TI Vol 12: Chapter 1-1

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Vol 12: Chapter 1-1.

Still the same half-dreamy half-awake state. Zheng opened his eyes. This place wasn’t a forest as he had expected. This was a dark warehouse. It took for his eyes to adjust when he suddenly moved from the bright dimension to this dark warehouse. The warehouse was not big and had no items in sight. The floor though was quite clean. Three people lay on the floor. One guy and two girls. These were the newbies in this movie.

Xuan and the other two people had already observed the state of this room. Xuan said. “Do you hear anything coming from outside? Sounds like…”

“Vehicle engine?” They said at the same time and looked confused. Everyone immediately turned to Xuan.

However, he stared at the three people on the floor instead, waited for a while and said. “I thought of an issue. Even though we are only reviving the stronger members that used to be in team China, but what if the team surpassed twenty people? I don’t know what will happen but there are only twenty rooms in God’s dimension. The most probable result is one person will get erased during revival or the person that revives him gets erased. In the end, we will lose one important member.”

Zheng’s expression changed abruptly. He also thought of this possibility but couldn’t come up with any solutions. “There’s no option to refuse the entrance of newbies from God. We will probably reach this problem at some time. Do you have any solutions?”

Xuan adjusted his glasses. “One, kill off the useless members in a team. Two, complete all bonus missions we can think of in a movie and get enough points to revive all the important members before we reach twenty people. I believe enacting both options is the best.”

Zheng sighed. He looked at the three young people on the floor and muttered. “No, choose the second option. Complete as much bonus missions as possible. If that’s not enough, we can go back to previous movies to search for missions. We can get doubled rewards if we complete the next movie in the series in advance.”

Xuan shook his head and said with an indifferent tone. “This isn’t cost effective. We have to spend rewards to unlock the worlds then five times the normal points to enter it. Furthermore, we are not guaranteed to encounter bonus missions. Even if we do, it will be at the highest difficulty. I don’t believe we have the strength to challenge most movies. I disagree with your choice.”

Zheng said. “I am fine if it’s something else but I can’t kill innocent people from our team unless they become a risk or attack the team. Do you think I have the eligibility to take their lives? I can’t do it when it’s simply their existence obstructing us!”

Xuan said. “If you choose the second option, then I have a suggestion for this movie. Perhaps we can get a ranked reward at that place. Back to the current state. This is a warehouse and there are so many vehicles outside and it sounds so crowded. We are either inside the city or close to it. This is certainly not the island of Isla Sorna. The mission from the watch says…”

They all looked at their watch and Xuan read it out. “Obtain three Tyrannosaurus Rex eggs from Isla Sorna and bring it back to this warehouse in safety. Just one line, without any mention of rewards or hints. Hmm, there’s also 5 points for each Stegosaurus killed, 5 points for each Velociraptor, 10 points for each Brontosaurus, 30 points for each Tyrannosaurus Rex. Which means God determines this mission as simple. Plus, it’s only seven people difficulty.”

“Just like I thought, God cleared team China’s rating. We have become a normal team and taking in normal missions. Our difficulty has been lowered.”

Zheng took a deep breath and said. “Then we just have to wait for the movie to begin. Then find a yacht and head to Isla Sorna. This movie is perfect for our current state since killing dinosaurs gives points. Let’s kill off all dinosaurs in the island before bringing the eggs back since the difficulty is low. Or would there be dinosaurs in Gundams if we kill too much?”

Xuan laughed lightly and said. “No. There’s probably a limit to the number of dinosaurs because this is our main mission. Otherwise, we will have difficulty just surviving and it wouldn’t be just three newbies. I believe killing all the dinosaurs is a bonus mission on its own.”

The three people on the floor gradually woke up. First was an average looking, slightly curvy girl. Her hands subconsciously reached for the side then suddenly noticed the environment had changed. She screamed then backed to the wall.

The guy was the second to stand up. That was when they noticed he was only about sixteen years old. He was average looking. He looked around but didn’t panic then quietly stared at Zheng’s group.

The last was a professional woman about twenty-four. She also screamed but didn’t back off. She immediately checked her clothes to see them intact then stood up quietly. It seemed like she calmed down.

Zheng thought for a moment then said. “Xuan, you come explain this world since your weapons are at a disadvantage compared to us for killing dinosaurs. I think you will obtain the least points in this movie.”

