TI Vol 12: Chapter 1-2

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Vol 12: Chapter 1-2.

Zheng took a deep breath. He walked over to the gate and pushed it open. The weather was bright and sunny. Right outside the warehouse was an open area. Further back were residential houses that surrounded this warehouse.

Zheng looked at the sky then turned to Xuan. “Xuan, analyze our current situation, our location, how to get to Isla Sorna, and the possible threats.”

Xuan nodded. “We should be at a seaside city near the island. Though we don’t exactly know where Isla Sorna is located. However, it should be easy to find out on the internet. After we find out its location, we can rent a yacht and sail over. But something’s not right and I haven’t figure out what it is yet. Perhaps there are not enough data points. Let’s find a place to exchange our gold into cash first.”

Zheng then said to the others. “Then I will assign our positions. Xuan, Kampa, and I will go exchange the gold. The four of you wait here in the warehouse. WangXia can contact us via the communication device if there’s an emergency. Also act according to the situation.”

WangXia nodded. Then Gando said. “Can I go with you guys? Can you take me to look at the United States? I know you are going to bars and black markets. I won’t cause any trouble. I just want to see the dark side of the U.S.”

Zheng asked curiously. “Aren’t you afraid of those places? We might get into fights and robbery. If that happens, we won’t be able to take care of you.”

Gando laughed. “I am quite confident with my judgement. I don’t know how you are as a person but you guys are strong. These two were definitely in the army. However, I feel that you are even stronger than them. It’s just an intuition.”

Zheng laughed then headed out the warehouse and said. “Intuition? A sixth sense toward the strong? Are your they usually right?”

Gando followed after them. “It’s not sixth sense. Just an intuition. When you are driving, sometimes intuitions are more important than skills. I won against many people more skilled than me because of these intuitions.”

A thought came to Zheng and he asked. “What kind of vehicles can you drive? Any aerial units?”

Gando’s face turned red. “I am just a poor student. What I know all comes from arcades, motorcycles, race cars, helicopters should be fine. But not anything else.”

Zheng sighed. “Not a big issue. You can practice actual driving in the training room once you get to God’s dimension. Xuan, Kampa, are you skilled with driving?”

Kampa replied. “I am just a gunner. Why would you think a gunner should be skilled in driving?”

Zheng muttered back. “Just admit that you don’t know. Looking like you are so proud of it. What about Xuan? Any thoughts about the mechanical fields?”

Xuan was thinking before Zheng asked then he nodded. “If he really has strong intuitions with driving, there might be a sci-fi item that suits him. The cost is expensive but if he can move up the tiers one after another, he can become as strong as you. I am 70% certain based on your current situation.”

“Oh?” Zheng and Kampa were both surprised. Xuan was still looking the same. And Gando became excited. He pointed at himself and said. “Really? Can I really become as strong as you? What is it? Is it tanks or helicopters? That will be amazing.”

Xuan said calmly. “Impossible. At least we don’t have the means to bring a tank or helicopter into the movie worlds. The teleportation beam has a fixed diameter. Or you can just bring the cockpit with you. I looked at some enhancements and saw a tier C item, micro robotic suit. It looks like a standing teddy bear but allows you to pilot it. The height is about 1.9 meters, so you can sit inside it and enter the worlds. The tier B counterpart is the VF-1 from Macross. Tier A is the original Gundam.”

Gando was screaming. “That can’t be real? Are there Gundams in that God’s dimension? Are you just fooling around with me? Do you know how powerful Gundams are? Every movie will be so easy if we can fight with a Gundam.”

Xuan interrupted him. “The first issue is its energy source. These robots don’t have unlimited amount of energy. Once they run out of energy and you haven’t returned to God’s dimension, they are just a piece of metal. Second issue is weapons. The robots themselves can only fight in close range. However, being in close range with the enemies is dangerous in movies such as Star Wars. There are also movies where you can’t do anything like The Grudge or Final Destination. Do you still Gundams are invincible?”

Zheng nodded. “Like we just discussed a few days prior, we can rely on sci-fi weapons in the early and mid-stages but eventually we can only rely on enhancements and abilities. You can get killed in an instant against other teams with just robots and sci-fi weapons. Take psyche force for example. Someone a bit stronger than Lan can take control of pilots who has low mental capacity. Similar to the Newborns in Alien. Their physical power is strong enough to kill me easily but their mental capacity is extremely weak. That was how we survived that movie. This is the same feeling Gundams gives me.”

Gando nodded in accordance but he was still quite excited. “No matter what, piloting mobile suits is my dream. I wish there’s a day I can fight in a mobile suit. Haha. Don’t laugh. Everyone has dreams and this is my dream. I want to try it before I die, even if it’s just the micro robotic suit.”

The other three people didn’t say much more. Though they seemed to have a little hope with Gando. Piloting robots might sound absurd but considering the expensive price of them, they felt a bit better. Anyway, they had some hope with Gando’s development.

At the same time, they walked pass the open area and into the streets. To their west was a bridge and over the bridge was a modern city. Zheng judged their distance from the bridge and sighed. “Let’s hurry. Get into the city as soon as possible. Freaking that we have gold but not any cash.”

They began jogging ahead. Gando might have a talent in driving but his physical fitness wasn’t great. It was only a few minutes and he was already panting heavily. Kampa looked around then saw a car driving over. He ran directly in front of the car, forcing it to break. A bald white man rushed out looking enraged but he shut up as soon as he saw Kampa’s body.

“Sup bro. Want to earn some cash? Drive us over the bridge and we will pay in gold.”


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  1. It’s a good thing everyone they encounter not only values gold, and has the time of the day to exchange it, but every single one is also highly knowledgeable when it comes to analyzing the composition of metals and certifying their purity on the spot.

    And just a reminder, the movie’s setting is the year 1990 or so. I doubt that twenty years ago, you could just go around flailing gold around and people would go gaga for it without first verifying how pure it is (and even then, people would usually prefer the comfort of paper money…)

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