TI Vol 13: Chapter 16-2

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Vol 13: Chapter 16-2.

“Magic infused mines? You mean by converting qi or blood energy to electricity? Is this form of electricity more powerful?” Zheng quickly asked for the details.

Xuan nodded. “Based on my analysis, this type of device requires two parts, the energy storage rule and the conversion to electricity rule. Upon converting the stored energy into electricity, it will release a powerful energy burst. The stone tablet calls it a powerful energy attack. Though how powerful is not certain.”

Zheng slapped WangXia on the shoulder. “That’s great. The next time we encounter a large group of enemies, these inexpensive mines will be the key to our victory. Xuan, make one to test it out. I also want to see if the energy storage rule is achievable.”

Xuan waved his hand. “Unfortunately, it requires various materials to make the device. The stone platform from before was obsidian. Not all materials can trigger the effects of the symbols and characters. God probably has all these materials for exchange. May be slightly more expensive than regular materials but not far off. I have explained two of the rules. The last one anti-gravity is the basis for flying swords.”

“Flying swords?” Everyone repeated simultaneously. WangXia’s eyes were beaming. As someone who liked to read Xuanhuan novels, flying swords were two sensitive words.

Xuan said. “Of course. Just think about it. Why did the Xians fly by standing on the swords in the legends? If they can remote control a sword to fly, it would be more flexible to just fly themselves. The answer is the flying swords contain an anti-gravity rule. When input energy into their swords remotely, the swords float and become a flying device. However, they don’t have this rule on their bodies. Aside from this rule, I think there should be a few more on the swords. One is remote energy input. Two is energy encryption so that other people can’t take over control. Three is attacks with attributes. They can let the sword convert their energy into other attributes for different effects. There might be more rules that’s beyond what I can speculate.”

Zheng smiled bitterly. “Well, you managed to put this legendary weapon into a scientific product. It sounds absurd but reasonable.”

“Of course, there are things in this world that can’t be explained with science, because our science is only a part of the world. However, nothing can’t be explained. If it is, that’s because we lack the knowledge.” Xuan said calmly.

Zheng said. “Don’t speak in such profound language. Only those who attempts to forcibly apply explanations seem foolish. We aren’t doing that so we are self-aware. Anyway. Let’s stay here for ten more days and see if we can dig anything else up. Then we will have five days to fly back to Cairo and go to Hamunaptra.”

“Wait.” Xuan stopped him. “I don’t agree on reviving any members right now. Same reason as the last time. We need to save the points and rewards from this bonus mission for enhancements and weapons. Furthermore, we also need to use a part of the points for equipments and materials to test these rules. We don’t have the points to revive members unless you ignore our lives, since we need enough strength to guarantee our safety in the next world. We can’t revive anymore if we die.”

Zheng paused for quite a while before he nodded slightly down. “I understand. Then we will decide on our exchanges after returning to God’s dimension.”

Most of what happens in the world don’t follow our wills. Even though Zheng really wanted to revive his team members, he had no reason to refute Xuan’s words. Just as Xuan had said, the five other people there also needed enhancements and exchanges. Not everyone was as strong as him and most movies still pose great dangers to them. Similarity, Zheng didn’t want to lose anyone, be it his current comrades or those yet to be revived.

Ten days quickly passed. The stone fragment count increased by one. Though there was no new rule. It was filled with explanations on symbols. But Xuan was still satisfied. They saw that fanaticism on the emotionless man’s face time and time again, which led to some degree of terror.

The team only had five days left after things were done in the ruins. To avoid any possible accidents, they decided to head back to Cairo on the same day, while the movie characters continued excavating the step pyramid. They indicated they would save the tablet fragments for Zheng’s next arrival if they found any.

Imhotep and Anck-Su-Namun left a few days ago. He obtained Indiana Jones’s address from Evelyn and headed there with his lover. His desire for the holy grail was vivid. However, he indicated the deal was still in effect before leaving. If he couldn’t find the holy grail or a way for eternal life, he would bring Anck-Su-Namun into the world of horror movies. It was only two movie’s time so Zheng agreed and they would meet in Hamunaptra next time.

“What a world we live in. An archenemy from last time suddenly turned into a comrade. Even though he isn’t too reliable but isn’t this still miraculous?” Zheng said with a smile as they flew over the Atlantic Ocean in the evening.

The two Sky Sticks flew with one following the other. All six of them were quite excited. This adventure yielded a full harvest. The bonus mission was completed perfectly. The quest item came into their hands. And they obtained the knowledge to magic hidden under the pyramid. They felt as if they still hadn’t woken up from the dream. This was a movie world where every adventure accompanies the possibility of death. Yet, they came as six and were returning as six plus a bunch of rewards.

“Let us continue working harder. We will keep growing stronger until one day every one of us can return to the real world!”

Yes. If we can keep growing stronger, everyone will be able to return. This was the thought within everyone in team China. Perhaps with one addition, to fight team Devil again.

They arrived in Cairo before long. Nothing special happened during the flight. The last few days in Cairo, Xuan oddly wasn’t interested in fishing. He focused all his attention on the tablet fragments. Then Kampa, WangXia, and Zero started getting interested in fishing. Without the presence of the fishing demon, Zero’s skills skyrocketed to his normal level. Kampa and WangXia just sighed. Time slowly passed in this leisure. The few days in Cairo came to an end. The half dreamy, half awake state brought them back to God’s dimension.

A few days of resting had loosened up their tension. So as soon as they returned, everyone began their own training plans. However, during lunchtime, Xuan gathered everyone.

The team met inside Zheng’s basement. Zheng turned the room into a weapon test site with an alloy ground. Xuan was the last to arrive. Without a word, he threw Zheng a Rubik’s cube and said. “Channel your qi or blood energy into it.”

Zheng took a good look at the cube and noticed the symbols and characters carved on it. He channeled his qi without another thought. A faint white light flashed across. A second later, he handed the cube back to Xuan. “It’s full. Is this the energy storage device? It’s pretty useless if the capacity is so low.”

Xuan let out a sigh of relief. “No, this is a cheap product that only has a layer of mithril. The amount of energy stored has nothing to do with size but the symbols and characters combination. Which means if these symbols and characters are the size of a nanometer, you can carve tens of thousands on a ring. I am planning to make you two of those rings. However, mithril is expensive and nanometer size carvings require a lot of time. I have to test if the combinations actually work. Oh, what is the next movie? So I can make preparations in advance.”

Zheng’s expression turned serious as he looked at everyone. The others’ hearts skipped a beat. They knew it was going to be something important. Zheng nodded and said. “I was planning to tell you tonight. Didn’t expect you to gather everyone so early. Our next movie is Starship troopers. A military science fiction movie, very hard difficulty. Furthermore, we are having a team battle. However, I don’t know whether we are should be fortunate or sigh. We are entering the movie late. God had determined us as stronger than the opposing team!”

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