TI Vol 14: Chapter 15-1

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Vol 14: Chapter 15-1.

(Correction, Lieutenant Ross to Captain Rose, a member of the other team.)

Zheng came to the seventh starship with the information. It was easy to navigate between starships with the mini shuttle. This kind of shuttles also served as survival capsules. Each one could only fit two people but they could sustain from the heat of entering the atmosphere. The speed wasn’t slow either. The main female character escaped using the mini shuttle at the end of the movie. The only flaw was that the shuttle was only usable within space.

“Rose. Captain rank. A doctor in the biological study of Arachnids, done comprehensive research on the race. The first to come up with the hypothesis of brain bugs. Twenty one years old.”

Zheng muttered to himself as he read the info. He didnt know where Xuan obtained this information. The info wasn’t detailed but listed all the crucial facts such as how she rose to this rank and her hypothesis. This hypothesis along was enough to prove her as a member of the other team.

(Is this what Xuan wants to say? That this is their trump card. Once they find out all our members, they can label us as being controlled by the bugs and use the federation to wipe us.)

Zheng thought over the plan carefully. This was what he would do if he was in the other team. This influence could give them the win as long as they knew the names and location of every member on the other team. The title of doctor also gave her words authority. The most critical point was Zheng’s team performed too well. Once the higher ups doubt them as spies from the bugs, they would not want to take any chances. Furthermore, a bug that could enslave humans would definitely cause terror in society.

Zheng felt his heart getting chill as he thought through it. He even wanted to kill this Rose. However, remembering Xuan’s words that told him to just see this woman, killing her might mess up the plan and cut off any traces leading to the other team.

Zheng felt his brain turning into a mess. So he had to enter the third stage of the unlocked mode to simulate Honglu’s thinking process and continue the analysis.

The light dawned upon him. He had doubts when Xuan said the brain of the other team would send members to get killed by them, yet there was no reason given. This seemed absurd but their brain planned to use the death of his team members to clear the path to his survival!

Their team must have had usually stayed closely together. The troopers around them also knew this. When one of them died in this starship in a strange death, the others could spread words of people being controlled by the bugs and they had gathered evidence of such persons. That way, the federation would capture team China without a doubt.

“Such a ruthless plan!” Zheng sighed and praised it.

He finally saw the level of plans people like Xuan was thinking at, not something normal people would come up with. Among the people he knew, Xuan, Honglu, and this person from the other team should be similar in wits. Xuan was above the other two in comparison. Zheng himself never thought of utilizing all available resources to kill the other team without any physical fight.

The officers in the starship was notified of the death of that young man within just ten minutes. What Zheng got told was the young man died in a sudden heart attack during a brawl. A team was formed to investigate anyone the young man came in contact with before death. The officers also take notice of any abnormality among the troopers.

Zheng sighed as he exited the unlocked mode. He had be in this mode to think like this while Xuan was thinking all the time. He watched the shuttle enter another starship, the one Rose was in.

“No, this isn’t right!” Zheng growled as he clenched his fist. He murmured to himself as he left the shuttle. “He wouldn’t think like this. He wouldn’t do anything without any benefit in return. So benefits? Right!”

He immediately entered the third stage again to simulate Honglu. He twirled his hair. “Right, the benefit.”

Zheng thought back to the hero plan Xuan suggested. The reputation of the four of them grow to a peak that surpasses the officers. Then they will raise this influence and let their names spread throughout Earth, let the other team know team China is strong. Then he had Zheng kill the other team’s member without telling him the consequence, which made them step into the other team’s plan and he exposed Gando’s location. Everything…

All Zheng could do was sigh as he thought it through. Xuan was just Xuan. He avoided telling anyone the plan so no one would hesitate and mess up the plan. He simply enacted the plan without saying anything.

It was too hard to find the other team. So instead of looking for them, he had them show themselves. To make them do so, the thing he had to do was let the other team feel that they had won. Gando’s exposure was one piece, killing their member was the second. They were means to make the brain of the other team feel optimistic. Yet everything was within Xuan’s control.

The only thing Xuan needed to do was spread the rumors before they do. Rumors that these officers controlled by bugs planned to kill their heroes and all the troopers who fought in the battle to extinguish the hope of humanity. When both sides blame each other and the troopers were suspicious, the four of them could use their reputation to incite some troopers to act. Then they could gain control of the starships and open fire. If they get rewarded from the starships destroyed in this process, the amount would be…

Zheng shook his head and exited the unlocked mode. He then walked toward the dissecting room.

