TI Vol 13: Chapter 3-2

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Vol 13: Chapter 3-2.

Zheng really did hear a dog’s barking. It’s tone felt melancholy as if it was weeping. He hurried his steps into the pile of leaves and branches. There was indeed a black puppy that looked feeble lying on the ground.

The puppy’s skin were slightly wrinkled and had black scales. Though its form was that of a puppy aside from the wings flapping on its back. Taking a closer look, it had a hint of resemblance to the dragon, but uglier.

The young dragon immediately took cover under the leaves when it heard a noise. It stuck out its nose to take a sniff. Then it jumped out and ran toward Zheng with excitement.

Zheng was slightly cautious of it but when he saw the wagging tail and it licking his trouser, he got down and picked it up. The young dragon hadn’t opened its eyes yet. It was the size of half his arm. So it should be just born not long ago. Though it seemed starved for a few days already. It bit onto his trouser and started making a low noise.

Zheng thought about it for a bit then took out the compressed food from the ring. He placed a pill under the dragon’s nose. The delicious smell lured its tongue out instantly, which grabbed the pill back to its mouth. Several seconds later, the dragon burped.

Zheng smiled then took out a solidified water. He picked the dragon up after it ate the water. The dragon also seemed to enjoy him carrying it and licked his face. Shortly after, it fell asleep. It looked just like a newborn puppy.

Zheng was now certain this was a young dragon. Maybe the possibility of a dragon egg in the lair was what Xuan considered. Even though they had no evidence of it, the mere chance of finding an egg and having a future dragon knight was enough. There were many problems they had to deal with regarding the dragon. Such as how to bring it back to God’s dimension. How to bring it into the movie worlds given the size of the beam. How to secure its loyalty after it matures. Furthermore, how to make it grow in a short period of time.

If they were to tackle these problems one by one, the dragon wouldn’t be a part of the team’s strength for some time. Though if they managed to have a dragon in the future battle against team Devil, their chance of winning would be a bit higher.

Zheng ran toward the T-Rex lair with the dragon in his arms. He used Explosion for ten seconds on the way, which used a third of his energies. No damage was done to his body. So this technique could be used normally in fights and not as their final weapon.

Ten minutes later, he was close to the area the marines told him. As he got close, he heard gunshots, explosions, and the roar of T-Rexes coming from that direction. When he reached it, he saw dozens of marines gunning at a T-Rex. Another one was lying on the ground. These dinosaurs were huge and powerful in close range. But their era had already past. Humans with firearms could easily take them down as long as the group was organized.

After this T-Rex fell, Zheng saw five eggs laying inside the lair. The snow white eggs were about half a person big, oval like a ostrich egg.

There was nothing he had to do. The marines put the eggs into a large boxes filled with little plastic beads then sealed it. Several people carried the box away. He could tell that it wasn’t their first time doing this. Zheng asked them and was told the scientists ordered them to hunt dinosaurs and steal eggs several times already. These boxes were the perfect containers for the eggs. They wouldn’t break even if the boxes fall.

When Zheng and the marines returned to the beach, the general and his group was already there with the gravity mine. Several researchers were discussing the mine and the general seemed pleased at their discussion. He also examined it over and over again.

“The mine is real. The machines around the mine had moved slightly. It certainly has a gravity higher than what its mass suppose to have. If this power is released, it can destroy an area of several hundred meters.”

Zheng walked over to them and heard a scientist say this. The others nodded in agreement.

The general said at once when he saw Zheng. “You got your eggs and we got the mine. Now it’s only the document…”

He stopped because he saw the young dragon in Zheng’s arms. Anyone who noticed its wings and saw the image of the dragon could tell this puppy was a real dragon.

Zheng knew what the general was thinking at this point, the sin of greed. Anyone who saw the dragon’s destructiveness and its ability to be immune to firearms would want the secret. The original dragon was no more so the young dragon was an acceptable replacement. The general’s eyes moved between the marines and Zheng.

“Ahem. I think you need to understand that you are on the weaker side.” Zheng smiled at the general.

He looked back at Zheng in a confusion. Zheng smiled then entered Destruction. He jumped up and use Rankyaku at the forest afar, taking a few breaths after exiting the state. It wasn’t until now that the trees started fall off from the center. More and more trees were falling until it reached ten meters into the forest.

Zheng looked at the general who was appalled. He turned to Zheng and muttered. “Are you really human?”

“Of course.” Zheng replied, then hesitated for a moment before he laughed again. “Well, mostly human. So you see, you are the weaker side between us. Don’t think numbers will make it up. You have to hit me with your guns also. Let’s transport the eggs back to the city. I will tell my comrades to fax the documents over. In the meantime, you will have to be my hostages until I feel its safe to release you.”

The general looked at Zheng with a complex expression then at the dragon. He stepped into the helicopter and Zheng followed. The marines slowly carried the box. After all the helicopters took off, Zheng took another look at this island, Jurassic Park, the lost world.

He almost couldn’t recognize Xuan, Kampa, and Wangxia when he finally saw them. Only WangXia looked a bit better. Xuan and Kampa’s bodies were swollen and many places on their skin were cracked with yellow pus leaking out. It was horrendous and disgusting. Zheng didn’t know what to say. The three people didn’t even have the strength to stand up. Several marines were carrying them to the warehouse with stretchers.

Xuan’s tone was as calm as always. He couldn’t feel the pain on his body after all. He said in a low voice. “We will talk after we returned. You came back in time. We have about three hours left. Let’s hope these are T-Rex eggs or we will be dead. You won’t have time to go back for another set of eggs.”

Zheng didn’t say anything. His attention was focused on the surrounding. He was afraid the government would do something greedy so he stayed close to the general as they walked. The three newbies were following after them. He let out a sigh of relief when the warehouse came into sight.

Fact was he noticed several snipers on the tall buildings around them. But he was blocking their aim with the general’s body. The marines had pushed the T-Rex eggs into the warehouse then the six of them entered the gate.

“Our deal is completed. Farewell.”

They stepped into the warehouse. Zheng was the last one. He heard the words “Completed bonus mission…” before entering the half dreamy half awake state.


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