TI Vol 13: Chapter 14-1

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Vol 13: Chapter 14-1.

The brown hairs didn’t attack Zheng immediately after he landed. They surrounded him then one of them said with a cold smile. “Why didn’t you run? That sandstorm ran with the boy. Or do you think you can hold me here just by yourself? Maybe you still don’t know the consequence of getting injected with my cells yet. After ten days, the boy will…”


Zheng stared at him coldly. A smile slowly crept onto his face. “I only have one question. Will your cells all over the world evolve as the you in front of me evolve? How can you accomplish that over such distance?”

Brown hair touched his hair and said with a smile. “Is the low level organism admiring the higher level organism now? I can grant you eternal life as long as you can become my slave. Do you know about the life essences?”

Zheng nodded. “We call it genes, the thing that controls the development of cells.”

Brown hair nodded. “Correct. Genes control the evolution of life. Absorbing lives do not necessarily make me stronger. It gave me more cells but I did not sense a growth in my genes. However, your genes gave me that sense of growth. With each time I fight you, my life essence is perfecting the flaws in my body. This is a restructure of life essence. It doesn’t take a large amount of energy nor absorbing things. As long as my cells are connected to my life essence, the restructure will take place. Of course, given enough time and enough lives, my evolution will eventually reach perfection.”

Zheng said. “So as long as one of you evolve, the rest will follow. Understood. Let us begin.”

Brown hair asked in confusion. “Begin what?”

“The fight, obviously!”

Zheng’s eyes went out of focus as he entered the second stage. His muscles also enlarged. “The power I used in the exhibition center is called Explosion. I know you will grow stronger and evolve after being hit. So you have to evolve to the same level as me in Explosion first!”

Zheng gave a shout. The two energies met in his heart. The brown hair nearest to him got punched in the face the next second. His whole head was crushed into pieces!

All the brown hairs immediately jumped at him. He had to admit that their speed and strength were improved substantially since the exhibition center. They were halfway toward him in the Explosion state. Which was scary because Zheng’s power had a time limit while brown hair could clone himself and had no limitation.

Even so, these brown hairs were crushed one by one by Zheng. Explosion wasn’t the only ability Zheng had. The combat status brought by the unlocked mode was a part of his strength. Brown hair obviously didn’t have this combat status. Their fighting ability simply rely on their powerful bodies, a totally different level from Zheng.

However, they continued to evolve. They increased their speed to catch up to Zheng’s movements. Their bodies became tougher to withstand his attacks. Their strength grew to rival his fists. Their bodies were unkillable. Every time they were crushed, they quickly regenerated. Before long, Zheng exited the Explosion state as he was panting. Brown hair had already adapted to the speed and strength of his Explosion. Zheng was sent flying dozens of meters until he crashed into a wall by a punch. Then just stuck in the wall.

One of the brown hairs swung his arm around in a surprise. Then he punched a hole in the ground then tore up a block of the concrete ground with his hand. The block was at least four meters in length.

Brown hair gave a shout then sneered at Zheng. “Can you see it? This is the power of higher level organisms. Can you see? Are you already exhausted? While I still have immense strength and speed. God. I never imagined I can evolve to such level. This strength and this body are simply amazing. Haha. I am the ruler of this world. I am the highest level organism from this point on. I am God!”

Zheng moved his body a bit. He was exhausted but he still reserved a lot of qi and blood energy. The punch on his chest didn’t inflict critical damage because he shielded it with qi. The real gamble had just begun.

He circulated his qi to move his body then jumped off the wall. The brown hairs’ movements were blurry to him since they could constantly move at the speed of Explosion. The nearest one walked over to him but Zheng smiled. “Aren’t you feeling strange? Why can I achieve such strength and speed with a normal body? Aren’t you curious?”

Brown hair hesitated for a bit then stopped his steps and asked. “This question is indeed intriguing even though you are not a normal human. The scales and wings from my body are derived from your life essence. But how can a low level organism has strength that surpass me? Is there a secret technique? Say it and I might let you retain your conscious and a normal body as a slave if it is of value. Since I only need you as a slave. It isn’t a big deal letting you keep everything.”

Zheng laughed. “Unfortunately I am allergic to the word slave. Haha. This isn’t just power from the genes. This is the result of energy collision. It is difficult to reach this level with just your body. In fact, without the energy to burn through, it will be fatal to sustain this state with only the energy of your cells! You like to evolve? You can keep evolving. I have discovered your biggest and deadliest flaw. Your evolutions are driven by the instincts of your cells. You have no control over it or ability to reverse this evolution. Once you get accustomed to this state, how long can the energy from your cells sustain it? Ten seconds? Twenty seconds?”

“Haha. Take a look at Destruction! You disgusting monster.”

Zheng gave a shout and entered Destruction. Everything around became slow motion though brown hairs’ speed didn’t get slowed down much. But it was enough for him!

“Fist-gan!” Zheng punched at a brown hair’s chest then turned around and sliced two in half from the waist with Rankyaku. He focused back on punching the one in front of him while he ignored the brown hairs charging at him. In just a few seconds, he struck several hundred punches. Each one at the limit in his Destruction state and each one nearly crushing the body. However, he kept on hitting the smashed flesh that was recovering. In about five seconds, the rest of the brown hairs reached a third of his speed and were still increasing.

“Geppo!” Zheng grabbed the piece of smashed flesh and jumped up while he continued punching it. The brown hairs flapped their wings to follow. Their speed reached half of his Destruction. The monster didn’t lie that all of him evolves while one gets hit.

Zheng sighed. His blood vessels were starting to burst so he had to smash the flesh back to the ground. This piece of flesh was smashed several meters into the ground. Zheng finally exited out of Destruction.

He couldn’t see brown hairs’ movements anymore in his normal state. A translucent barrier appeared and blocked the pressurized air caused by a punch. But as the ground was shattering, he knew one of them was charging at him. Once he got hit by a punch in close distance, he would get crushed in this state. He closed his eyes and waited for fate’s judgement.

Several seconds later, the pain didn’t come. Zheng slowly opened his eyes to see a rotten skeleton kneeled a few meters in front of him. The skeleton was still alive and its mouth trying to say something. However, as the flesh on its body melted away, it fell to the ground in pieces.


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  1. The concept of exhausting oneself in this manner was something I kept yelling at certain video game enemies, fantasy and sci-fi monsters alike.
    You simply cannot regenerate an entire body, out of a puddle of blood. Where does all of that mass come from? Unless your cells each individually are infused with impossible levels of energy (like of certain cultivators), then you need to constantly consume more biomass to regenerate, otherwise you stay dead.

    In magical settings you can somewhat excuse it, but when it tries to go sci-fi? Ruh roh.

    1. The monsters can, by eating more human flesh.

      The monsters have a whole building cover by blood, remember?

      It’s just that when the monster waste more energy than it eats, it collapses.

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