TI Vol 13: Chapter 1-1

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Vol 13: Chapter 1-1.

Xuan and the other two watched Zheng fight the dragon without a word on the Sky Stick. When Zheng entered the dragon’s body and exploded with it, Kampa and WangXia both shouted. Even Xuan who was always emotionless showed a hint of anxiousness. His fingers were pale from gripping on the books too hard.

After the remaining head of the dragon fell to the ground, Xuan drove the Sky Stick over and yelled. “WangXia, check the exploded parts of the dragon. Kampa, shoot down the annoying jets!”

Kampa aimed his EMP rifle high at the jets. The bullets penetrated the two nearest jets and they exploded before reaching the ground. He was raging and using this as a vent for his anger. The EMP rifle sprayed on and exploded several more jets.

WangXia rushed to the shattered pieces of the dragon’s body. Yet, all there was were piles of broken flesh from the blast. How could he even find a trace of human from the piles? It seemed like Zheng was really dead.

Xuan fell to a silence at the scene. They couldn’t stay in this place for long since the rest of the fleet was sailing close. If they didn’t leave now, they weren’t ever going to leave. Xuan was about to step on the Sky Stick when he noticed the dragon’s head was still in one piece.

He said to Kampa. “Shoot the dragon’s head!”

Kampa fired at it without delay but a translucent barrier appeared. It looked so thin and was about to completely fade away.

Xuan yelled. “WangXia, dig into the head with a knife. If this is a true dragon, there should be a dragonshard in its head. I suspect that’s what gave it the immunity to firearms!”

As a soldier, following orders had became an instinct for WangXia. He took out a knife and ran over to the head without thinking. The dragon’s blood was at least 50C, but he went all the way in.

Half a minute later, WangXia came back out as he coughed. He yelled. “You two come over here! Shit. Come bathe in the dragon’s blood! I received notification that my cell vitality, reaction speed, muscle density, and immunization strength increased by 100 points each. Those blood entered through my skin and made my whole body itch.”

Xuan and Kampa was surprised then they both ran over. Xuan handed the two books to WangXia and said in a serious tone. “Keep it safe. We need these two items to revive Zheng!” Then he jumped into the dragon’s eye.

Kampa fired at the sky for a few more before entering. They came out panting after a short while.

Kampa laughed out. “Damn, we actually bathed in dragon blood!”

Xuan frowned. “It’s unfortunate. If Zheng is still here, the ring or dimensional bag can carry the blood. If this is like the dragons in legends, its flesh, bones, and whole body are a treasure.”

WangXia took out a irregular shaped jade from the pocket. The jade was about the size of half his palm, glowing in a soft white color. Xuan received it and immediately heard a notification.

“Obtained magical item dragonshard. Allows user to defend against long range high tech weapons by filling it with energy. Can sense energy fluctuation. Glows hot when it senses energy waves that are life threatening to the user. Accepts qi, blood energy, psyche force, magic, Nen, Xian energy.”

Xuan said the notification out and surprised both Kampa and WangXia. However, they didn’t have the time to ponder and followed Xuan onto the Sky Stick.

The Sky Stick lifted up at its fastest speed. At the same time, they saw a dozen helicopters flying at them. Xuan glanced at the helicopters and said to Kampa. “Give me fire support. Shoot down all the missiles. And hold on tight!” He sped up the Sky Stick.

The Sky Stick was slower than the jets but those jets couldn’t get close due to the EMP rifle. Any jet that came close was shot down, even the missiles got shot down. Furthermore, the Sky Stick could fly under water. After they flew under water for several times, the jets lost their location and had to return to the carrier. Though that carrier might not even be able to let them land anymore.

The three of them were in a silence for quite some time until Kampa shouted in a rage. “F*ck. Say something, Xuan! The newbies aren’t part of our team but what about Zheng? I won’t acknowledge you as the leader. He’s the only one that I can accept! F*ck. I won’t ever let go of the guilt if we don’t revive someone that died for the team!”

Xuan replied calmly. “Is there something to debate? We are definitely going to revive him. Team China isn’t a team without him. Why do you think he gave us the books before he went? This is his only hope in coming back. God had notified us of a rank C reward and 4000 points. So each of us has gotten a rank B reward and 6000 points total. If we finish the third bonus mission, there’s a high chance we can revive him.”

WangXia muttered. “Didn’t he say to give the third bonus mission to Gando? If you do this…”

Xuan replied coldly. “That’s mere naive mercy. If we completed this mission without casualty, then it wouldn’t matter to give him the last mission, since he has some talents and can become a member of the team. However, do you think I will consider such mercy after Zheng’s death? Our highest priority is to revive him before the next movie. Which means I must obtain 2500 more points and a rank D reward.”