Xuan didn’t hesitate. “Were all of you surfing the internet before you came here? Either during work, playing games, or looking at websites.”

The three newbies seemed cautious. And the woman answered. “Right. I doing bookkeeping for the company then saw…”

“The choices Yes and No. It happened to all three of you, correct?” Xuan smiled. “Then congratulations. The same thing happened to us and we came here. This is a world of horror movies.”

Zheng listened as Xuan explained the exchange system, the worlds, and the current movie in a well-organized manner. He lowered their guards with just one line, the same thing happened to us. This gave them a sense that they were in the same boat.

Xuan still hadn’t changed. He easily placed himself among the side with the majority. Although these three newbies still had a little doubt, they were looking much more calm and willing to listen to Xuan.

The guy said. “My name is Luo Gando. Currently a senior in high school. My interest is in driving and has quite a talent with it. No one ever won against me in moto or car race games in the arcades. Those very real simulation racing games.”

Though no one paid much attention to him and turned to the woman. She readily answered. “Wang Aiai. Accountant. I am good with finances.”

The girl blushed a bit and said with her head looking to the floor. “I… I am a babysitter. I was using the computer without the owner’s permission and came here. I am good with cooking.”

Zheng was a little disappointed. These three were normal people without any fighting abilities. Fortunately, they didn’t have to fight during this movie. It shouldn’t be a problem just staying in the city.

As Zheng was feeling agitated, the lights of the warehouse suddenly turned on. The world had begun.


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  1. Zheng isn’t really giving the newbies without abilities the same opportunity for growth that he had…

    But maybe Xuan deliberately knows that and doesn’t bring it up?

    1. Well…after a certain point it happens. It’s called surviving. Once you become a superhuman. And then get dumped with “regular” people that have absolutely no use in you surviving..and could wind up getting you killed… Let’s see how you’ll be

    2. I would like to point out that he wasn’t deliberately given any opportunity at all… It was just sheer luck coupled with movie memory and plot armor.

    3. He actually giving them the same chance Jie gave him. Very little. As soon as he messed up in Resident Evil and changed the plot, Jie was going to write him off and let him get sliced up by the lasers.

      He tried doing better in Alien, but he still wasn’t completely leader material then and disagreed with Xuan’s total pragmatism. Then he tried to protect everyone in the Grudge, and had that completely backfire on him. He’s a leader now. And he has to make tough calls. He’ll give them an opportunity, but he won’t hold their hands. They have to find a way to show their worth, or he’s just going to focus on getting his real teammates back. As he should.

      1. The main problem here is specifically that you cannot compare Zheng’s situation and most newbies, it’s simply unfair to even compare them.
        The difficulty newbies start out from is relative to the team’s overall success rating, which is unfair for the newbies. Your worth will be always proportional to the level of difficulty, and the level of difficulty is set by how well off the current / previous team was, which has nothing to do with the newbies. Newbies that are subjected to a difficulty rating born from 4 successful movies will have an impossibly difficult time to show any form of growth. They’ll just die.

        I think that is one of the system’s flaws. The newbies’ suffering, rewards, opportunities — they all depend highly on the success or failure of teams in the past. They inherent from their predecessors, for the better or worse. And that’s not really clever design, if you want to evolve anyone. Nobody can evolve from “You have 30 minutes until an alien hatches from your stomach. In 60 minutes the ship will explode. You must find a doctor within 10 minutes, while fighting Xenomorphs.”

    1. The chance of them to find the extra mission is below 50%, and the cost to go back to the previous movie is high,,

      Spending point for uncertain gains

  2. I really don’t like the inconsistency of the Chinese name romanization.

    If you use Pinyin for most characters, then stick with it.

    “Lori” -> “Luoli”/”Luo Li”
    “Luo Gando” -> “Luo Gandao”/”Luo Gan Dao”

    Yes, you are not mistaken, the last character of “Luo Gando” ‘s name is “Dao”, The Way / Road / Path / Method, the “Dao” of Daoism.

    I am pretty sure most Xianxia readers know what “Dao” is, so why change such a meaningful name?

  3. Eh. They didn’t even give a name to the babysitter girl… That one will die 100%. Although I guess all of the newbies will die. Now , the question is just whether one of them turns out to be useful enough to be labeled “comrade” for a revival X)

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