TI Vol 13: Chapter 14-2

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Vol 13: Chapter 14-2.

“This answer is pretty simple. Where do our energy come from?” Zheng smiled at the other people. “A normal human and even us rely on food for energy. I don’t think any human can use photosynthesis.”

“That was why we would eat a big meal after returning to God’s dimension every time. It is the same as eating more when you are exhausted. Though there are special cases such as my qi and blood energy. These two energies support my Explosion and Destruction abilities. I can’t use the abilities with only my physical body. The energy expenditure will turn me into a skeleton in a few seconds.”

Zheng laughed and continued. “In the same reasons, an organism, let’s assume the monster is an organism that’s beyond our imagination, can’t have an infinite amount of energy. My qi and blood energy will also get depleted. So without qi or blood energy, he had to sustain himself from the energy of his cells. Even though these cells can absorb food from outside the body, but what if I don’t give him the time to do so? Once he reaches the level of Destruction, the energy expenditure will consume him immediately. Plus, if his other cells evolve simultaneously, all of those cells, including the ones inside Alex will be consumed in under ten seconds.”

“I think the monsters from the Mayan civilization were wiped by the same reason. This kind of evolution is irreversible and none selective. When their only goal is to grow stronger, they will eventually end up as beings not suitable for survival. I have to admit that they are powerful, way beyond human imaginations, and unkillable. But never ending evolution will only have one consequence, the cells cannot sustain the power and die. I merely shortened this time to less than a minute.”

This was the best hospital in NYC. They rented the best rooms to recuperate. Zheng wasn’t the only one that was injured critically. Everyone else took various degrees of injuries. The worst was O’Connell. He had to protect his wife and one of his arms got dislocated by a vampire.

The injuries weren’t heavy because Xuan reacted in time and with incredible methods. He didn’t run to the park like Zheng said. He led everyone to the roof of the hotel while Wangxia bombed the stairs in his order. Most vampires couldn’t get to the top. Only the larger ones could climb the wall and was quickly shot off. That was how they defended until Imhotep’s arrival. No one suffered fatal injuries.

After the fight, they stayed in this hospital. Those who didn’t take any damage began to look for the golden mask at where the monster stayed.

Zheng asked Evelyn. “How is Alex? He’s going to be a grand adventurer when he grows up, having gotten into such dangers with us when he’s still so young. Haha.”

Evelyn’s eyes reddened but she was smiling. “Right. There aren’t any major side effects. We found the cells that were injected in his chest. Those cells are dead and leaked out in a pus. We thought he was turned at the time but fortunately not. These cells died so fast that he didn’t get infected. Thank you and your team, Zheng.”

Zheng laughed. “No need to say this. Aren’t we comrades that fought together? Do you have to be so polite to your comrades? Haha. We just need you to come with us to the Mayan ruins in a few days.”

Evelyn nodded. Her adventurer soul was activated again and her eyes gleaming. “Yeah. It was a rush last time. I have to take a closer look this time.”

“Right. Right!” Jonathan’s eyes were also gleaming, with gold. “We have to take a closer look at the things inside. I heard the word gold is written all over the walls.”

O’Connell said. “It’s golden mask ok? Stop ignoring the word mask!”

Jonathan laughed. “Fine, fine. Aren’t golden mask gold too?”

Zheng interjected. “They don’t seem like the same. Anyway, let’s head to the ruins together.”

Evelyn said. “I also heard my professor mention about a holy grail somewhere in the U.S. It was said the liquid from the holy grail can evolve human into higher level organisms and grant eternal life. My professor heard the story from a man called Indiana Jones. Not sure if this is true but is anyone interested? We can search for the holy grail instead.”

Everyone shivered as they heard the term higher level organism. They continued their conversation and ignored Evelyn as she panicked.

Though Imhotep got curious and asked. “Your professor really said the liquid from the grail grants eternal life? Are you sure the thing is inside the U.S.?”

Evelyn nodded immediately. “Right. Right. I don’t know if it is true but I will search for this Indiana Jones with the clues my professor gave me then ask him for the location of the holy grail. Even if the grail is fake I would confirm that it’s fake. Are you interested in the holy grail?”

Imhotep nodded. “I am actually interested. If we can find this holy grail, I want to see if it will grand eternal life.”

Zheng sighed. “So that means our deal is voided? You’re not planning to enter God’s dimension?”

Imhotep hesitated for a while before he made the decision. “I don’t know if Anck-Su-Namun will have to enter battles with me. If all the worlds you go into are as dangerous as this time, I won’t enter it now. I have to search for the holy grail first. If it doesn’t grant eternal life to Anck-Su-Namun, I will wait for you in Egypt to enter God’s dimension with you. You swear there is a pill that will grant eternal life in the dimension?”

Zheng nodded. “Right. I swear there’s this pill but it costs a lot of points and ranked rewards. The monster we defeated this time only gives me 5000 points and a rank B reward, which is not enough to buy the pill. But I think your undying body and magic can allow you to earn points easily. You sure you are not coming back with us?”

Imhotep hesitated again before he said. “In order to guarantee her safety, I have to test every method in this world first. If nothing really works, I will consider entering God’s dimension. How about this, three years. I will give you a reply in three years.”

Zheng estimated the time. One movie was close to two years in this world so it meant they could get Imhotep to join in at most two more worlds. They had to wait for quite some time but the addition of him would give them a boost in power. Even if an opposing team had the Book of Amun-Ra, they also had the Book of the Dead to revive him so they had no fear of him dying.

“Then it’s a promise! I will wait for your reply in three years!”

Zheng lay on the soft bed and stared at the white ceiling. Then he slowly drifted into his dream. The fight was exhausting to him. He used Explosion then Destruction afterward. He was still feeling the laziness and just wanted to sleep.

“After we find the golden mask, we will head to the Mayan ruins!”


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  1. Wait wait…they know that Imhotep’s chick is evil from the mummy sequels. And they’re considering letting her drink from the Holy Grail? /facepalm

  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    This kind of evolution is irreversible and none selective.
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    “Indiana Jones”…Wait so the Indiana series are also tossed into the Mummy Series?! Why does this feel more like a blast to the past rather than an alternate world? If we consider the fact that even anime and other literature are put into these worlds, wouldn’t that mean there’s a time machine or something similar in one of the worlds?!

    1. If we’re going with the time period of the world then the super solder serum from Captain America is about to be created. Well it probably already exists and has created Red Skull. The serum reacts to it’s hosts differently. Which would make it useful in improving everyone on the team down their on personal evolution paths.

    2. That’s an interesting remark, which seems to hold merit as well. Movies correlate to the time their setting takes place, rather than exist in separate instances of the same world.
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