TI Vol 12: Chapter 6-1

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Vol 12: Chapter 6-1.

Everyone felt relived upon hearing this. It was a sense of trust toward their comrades. The only ones who could take on the burden of this trust at the moment were Zheng and Xuan. One for his strength and one for his brain. Zheng also had the determination of not giving up team members under any circumstances which made them willing to entrust their backs to him. Perhaps this kind of trust was naive in God’s world but it also bonded the team together. Team China would be a joke without him. Not even Xuan could unite together a complete team.

Their trust toward Xuan was different. He didn’t have the charisma for them to entrust their safety to him. But his intelligence and near perfect plans gave them an illusion that no situation was difficult.

When Zheng and Xuan were working together, they formed the core of team China. A team with trust toward each other, with Zheng as the strongest sword, and the intelligence of Xuan as the strongest shield that could reach a solution for any danger.

Zheng laughed and said. “Understood. Let’s go ambush the navy and also lure the bees over to them. Xuan, is the Sky Stick waterproof?”

Xuan paused for a moment then smiled. “No problem. Its energy system is a magical part. This is a little different from the original one from the movie. I get what you mean.”

Zheng said. “Then we will go straight to Isla Nublar. Haha. Complete the bonus mission over there then we will do the third bonus mission. That will be three rewards in a single movie. That’s way beyond my expectation. Haha.”

Xuan asked calmly. “Are you not scared of dying? Two rank C rewards worth of danger also took your life. Or do you think an island that needs to be guarded with a carrier fleet is easier?”

Zheng replied without showing any weakness. “We wouldn’t have been here if we want to survive this movie risk free. Don’t worry. I have pushed any consideration of my life back the moment that I decided to revive our team members. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have the determination to die at any second!”

Zheng aimed the Gatling cannon at the front. A few seconds later, two military helicopters flew out from the hill. The searchlights scanned back and forth in this darkness. As the helicopters were turning to the Sky Stick’s direction, Zheng clenched his teeth and pulled the trigger. Numerous bullets sprayed across. Multiple sounds of impact emerged from the first helicopter. It was only a few seconds when it was filled with bullet holes from the side. The pilot was killed in the process. The helicopter crashed toward the ground then exploded.

Kampa also aimed the EMP rifle as he laughed. Then he fired at the other helicopter. This helicopter shot a missile at them but the bullets from the EMP rifle pierced through the missile along with the helicopter. The Gatling cannon only shot down the helicopter but the EMP rifle caused the helicopter to explode in midair, showing the difference in power.

“Haha. Let’s begin. Don’t hold back or take anything into consideration. Let us go tackle a fleet and sink a ship. Xuan, leave everything to us!” Zheng roared.

The Sky Stick flew across the sky and was approaching the coast. The bees were still chasing after it, clearing a path on the way. All the dinosaurs that didn’t run away in time was surrounded by these bees and turned into skeletons. Be it T-Rex, or brontosaurus. They were futile in front of the tens of millions of bees.

Suddenly, there was a hiss coming from the Sky Stick. Xuan said. “We are locked on by the radar. One that’s from the satellites. There are missiles coming our way from an unknown location. Seems like the anti detection of the Sky Stick isn’t perfect. I will have to do some improvements after going back. It would be best to combine the anti-detection system and interference system…”

Zheng shouted from below. “This is not the time to discuss about the systems! What missiles? Normal rockets or what? What would you use if it was you?”

Xuan replied. “The helicopter from before probably sent images of us and the bees back to the base. If they simply want to kill us, any missile will do. However, if they want to wipe off such a large quantity of bees, or at least delay them, they would probably use a fuel-air explosive. It will create a blast wave of 10km and turn this space to high temperature.”

Zheng felt a chill down his spine and instantly entered the third stage of the unlocked mode. He simulated Zero then shouted to Kampa. “I will help you aim! Fire along with your feelings! I can’t promise I will get the correct spot but there’s definitely a missile coming from this direction.”

Zheng focused his sight at the distance. The Sky Stick was flying a hundred meters above the ground. The coast was coming into view and allowed Zheng to see a little further in this darkness. He could only rely on Zero’s vision and the sixth sense of a sniper to find the location of the fuel-air explosive. Otherwise, the four of them were going to have their ashes buried here.

He could see a small faint white glow in the distance. No, it was actually three glowing dots. Zheng aimed the EMP rifle over that direction without any hesitation. “The gauss sniper rifle has a range of 80km. This is an assault rifle so the range is shorter. But its still one tier above the gauss rifle. So let’s pray. Go ahead, Kampa, right at that direction!”

Kampa roared then pulled the trigger. The glows were probably over 10km away. Any little movement and the bullets would be dozens of meters off from the aim. This was a test to Kampa’s shooting skill. That was all they could do.

Zheng had taken out the Spear of Osiris and began charging it with qi and blood energy. He didn’t know if the throw could reach so far at full strength. However, he had to try if Kampa failed.

Kampa didn’t stop roaring the whole time. A bright light exploded near the coast. It was as dazzling as a mini sun. Then they heard three consecutive explosions. The light was getting brighter and brighter followed by a heat wave that swept at them. They could still feel the heat at such distance. Xuan turned the Sky Stick around and headed directly into the warm water.


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