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  1. You know, I have to say it: Xuan and Honglu are possibly the only “smart” character depicted in a wuxia/xianxia that I actually believe are smart. The rest of the “smart” characters from other stories aren’t intelligent, they just come up with plans that are A) common sense that the idiots in the story wouldn’t think of, but we as the reader know is the best option from the start, and B) convenient to the plot and are so risky that only someone with an MC’s luck could pull off. But Xuan on the other hand actually feels like an intelligent character, like he actually deduces everything logically and analytically. And I love it.

      1. Nah the whole thing is just clunky. How was Gandos even exposed, huh? There was no real contact between him or the “Miracle-4”. Also luring the other team into a sense of security then accusing them of being mind-controlled by bugs? A simple x-ray would prove their innocence. A test to check for brain-bugs would be the first thing to be addressed once the issue if discovered. The higher-ups would know the protocol and prevent the soldiers from rioting, which was Xuan’s plan. Plus, why would God reward points for destroying the starships, if Xuan himself said that a likely hidden mission was to bring humanity’s war strategic abilities back on par? So many inconsistencies, so many plot holes, so much bs. As I’ve mentioned in a bunch of other chapters, Lan’s psyche force mind control would make all this smoother, for obvious reasons.

        tl;dr: author is dumb as bricks and so is Xuan.

        1. Woah dude, you seem to have a personal grudge against the author to hate the novel to this degree. 1) Gandos is a teenager with no remarkable characteristics in a spaceship. Any person trained as a soldier would have some minimum body gains. That plus he is in his 1st movie which is different from the real world (FD is exactly the same as real world), with no support. Simple security cameras accessed with the clearances of an officer could find him. Especially for a guy who is similar to Xuan.
          2)It’s the opposite of sense of security. They are high ranking officers. Getting into a large battle is exactly what they want, since this would make the “heroes” into spies, especially if they go after the doctor. It would be shoot first, check for brain bugs later. By then they would have left.
          3) They are already receiving points for attacking the soldiers, so the ship is an extension. Improving the future potential is different from destroying current weapons. If the ships are seen to be weak, that would lead to more research into war.
          tl;dr : you have blind hate. Some plot holes are there, as to why they got points for killing soldiers on their side, but the story overall is good

          1. +9
            I hope that idiot passerby read your reply, and any other replies on his previous comments,,

          2. 1. When you’re covered in uniform, you can’t see anything. You can’t tell how “military like” he is under all of that uniform. Even if you’re a girl with enormous breasts, those uniforms are so lanky that you can’t tell who’s flat and who’s bulbous. Furthermore, we were already told there are not that many security cameras. There are very few opportunities to catch Gando, if at all (I also highly doubt there’s an internet connection between ships. It makes much more sense for each ship to be a closed system, rather than transmit their data to everyone 24/7.) And even if they can catch Gando, why not Zero, or Lan? Why is it specifically Gando? Because Xuan said so? The only logical assumption here is that, if Gando was exposed, was because Xuan sold him out on purpose, or that the author leaps around without showing us anything other than conclusions. We simply do not know why Gando was exposed, because we were just told he was, and are forced to assume that only he can be exposed because the author told you so.

            2. Well, yes. I don’t quite see how any of you said anything wrong here, other than the whole “guns blazing” thing. A complicated plan like that can go in many different ways, and heating up the troopers to such a degree will take a while. By then, Team China are already heroes, and have their ranks. I think it’d be very hard for Team Forest to actually accuse China of anything, seeing how the military’s higher-ups see these Heroes as the last grasp they have over keeping their jobs, as it was testified when that failure of a General did not step down, unlike in the movie in which a woman replaced him, after those 100,000 deaths. The higher ups will NOT let these heroes die, their careers depend on it right now. Or, for the very least, they will delay any form of criticism towards the heroes until extreme evidence is shown, which is why I thought Forest will try to capture evidence of China’s inhuman capabilities. Bam, trapped. <:

            3. I think you can justify these things in many shapes and forms, like how it seems nonsensical to reward players in The Mummy for destroying Cairo (evil Zheng's side mission) when that's practically what Imhotep is doing. It's difficult to see what the system even wants to accomplish here. Work with the army, yet also sabotage the army? I think you two both have the same legitimacy in your conclusions. It seems highly contradictory to "help the army" when you're also rewarded to destroy it, but at the same time you can claim that's just the system's way to reward the players through extremely risky maneuvers. If the current equipment fails, surely that means you need better ones. It has some legitimacy to it, even though it doesn’t seem right.

  2. It is interesting to see some commenters keep complaining and yet keep reading.

    I can’t help but imagine them as tsundere characters in animes who act like “your writing is horrible”, but deep inside them they are like “YES, I want to read more!!!”.

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