TI Vol 14: Chapter 12-3

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Vol 14: Chapter 12-3.

Zheng and Xuan’s conversation stopped five minutes before arriving at the fleet. Even though five minutes of flight in space was a long distance and the other team might not have such a powerful psyche force user, they would rather be extra cautious. The worst was if the other team discovered Lan.

Psyche force users were basically defenseless unless they reach an extremely high level. They might even be weaker than a normal person. If Lan was found out, the other team could put her under surveillance in order to threaten the team. Psyche force users were the most valuable talents after all.

(To be honest, they may not even have a psyche force user. If that’s true, wouldn’t we be able to find them out easily with our advantage?) Zheng thought to himself but he knew he was being optimistic. One of the criteria to joining team battles was becoming strong enough. A team that couldn’t even survive regular movies wouldn’t be given such a chance. Psyche force users were a measure for this standard in addition to the number of unlocked members. The team with the psyche force advantage had the initiative advantage.

Zheng slowly closed his eyes as he lay in the liquid. A set of hieroglyphs floated in his mind. These hieroglyphs were the ones they found in the Mayan ruins. Xuan learned them from Imhotep then continued to study them back in God’s dimension. He sent some common words to everyone, such as hide, psyche force, battle, run, mask.

“Keep in mind, you can write these hieroglyphs down at any time. In the cafeteria, on the wall. Write them down randomly to bait out the other team. If they are looking for us at the same time, they will care about what these character mean. We can use the opportunity to find out where they are. The second purpose is to muddle up their thoughts so that they couldn’t figure out what we will do. A large quantity of information will drive them to think we have big plans or already discovered them. Anxiousness can open them up to mistakes. End the sentences with give, take, or no when you don’t mean anything. Repeat the words twice if they are real messages.”

Zheng said. “Are you sure the others can memorize these complex hieroglyphs in such a short amount of time? That seems unlikely.”

Xuan replied. “Right. It’s not possible. The ones I am teaching are you, Lan, and Gando. Entering the unlocked mode will raise your learning ability to another level. The other three just have to know we are the ones who wrote these hieroglyphs. We will take care of the rest and find the other team.”

(Find the other team? What a difficult task. But there shouldn’t be any worries with Xuan in our team.) Zheng fell asleep as he thought.

This world’s civilian technology had reached what it should be in the future. Several hours in the container along with Zheng’s recovery rate had healed his body completely. The wound on the bone in his right arm was also healed. The expedition troopers entered the fleet from the rescue ships. Many cried at once. The medical troopers brought the wounded to the infirmary. These several thousands who survived were treated as heroes.

“Yes! They are heroes! When the fleet abandoned their comrades, when the rescue ships were far away, when nearly a hundred thousand were killed in an hour, this squad crossed tens of miles then held their ground on top of a mountain for seven hours. Initial estimates from the military have that they killed over three hundred thousand bugs. Everyone, you have heard it. They are all heroes! They revenged for their comrades, they didn’t dishonor our species as human, they are the true heroes among us!”

This fleet was composed of 82 level one warships, 17 special warships and countless supportive starships. The number surpassed the first invasion and could be said as the final force of the federation.

Aside from the military and federation officials, numerous reporters came along to interview the survivors. The military released a large amount of data, some embarrassing, such as the death toll and the fleet that ran away, but some they couldn’t wait to tell everyone, such as killing over three hundred thousand bugs. That was the reason the military loose on the control on news and allowed the reporters to interview.

A lot of what the troopers said were condemning the intelligence of the military but the majority were about the sergeant major Zheng and the three leaders he chose. Everyone agreed that the army would have been annihilated without these four people. They were saved by the four of them rather than the government.

“We can see that human is a species that is never short of heroes. We humans have noble spirits and wills that the barbaric bugs lack. You can’t imagine a person who had his arm pierced through the bone stood in the frontline commanding the army for six hours. This is the hero who saved our army, Zheng! Unfortunately, the military told us his injuries were too heavy and his mind exhausted. He fell unconscious as soon as the army escaped danger. Such a noble soldier is protecting us and the federation. A moment of silence everyone to pay them the honor!”

A blonde young man watched the news on the TV quietly in the officer’s lounge. A little hand suddenly turned the TV off. He looked over fiercely. That was a girl about eleven or twelve, grabbing his sleeves with a pair of pitiful eyes.

“Neos, Snow is not used to not using psyche scan. It feels like I can’t see. I am bored. Come play poker with me instead of watching TV.” The little girl said.

Neos frowned as he shook her hand away. She laughed then jumped over and grabbed his sleeve again. “Come play with me, play with me.”

Neos scratched his head, threw the chocolate in his mouth then said. “Snow, I told you so many times not to bother me when I am eating chocolate! If you do that again, I will slap your ass! Aya, bring her out and get me a newspaper. I need to read the report carefully.”

A long hair girl walked over and took Snow away. A slender man in black clothes said in a cold tone. “What’s wrong, Neos?”

He picked up another chocolate bar, his eyes gave off a violent sense. “Don’t you feel that they look too bright? As players, we try not to make ourselves notifiable in movies because that can lead to unnecessary troubles. However, the brilliance surrounding them is too bright, even though part of it is unavoidable, but I think they are intentionally raising their influence. Hoho, looks like things are getting interesting.”


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