TI Vol 12: Chapter 5-2

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Vol 12: Chapter 5-2.

Insects in general had greater speed and reaction than reptiles. The male bees were at least 30% faster than Zheng’s first unlocked mode. They also had incredible strength. Zheng crouched down as he sensed danger and a male bee charged from behind. It missed Zheng but kept charging forward for at least ten more meters before stopping, crushing all the hives on the way. Then the bee flew back out from the bloody liquid. Their bodies were also tough.

Zheng continued moving forward while attacking the bees. He also silently counted the time he had left. If there wasn’t enough time in the end, he would have to use Explosion or Destruction to destroy out this facility.

“Forty-two seconds and seven male bees.”

He surpassed these bees in speed when he entered the second stage but he couldn’t just leave them behind in case the bees gave up chasing him and went after Xuan. So he kept attacking the bees.

Zheng had been well experienced with the second stage after all these times. He could easily dodge their attacks with his instincts and counter with the axe, slashing them in half without giving the bees time to react.

Twenty-seven seconds left and two male bees. The bees suddenly raised their height and gave him a greater feeling of danger. Zheng immediately backed away but he was still too late. A sharp pain registered on his left leg and at the same time, the bees’ lower bodies broke off. A stinger along with part of its body pierced into Zheng’s leg. Fortunately, he was quick enough to dodge the other one. The other stinger shot destroyed a large hive next to him.

Zheng immediately pulled the stinger out. It was still connected to a venomous sac and was instilling venom into his body. His leg was feeling numb in just this short moment. That was thanks to his incredible immunization strength already.

Zheng was getting anxious. He ran on a layer of bloody liquid toward where the male bees came from. Several seconds later, he finally found a large bee that was slightly bigger than him hanging on the ceiling above. As soon as Zheng saw the bee, it jumped down towards him.

Clank! Zheng barely moved the axe to the front and the bee had hit the axe with its tale. What scared him was that the tail pierced through the axe, which was made of titanium alloy. That stinger stopped several centimeters from his head. He could see the black venom dripping off from the end. This stab would have taken his head if the axe wasn’t in time to block it.

Zheng just brought out his red flame when the bee immediately backed off. Its speed was even faster than him in the second stage. The flame didn’t catch the bee.

The bee seemed to be able to tell the situation. It kept backing away while the flame covered Zheng’s body. He had no choice but to deactivate the flame. Each time it attacked, another hole would be added onto the axe. The damage was giving Zheng chills and the two were at a stalemate for ten seconds. Zheng had to put all his efforts in defense, not to mention catching up to the bee’s speed. Finally, the bee got his left shoulder. It opened up a piercing hole instantly. His whole arm turned black. If he didn’t scare the bee away with the flame immediately, those teeth that were approaching would have taken half his head.

Less than ten seconds left. Zheng came to a complete halt. The queen bee charged at him and as it came close, he activated Explosion.

He felt as though time slowed down. It was so difficult to catch the bee’s movements but now it felt slower than normal people. Zheng could feel the movement partially through instincts and partially through vision. He blocked the axe in front and let the stinger pierce through. Then he covered his hand with qi, grabbed the stinger and snapped it. The stinger was now stuck onto the axe so the queen bee couldn’t back away without pulling Zheng along.

Time was as valuable as life during Explosion. He didn’t wait for the bee’s next action and leaped onto its back then punched it with both fists. These punches were as strong as cannon shots when his strength was ten times higher than usual. The queen bee was crushed to two pieces with merely two punches. Zheng then stepped on it, completely shattering its body and all the hives several meters around him. The metallic floor also sunk a few centimeters.

Zheng felt a strong sense of fatigue as soon as he came out of Explosion. He had only used it for three seconds. His leg and left should was numbing and painful and made him want to scream. But he endured this awful sensation through determination and began to ran at full speed toward Xuan’s location.

He didn’t have to find the way again so it only took a few seconds to reach the room. Xuan’s body was trembling but he was holding onto a piece of document. There were two smaller safes next to the one from before. The hives on the floor were moved again. It seemed like he searched the room once more when he didn’t find the document from the first safe.

Zheng had no time to confirm if this was the document they were looking for as Xuan was in a suffocated state. He grabbed Xuan and channeled qi into his body just like how he tested it on blonde man. Then he began running the same way he came.

The trembling stopped. Xuan opened his eyes and immediately looked to his hand to find the document still there. Then he looked toward the outside of the facility. The pistols slipped into his hands again, but the shaking of his hands showed a lack of strength.

Zheng saw the smoke was subsiding and he could hear the buzzing sound coming from outside. The amount of buzzing was horrifying. It gave him images of being surrounded by insects. The male bees and queen bee were strong but the real horror was those palm sized bees outside the facility.

Xuan’s face was turning pale again. Zheng also felt discomfort in his chest. He was almost out of oxygen. Finally, they charged out of the facility and out of the smoke.

“Completed bonus mission. Each member on the island received 4000 points and two rank C rewards. Obtained quest item DNA restructuring document.”


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  1. its also probably a preliminary guide on how to advance easier to the 4th stage, cause the first ,4th, and 5th stages should logically be the hardest stages to unlock normally.

  2. Seems like God leaves behind the methods to advance from one level to another. First we saw Resident Evil’s mass-produced 1st rank solution, and now we see there’re the documents for the 4th stage. Apparently God does not want them to just advance through sheer terror alone, but also left some knowledge behind.

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