TI Vol 13: Chapter 12-2

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Vol 13: Chapter 12-2.

Being the parents, O’Connell and Evelyn were the quickest to respond. The two of them rushed toward the bedroom as soon as the sound came about. O’Connell pulled out the gun by his waist then shoulder charged the door open.

Zheng was slightly slower to react but he moved much faster. He leaped off the sofa and headed in one step ahead of O’Connell. A narrow tentacle like flesh stood by the bedside. It came all the way from the bathroom and held up the baby boy. Two more tentacles suddenly dropped down from the ceilings. They turned sharp and stabbed toward Zheng and O’Connell.

Zheng bit his teeth then jumped up. He opened his arms to reach for the thorn flesh. The thorns stabbed into his palms then he activated Red Flame which enveloped them. They struggled for merely a second before being burned to ashes. However, he was still too late. The tentacle wrapped around the boy and moved to the window then dropped down. Zheng, O’Connell and Evelyn looked out the window but the boy was nowhere to be seen.

Zheng turned around and shouted. “Lan! Did you lock onto Alex’s mental waves? Send his location to my mind!” He kicked at the window that had a hole and shattered it, then jumped out.

Lan quickly closed her eyes and lock onto the boy’s location then connected to Zheng’s mind. The image entered his mind as he jumped off. He took out the Sky Step and sped toward the location.

Looking down from the sky, there were dozens of people running away. In the middle of the crowd was a giant vampire with seven or eight human legs and a body multiple persons big. It seemed just like a fusion of multiple people. The boy rested on one of his many arms. As Zheng came into its view, it held the boy inside his arms and the vampires surrounded it.

“This is Xuan. Don’t attack the giant. Let it take the boy away. Lan had locked onto him. The monster isn’t aware of this ability. The time is still too early. We will wait until before dawn.” Xuan’s voice came into his head.

Zheng hesitated for a bit and asked. “What if the monster turn Alex into a vampire? I can’t take such a big risk! 10,000 points penalty for everyone! And he’s the son of O’Connell and Evelyn! I am going to follow Alex until I find that monster. Then I will attack!”

Xuan’s voice paused for a second. “Both chances account for 50% possibility each. So either way doesn’t matter. However, Imhotep won’t be able to help you. The flesh invaded the hotel so he must escort us to the nearby park first. Zero and Kampa are heading over to you.”

Zheng’s mind wavered as he stared back at the hotel far away. The flesh was difficult to defend against. Any contact might let it enter the body. He worried if his comrades could defend the attacks but it was already too late to go back now. He might as well just go kill the monster.

Zheng followed almost directly above the boy so that if anything happens, he could attack the vampires and giant immediately.

He pondered over the fight coming up but he had no effective methods to fight the monster. Even if he tore the body into pieces or blew it up, the monster was still alive. Sunlight was its weakness but there was no way he could delay until sunrise.

Yet that was still the only method he could come up with. The characteristic of the Chaotic Unity Qi was being neutral and enduring. Once he activated the qi over throughout his body, he could increase his resistance by several folds. With the addition of the dragonshard, he could drag out the fight. However, he was worried about hurting the boy since he had to carry him during the whole fight.

The vampires left the main road and headed toward a construction site. There was a recently built skyscraper that hadn’t been occupied yet. Zheng saw the brown hair man looking down from the roof. He retrieved the Sky Stick into the ring then jumped down directly onto the giant’s arm.

Followed by the sound of broken bones. The giant’s body was nowhere near that of the monster’s nor had the regenerative ability. Zheng broke its arm then regained Alex at once. He stepped on the monster again and forced it to the ground.

The vampires around all leaped at him. He jumped up while his other hand took out the Spear of Osiris from the ring. Once qi and blood energy entered the spear, he threw it straight down. The vampires pierced by the spear turned to dust then it emitted a golden shockwave that burned the vampires. It seemed like the spear was especially effective against these vampires.

Zheng landed back on the ground then pulled out the spear from the ground. His eyes moved from the boy to the man on the roof. He took out the Sky Stick again and flew up.

Brown hair didn’t seem worried at all. He waited for Zheng to come near quietly with a glass of red liquid on his hand. Zheng’s heart rate suddenly increased as soon as he saw the rooftop. It was a scene of nightmare.

The whole roof was painted with blood. Over a hundred corpses lay on the floor behind the brown hair man, a big pile of corpses to the side, and over a dozen people still alive nailed to the wall and had their tongues cut off. Two vampires flipped a man around and blood dripped onto the floor.

Zheng looked closely at brown hair. His legs had turned into small tentacles submerged in the blood. He seemed enjoying absorbing the blood into his body while he drank the glass he was holding. He allowed Zheng to come closer and stared at him.

Zheng gritted his teeth. “Not only did your body turned to a monster, your mind and heart are also monster. Death will be the best liberation for you!”

He began charging the Spear of Osiris. Brown hair also sensed the danger and retrieved the tentacles back into a pair of legs. The spear glowed in a golden light that was increasing in intensity. As the man’s legs returned, Zheng gave a shout and threw the spear.


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  1. TYVM for the chapter!

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  2. “Chances of of Zheng having to run are 50% and chance of all of them dying are 50%”, and Xuan thinks that means it doesn’t matter which he chooses as the risk?


    1. Xuan is saying that the chances of the monster turning Alex into a Vampire is 50%.

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