. Don’t the two of you think you can bully me at will. I am also one who unlocked the first stage and acknowledge by God as the team leader.”

Zheng frowned as he heard their conversation. Richard thought he was not going to accept the request and sighed. “I owe Neos a favor when he was still alive. I created a powerful ability, Berserker. It doesn’t last long but I think I can give you a fight. If you think you can kill the two of us easily, then try it!”

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    1. I will not go to deep on it, but there are fan fictions for Terror infinity, but instead of movie worlds its generally anime/manga worlds.

    1. This is one of those scenarios, in which you are encouraged to get pissed off at the other party, rather than feel sympathy. Throwing the victim card will not get them very far in this world.

      1. Still, I wonder if they could add that girl to their team somehow… Another psychic would greatly bolster their potential. I doubt it is possible without having some form of Slave Magic to use on her though… And depending on the next batch of Newbies, her life could be absolutely miserable henceforth. Like if they are the type Team Devil was initially composed of. So even if my absolute maxime is to never f**k with children, literally or figuratively, killing her here might be a mercy at this point. Of course, nothing is certain.

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  4. Richard would have been a much better choice for leader. The Caucasian is a rash musclehead and Neos is someone smart who thinks he’s a genius and never lets anyone second guess, which is a horrible combination of traits.

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