TI Vol 14: Chapter 13-2

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Vol 14: Chapter 13-2.

Zheng’s expression gradually turned more serious. He thought for a bit then pulled Xuan out of the cafeteria. He frowned as his eyes defocused. A minute later, he said with a low voice. “Two questions. Is someone from the other team really going to provoke or probe us? They should know that each death is negative 2000 points and this couldn’t be their first team battle right? And two, aren’t you worried about getting found out by the government if we fight in the starship?”

Xuan threw Zheng’s hand off and replied. “We will talk about whether they know about the rules later. It’s easy to deal with being discovered by the federation. This is the map of the starship I found through the computer. The only places with cameras are officer’s lounge, the training room, and the weapon storage rooms. Which means if you get ambushed in these areas, run toward where people are with regular speed. You can also fire back with your gun. If you get ambushed in an area without cameras, they would have also chosen a time where no other people is around, then do your best to finish the fight in as little time as possible. We have to give them a shock!”

Zheng asked. “Give them a shock? Why? That would only make them act extra cautious against us. Then they won’t expose anymore traces and finding them would be more difficult.”

Xuan said calmly. “Because of the influence God gave us. They obtained a higher military rank as influence. Our compensation in influence is the ranking by God as the stronger team. We are the strongest of the three teams. Though it’s not known how much stronger. There’s also the possibility that they have members with special abilities like controlling your heartbeat through telekinesis, but have low stats. Or they can be strong as a team. Though basing on typical situations, your power should surpass them by a large margin. We know about this, but do they?”

“You look the weakest out of us four, that’s why they will choose to test you. What if you suddenly show overwhelming power that can completely outmatches their whole team combined? What will be their reaction? They will think they are going against a super team multiple times stronger than them. God only mentioned we are stronger, but never said by how much. It can be a little bit or ten times. Even if they consider you as the leader of the team and the strongest person, will they think the other team members are way weaker? Once we established ourselves as a super team in their minds, their actions will naturally expose their weakness. We will have initiative at that point. The negative point will instill fear in them. The failure will also trigger the in congruence within their team. Which is why kill. Kill everyone that attempts to test you.”

Zheng accepted Xuan’s analysis. The whole team would gain a point from killing a person after all. If they make a mistake and someone dies, the rest of the team won’t have to worry about getting wiped by negative points. Furthermore, they were in a life and death situation.

He sighed to himself. He tried to simulate Xuan’s mind but his level of simulation couldn’t replicate Xuan’s thought process. So he had to switch to Honglu before understanding Xuan’s analysis and discovered things that Xuan didn’t notice, human nature.

When the other team falls into despair or destined failure, will they not make a final desperate move? Like programming the starship to self destruct or control another starship to attack this one. Secondly, Xuan forgot about the human nature of team China.

WangXia and Kampa were both determined soldiers and were familiar with living in the army. They were natural in this starship but what about Lan, Zero, and Gando? The three of them weren’t a part of the army. It would be easy for the other team to discover them if they pay more attention. But at the same time, they could find the other team through this.

Zheng twisted his hair as he continued thinking with Honglu’s mind. Suddenly he thought of a possibility. Xuan analyzed the scheme of the other team’s brain to get rid of the inharmony of the team. Could they bear the negative point for this or were they confident in annihilating team China?

He remembered Xuan’s killing intent when the bear robot pointed the gun at them. As such a decisive person, he would take the next step to get rid of this problem without any hesitation, just like back in Alien.

Zheng was sweating when he came to this. He wouldn’t have been able to understand everything if he wasn’t in the third stage and simulated Xuan. Although this was still only a possibility, Xuan might have really decided to do this. He wouldn’t have to bear any responsibility afterward when Gando was found dead. If Gando survives, he will have baited out several members from the other team. The rest of team China would come to him as saviors. That might or might not solve the problem with Gando but could certainly ease the tension within the team while killing the other team.

Zheng smiled bitterly. He didn’t feel angry but just couldn’t do anything about this. He would want to kill Xuan if he doesn’t know about his past. But knowing Xuan’s lack of feelings, he understood Xuan was doing it for the team’s interest, to stay as the victor. Yet, he also saw Gando’s past! Gando wasn’t born as a selfish person nor someone who would do everything necessary to survive. He could become a comrade, someone that could be trusted!

Zheng stopped in the hallway. He didn’t know what he should do next. Should he go argue with Xuan or go warn Gando at the risk of revealing him? Or should he not do anything and use his team member as a bait for the team’s interest? That would dirty his hand and soul…

As he was thinking, his eyes suddenly came in focus and he jumped up. It was still a little late. A sharp pain registered on his shank as a piece of flesh got pulled off. He kicked on the wall and ran deeper into the hallway.


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  1. This is one of the reasons why I do not enjoy indepth analysis by the characters, especially how much Xuan info dumps the narrative. He talks so much, and forces his opinion to such a degree, that you can easily just go with his flow, and forget that maybe, just maybe, Xuan is not an omnipotent god that can understand how everyone thinks and feels about everything. Maybe, he’s neglecting to mention a few things, to further his own interest? But you already abandoned your ability to think, because you rely too much on Xuan’s ‘analysis’.

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