TI Vol 13: Chapter 4-1

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Vol 13: Chapter 4-1.

An unperceivable amount of time passed. Zheng woke up on the platform in God’s dimension. Xuan, Kampa, and WangXia were still lying on the stretchers. The three newbies were nowhere to be seen.

Zheng sighed. He didn’t have the extra attention for the newbies once he learned of the limited time these three people had. Instead of letting the newbies complete the bonus mission and risk losing Xuan and the others due to the time constraint, he chose his comrades. He wouldn’t let his mercy burden the team.

“God, repair everyone. Deduct points from themselves.” Zheng yelled. Several beams immediately surrounded the four people and lifted them up in the air. The beam on Zheng quickly dissipated.

That was when he realized the young dragon was still in his arms. He hesitated before entering the warehouse. What if the dragon couldn’t be brought back? Then the government would get a hold of it. There was no way to retrieve it from the government in a reasonable amount of time even if they were to return to the Jurassic Park’s world. However, he didn’t have any means of hiding the dragon at the time. He was under surveillance the whole time. Handing it to the blonde man was of no help either. So he carried the dragon along as a test of his luck. It seemed like they won this bet.

While Xuan, Kampa, and WangXia were still repairing, the door to his room opened. Lori ran out with a teary laughter and jumped onto him. Zheng didn’t even get to throw the dragon off before she was in his arms.

Lori bit his shoulder but then a series of barking caught her attention. She looked at Zheng in surprise. The young dragon squeezed up from them and barked loudly like a puppy as tear flowed down its eyes. Lori instantly grabbed it into her arms.

“Poor little puppy. Just a little ugly. Well, you will be called Ugly from this day on.”

The dragon didn’t like Lori’s cuddle. When she tried to pat its head, it bit her hand. Though its teeth weren’t even developed at this point and just made Lori giggle.

Zheng felt peaceful looking at the scene. A kind of peace that calmed him down from the tension that built up during the movies. He walked over to Lori and kissed her.

At the same time, the swelling on the other three people were subsiding and the fester gone. They landed on the floor in perfect condition. Kampa swung his arms around. His strength looked much higher. So God repaired their body but didn’t take away the enhanced stats from the dragon’s blood. Then their profit was much higher. 100 points in four stats equal to 4000 points.

Zheng let go of Lori. He turned to the three people with a smile. “How are you feeling?”

Kampa laughed. “Great. Can’t believe how good this repair is. My body was swollen and itchy but the repair brought it back to normal. Haha.”

WangXia also laughed. “Yeah. I could smell the rotten liquid from my body when my body even moved a bit on the stretcher. It was rotten like a long dead corpse. I’d rather die than experience that horrifying sensation again.”

Zheng patted them on the shoulder. He saw Xuan was already under God with his eyes close so he yelled. “Xuan, take a rest today. We will discuss things tomorrow.”

Xuan replied in his usual tone. “You go ahead. I discovered something interesting. Also, the two books are in WangXia’s hands. It’s better to put them back into the Na ring. We can’t afford to damage these two books.”

WangXia ripped an opening on his jacket and pulled out the books. “We tried to protect these books as much as possible in case we have to revive you. Haha. You will have to tell us about how you lived under that condition.”

Kampa punched Zheng and also laughed. “Right. How dare you try to be a hero. We were in terrible moods for a few days. You will have to tell us tomorrow.” Then he walked next to Xuan and closed his eyes.

Zheng and WangXia were confused until a beam shone down on Kampa then a blonde woman appeared in his arms. She wasn’t tall but her proportions were perfect with legs that was at least 60% of her height.

Zheng felt a sense of familiarity when he looked at the woman then recognized her as a famous movie star in the real world. She was also the daughter of a billionaire, the dream of countless men.

Kampa kissed her then shouted. “Anyone that knocks on my door tomorrow can’t get an erection for half a year. Haha.” He carried her running to his room. The door was shut with a loud bang.

Zheng and WangXia smiled bitterly at each other. Zheng couldn’t make any more woman since he already had Lori. Xuan didn’t have such desires to create a woman. So he was curious at WangXia. “Why don’t you create a partner? Or do you have a special interest?”

WangXia smiled. “No. I also want to relax like this after the tension but I will feel sorry for her. She’s still alive. Just forget it. When I become powerful enough to go back, I won’t be ashamed of myself looking at her. Based on our current progressions, it shouldn’t take too long to return.”

Zheng was touched. WangXia was a real man. A man wasn’t just someone that succumb to his sexual desires but actually be able to restrain himself and not cross the bottom line for his lover.

Zheng smiled. “Don’t worry. We will return one day. Maybe it is just one or two years in the real world. You won’t make her wait too long. Haha. Never thought you are devoted to love.”

WangXia chuckled then walked to his room. His steps were determined with no trace of the suffering that he had just gone through.

Zheng hugged Lori then headed for his room. Xuan’s voice came from behind. “Thanks for your hard work.”

Zheng waved his hand without turning around. Xuan was still standing under God.


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  1. TYVM for the chapter!

    You don’t have to make a woman though. if I was in his situation, I would consider making a butler or something, just for daily convenience.

    1. Why a butler when it can be a maid?
      I’ve also been seriously concerned about their inability to think of making a woman with the high stats… Is the chinese way of seeing women so bad that they can’t merge the idea of bodyguard with that of a partner?

    2. Why not just made a female bodyguard? Someone like Ada Wong, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Tifa Lockheart, Revy (Black Lagoon), Major Motoko Kusanagi, or Kasumi (DOA).

      Be cost-effective. You can have la sexy time with them and at the same time, protecting you.

      1. …I doubt anyone actually wants to subject their partner to something like that. From Xia’s point of view, I don’t see why he wouldn’t get himself a bodyguard. They are currently going the Sci-fi Weapon route, so all the reason why a bodyguard is useful right now.

    1. There are very good reasons for why people want Lori dead sir. You can start with her being annoying, with her overly childish behavior, and other very unpleasant traits of her personality. Of course that’s not enough since people with mental insanity, like Zheng, may still like her, but how do you expect someone to grow fond of a character that barely counts as such? In 80% of the novel (at least) she is not present, but her existence stops our MC from getting involved with other potential partners far more interesting and more interactive. Is this enough to explain why Lori is so hated? If not you could also consider that Zheng almost died more than once for such an insignificant character.

      1. Lori is hated? By whom? How many? You’re making it sound like it was a general consensus.

        And maybe you should take her AGE in consideration. I’m more annoyed to people who only spout “hate speech” (I’m not telling it’s you) than female characters such as Lan or Lori. Zheng was hated too you know.

        1. o/ I hate her. Lots. For exactly the latter part of what Dao said.
          She’s not present 80% of the time in the story, especially when it actually matters (the movies), she’s a liability, which is just there to obstruct the MC from gaining any actual meaningful relationships with anyone else. The love triangle between Lan, himself and Lori was really not necessary.

          People can hate other characters for how they behave, but Lori’s issue is that she doesn’t even get to be a person. She’s just there for half a chapter, and then she’s gone. She’s completely meaningless in the story’s narrative. She’s probably the most pointless character I had have ever seen in any story I read thus far.

  2. The author’s portrayal of her had to blame. She made her apperance with tears EVERY D**N TIME!!!! I have to roll my eyes so many times for that.

    I do not feel the same towards the other girls created by other characters, i liked them and hope for their return. But lori is utterly annoying.

    To sum up, its probably her banal character, age, meanigless exisitence and most importantly, lack of growth made her so unlikeable among readers. i truly hope she can be stronger soon, mentally.

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