TI Vol 14: Chapter 15-3

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Vol 14: Chapter 15-3.

Zheng told them about completing the Scorpion King mission in advance in The Mummy world, the increase in difficulty and reward. He also added that the more difficult it becomes, the higher the reward would be.

“Even though the difficulty is high but The Mummy world is filled with various bonus missions. Many have generous rewards including quest items like the stone you have. These items are either extremely powerful, contain useful knowledge, or important to a team. Such as an offensive book and a resurrection book you can obtain from The Mummy. No words can describe how important these are to a team.”

This couple also seemed excited and asked one question after another on the possible situations one would encounter in the movies. Zheng basically held nothing back.

Once he finished talking, Marnie sighed. “Looks like we can’t complete this mission. My enhancement is on close combat but my strength is far from you. Her ability specializes in one versus ones. Our strength is sufficient enough to complete bonus missions in a large world like The Mummy.”

Zheng also sighed. “This I can’t help you. You can only rely on yourself for a lot of things. Your strength isn’t too bad. I met a large middle age man in the hall. He’s pretty good.”

Marnie laughed. “Yes. His strength is strong, the strongest person in our team. And he’s the only one who created his own ability.”

Rose tugged him. He realized what he just said and apologized. “These words shouldn’t come from us. We don’t intend to join the team battle. Our initial suggestion was to stay in peace with you since you are the strongest of the three teams. However, our team is rather unstable at the moment. Neos and Hawfor…”

She tugged his shirt again and took over. “Zheng, this isn’t worth hiding. Our team has two groups. One is the new official leader’s group. He unlocked the first stage and is second to Richard in strength. The other group follows Neos. He’s a genius criminal. Both sides want to take control of the team. So whoever can take down team China, they will gain control of the team. But me and Marnie know our capacities. As long as team China don’t attack us, we won’t use our powers to fight. And you accepted this condition.”

Zheng nodded. “Right. I accepted it. However, there are circumstances that I can’t control. Rose. You have the title of doctor in the biological study of Arachnids and the theory you proposed. Get what I mean? We also have a member with superior intellect. He definitely surpasses that Neos. Actually, neither of us have control over things now since their battle has started long ago. I don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

Rose replied. “This title is the identity God arranged for me. When we were still on Earth, Neos had me publish that theory. He said this will put us within the strongest influence and guarantee the safety of team Africa. I thought about it for several days before getting what he meant. It seems like he’s going to use this theory to kill you. Rest assure, we will stay away from this battle since we have decided not to participate. Our goal in this movie is simply survive. The military officials will be here in three to five days. Me and Marnie will find a chance to head back to Earth with their starships.”

Zheng stood up with a smile. “Then it’s decided. Let’s hope the final fight doesn’t start within these few days. Well, I envy you for being able to stay calm and choose your own path. Hope we can meet again. And next time we can complete a movie together.” He turned around and headed to the door.

Rose and Marnie met eyes for a moment. Marnie said. “Zheng, this is a free info that we obtained from another team in Lord of the Rings. Some movies are more prone to team battles. These movies tend to contain large areas, a deeper story background, and have many hidden missions and quest items. The Mummy is one of such. There’s also Lord of the Rings. That team also mentioned Transformers has a high probability of being one.”

Zheng listened to his words then waved his hand and walked out.

At the same time, Richard had returned to the starship he was in. He didn’t go straight to Neos but headed back to his room. Since team China now knew they were in this starship, Neos allowed Snow to use her psyche force ability to mask the whole ship. Richard didn’t have to see Neos at the risk of being followed. They could get in contact through their minds.

“Yes. I didn’t exaggerate. He’s extremely strong, even terrifying. Let me make a comparison. My power level is 5, my created ability is 50, our team when fighting together is 100. He’s at least 70 to 80 in a conservative estimate. This is just his own power level. Neos, I am starting to hesitate. Don’t fight him if it’s possible.” Richard muttered as he smoked a cigarette sitting on his bed.

There was a long pause before Neos replied with a cold voice. “Are you not going to trust me too? Why don’t you believe in me just like when you created your ability? We will die together if we lose. I won’t be the only one who lives.”

Richard took a puff. “Yes. I believe you. I believe there’s nothing that can stop your wit. But I really have a bad feeling this time. I feel like team China isn’t as simple as they had shown themselves. Don’t you feel that we found that person too easily? He looks just like a normal person. He’s like a new recruit more than a member of team China.”

Neos breathed out. “There’s nothing more to be said. The plan had been implemented. It’s a perfect plan. As long as we find all the members of team China, we will be able to take down this strongest team! Believe in me. Team Africa is too weak. If we don’t grow strong with such a good opportunity, we might get wiped the next time when luck isn’t at our side. Richard, why don’t you believe in me one last time?”

Richard exhaled the smoke. He hesitated for quite some time before saying. “I don’t mind paying back my life to you if it’s just myself. It was your wit that saved me before. But their lives are also on the line. We have the rune word stones, even if our points go negative…”

Neos said abruptly. “How can we go negative! What about our efforts? Our reasons to become strong? If we back down when we encounter a strong team, what will happen next time? Richard. Nothing more needs to be said. Just listen to me like you use to! I already sent Aya to capture that exposed rookie. He’s probably the weakest compared to the other four. Aya’s abilities are best suited for sneak attacks so don’t worry. Every step is within my calculation. Believe me that we will be the victors in the end!”

Richard sighed. “Then I will fight with you until the end. Don’t disappoint us.”

“There won’t be any problem! I don’t believe there’s anyone in their team that can see through my whole plan! Capturing this rookie is only the start. The time they come to search this starship is the time we find the evidence to use in our influence!”

At the same time. On another starship. Xuan looked at the monitor quietly. Gando just turned the corner in the hall. A girl followed far behind him. When the two of them disappear from the screen, Xuan turned around. Inside the room were ten squad leaders. They were standing at attention and everyone seemed excited as if they were looking at their idol.

“Follow the orders I told you. Dismiss.”

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