TI Vol 14: Chapter 1-2

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Vol 14: Chapter 1-2.

As the others turned their eyes to Xuan, he smiled. “These are the items I can think of with the three rules. We have too little rules. If there’s a few more, I can craft more items, like the magical items used by cultivators in legends.”

WangXia got excited. It seemed like he was sensitive to these items from legends. He immediately asked. “Which magical items? What rule do we need?”

Xuan thought for a moment. “The ones that attack with electricity. We will at least need rules for remote control, finer control over energy, and energy encryption. Maybe also energy projectile type of rules. Anyway, it requires a complex set of rules for these items.”

“The items aside.” Zheng asked with confusion. “Why do you plan to revive Gando? First of all, we don’t know anything about him nor him as a person. He said he’s skilled with driving but that doesn’t have anything to do with piloting robots. You can’t be sure a person can pilot a robot just because he can drive a motorcycle. Can you tell us about the reason?”

Xuan nodded. He took out a sheet from his pocket. “This is the electrical jet engine I designed. The one on the side is the design of the bear suit. Due to time constraint and materials, I won’t be able to craft one myself. So we have to gather the funds together to exchange one for him. You can see from the design that the suit’s movement speed will increase by three times with the engine, up to a 200 kilometers an hour on the ground and 600 kilometers an hour during flight.”

Zheng was surprised. “I saw that suit before. I don’t think it can fly. It’s just a mini robot with good defense. You have to exchange weapons for it separately. To be honest, I don’t have faith in this robot.”

Xuan nodded and said. “The original one can’t fly. However, we have the anti-gravity rule. This rule can also be applied to the tier B VF-1 Valkyrie or the tier A RX-78 Gundam that we may get in the future and gives flight ability to non-aerial robots while enhancing ones that can already fly. Furthermore, with the addition of the electrical jet engine, any robot will have achieved an increase in quality.”

“Another reason is all these robots have a critical flaw, energy reserve. The tier C suit can fight for an hour before needing to change battery. The tier B robot can only fight for thirty minutes. Tier A robot drops to as low as ten minutes. If we give it the energy storage device filled with qi or blood energy and an energy conversion device, their combat duration can increase to four or five hours.”

“In conclusion, we may be able to get a main combatant with an extremely low investment. There is no reason not to take this risk.” Xuan said calmly.

Zheng said. “I think I get what you meant. Since Gando died in his first movie, it doesn’t take anything to revive him. So all we need is to exchange a robotic suit. If we succeed, we will gain a main combatant, otherwise, we only lost a modified robot.”

Xuan nodded. “Correct. Compared to the cost of reviving veteran members and the need to protect their lives, he doesn’t cost anything. The modified robot will also be at least two to three times stronger than its original.”

Zheng breathed out. “Ok. We will do as you said. However, since you are here already, let’s discuss about our exchanges for Starship Troopers. Do you have any suggestions?”

Xuan shook his head. “No suggestions. You can decide on this area since you are the leader.”

Zheng stood up and said with a smile. “Let’s go. We will discuss further on the platform and revive Gando.”

They came to the platform. Xuan seemed like he hadn’t rested for several days but he stood among them. Those black circles make the others worry about him. Zheng exchanged a bottle of potion as soon as he came to the platform and threw it over to Xuan.

“Drink it. A potion to remove fatigue.” He said.

Xuan opened the cap and drank it with one gulp. At the same time, Zheng took out the Book of Amun-Ra under God. When he opened his eyes again, Gando had already appeared on the floor. He seemed to be sleeping peacefully.

“Then we will discuss how to spend our points and rewards. First, Kampa and Zero only have two rank D rewards left because you need to buy freedom for the girls you created. Understand?” Zheng sat on the floor and said to the two.

They were surprised then nodded. Zheng continued. “For the rank D rewards, Zero can use it to exchange powerful bullets for the sniper rifle. I checked it, there’s one called nuclear fusion gauss bullet that costs a rank D reward and 500 points. The effect is nuclear fusion explosion in a 250 meter diameter upon impact, about the same area as the gravity mine. Why don’t you exchange two of these bullets? You should save the remaining 3000 points since the next movie is a team battle. We can’t be sure that no newbies will die.”

Zero nodded quietly. He walked over to God and closed his eyes. A moment later, two long and narrow yellow bullets appeared in his palm. Such an inconspicuous bullet with a powerful effect over 250 meters.

Zheng then turned to Kampa. “I think you can exchange for an enhancement. Didn’t you said you want the werewolf enhancement? You can spend a rank D reward for the entry level bloodline. It will increase your stats by a lot. Your speed and strength will further increase after transformation.”

Kampa cried with excitement then ran to God and closed his eyes. A beam of light enveloped him. The light came and went fast. Kampa howled as he opened his eyes. His muscles began to grow.

The others looked at him with anticipation. Yet, his muscles only grew by a little before they stopped and his body hair only grew a little thicker. Not only was the others baffled, Kampa also stood there in shock.

“Uh. This is only the entry level bloodline. It basically makes you look hairier. Haha. You probably need the intermediate or even high level bloodline to transform.” Zheng laughed out.

Kampa was a Russian to begin with. He was hairy and had a big build like a bear. Now that his muscle and hair grew a little more, he looked even more like a bear.

Kampa’s disappointment aside, Zheng advised him to save up the remaining points and rank D reward. Then he turned to Lan. “This movie is important since it is a large scale war and we have to fight against another team. So your effect will be even more crucial than usual. You are the team’s eyes and connection. I plan to give you a rank C reward then you can exchange a CC psyche force ability, called psyche whip.”

“Psyche whip, when a team member is being watched or controlled by another person, the user will form a whip with his psyche force to attack the other person’s psyche force. This ability gets more powerful as your mental capacity stat increases and can be enhanced to the next level, psyche shock. This is your offensive ability.”


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