Kampa asked. “What is the cost to reviving a person?”

Xuan said. “If the revival takes place in God’s dimension, then it’s the double of all the points and rewards he had received. This isn’t possible since he had obtained too much. But the cost can be split among us three this way. Yet, for Zheng, we have to go to the altar in The Mummy’s world. It costs a rank B reward and 8000 points to revive there.”

“To open up that world, we will also need to use a rank D reward. Going from Cairo to the altar and back will take ten days if we consider the chance of accidents. I currently have 6000 points and a rank B reward so I must get 2500 more points and a rank D reward because I can’t be certain if God allows us to split the cost outside the dimension. If we can’t then one of us have to pay the cost alone.”

Xuan stopped here and bit his finger. Then he continued calmly. “It doesn’t matter if the newbies die. They haven’t finished any movies so they cost nothing but their chance of revival to revive. The newbies can only be erased at this point. I will complete the third bonus mission!”


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  1. TYVM for the chapter!

    I’ll be pretty disappointed in them if Zheng really did die. He could have just thrown something at the gravity mine to activate it and the dragon was clearly afraid of it.

    1. No. The gravity mine can’t be activated just by throwing. It will only set off if the configured weight is reached. That’s why Zheng threw a grenade on top of the gravity mine earlier to sink down a carrier ship. How is he supposed to do that while fighting the dragon in close range?

      1. I’m pretty sure setting the mine to detonate at 1kg or below, would trigger the mine no matter what sort of bomb you detonate next to it. You do know that bombs create pressure that weights down, right?

  2. Very disappointed at this novel right now. Its been 10 volumes of failure pretty much. Ever since they beat team India they have pretty much failed at everything and everyone has died. Its worse because they keep having these moments like the team is gonna become strong and things will change but first they get some rewards and points but then the author throws some random reason to lose as 4000 points. Then another person dies stupidly. Author just wants to needlessly kill people.

      1. That comment gave me hope, I think I have a good idea of what’s coming next.
        I also share those sentiments you wrote. Too much is played against the characters, just to hold them back from going anywhere.

    1. Random reason? Then give us an example of a “non-random” reason.

      Needlessly killing people? This is a horror movie to begin with. People are suppose to die left and right. You want a happy ending without no one dying, then read a fairy tale, not this novel where the theme covers high fatality movies like Final Destination, The Grudge, Alien, etc.

      1. This isn’t about “The characters should always win”, that’s not the topic here. It’s how their progress is excruciatingly slow, when too many solutions are offered at their doorstep.

        Nobody tries to train, everything always falls on Zheng and his evolved body to solve everything (in which case, why won’t everyone follow his footsteps? Rewards aren’t much of a problem anymore), incredibly unlikely opponents which so happen to trigger the characters arrive to cause drama, the difficulty rating was increased beyond belief because of some technical nonsense with Jie…

        No matter what, it always feels like the characters are forced to maintain their status quo, even though the MC basically became superhuman after his first movie, and his clone became 10 times more than that after his second movie, and I doubt Team Devil had an easier time compared to Zheng, unless you want to claim that Jie’s guide nonsense dragged the group down even more so than Team bloody Devil.
        I admit, that after Team India, I felt like the group had no more progress to achieve. As if they reached their peak. But then Devil came along, and proved how tall Mount Tai really is. That makes their slow progress even more obvious, and even more maddening if you think about it.

        I have no doubt that Team Devil was just a plot device the author used, to offset that very sentiment: “Team Zheng can progress no longer, they are super strong as they are. They reached the pinnacle of what is possible.”
        So now, all we have to wait for, is for the team to actually think of how to develop beyond their well, and actually leap over Team Devil. But with the prospect of Zheng dying (I somehow doubt he died), it just feels like the author will push back the plot from going anywhere even more so. That is what drives some people crazy. You can’t just say: “I will finally move this story ahead!” and then kill off the MC, slowing down everything again.

        1. I mean, Zheng “died” right now, practically just so they would not be able to harvest the dragon’s materials. Its scales, bones, horns, teeth, blood…It’s very difficult not to think of this cynically when you think about how “unlucky” it was that Zheng of all people had to be wiped out.

    2. Just watch power ranger dude, they are always win,,
      I like this novel because of that reason, the MC is not always win or “luckily” got every OP weapons, skills or such on every turn

      1. The MC was insanely lucky and OP right off the bat. The problem was, that’s how it stayed. The story became stale, and it felt like it’s just the same arc repeating itself…Until everyone died off. That’s when it felt like the story could at least change, since now everyone realized that they failed to grasp their true goal, and just lollygagged for the most part.

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