TI Vol 11: Chapter 8-2

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Vol 11: Chapter 8-2.

Zheng stopped in shock for a second. The sound of the pygmies were getting close. A bullet hit his back and pulled him back to the present. He took a deep breath then brought out a grenade from the ring. As he pulled its ring, a red line came down from his head and met with an airflow in his heart. The grenade touched the ground at the same time.

Time seemed as though it slowed down. Zheng charged at the group. The rock that he stepped on was shattered into powder. Each stepped embedded a deep footprint into the ground and also brought him ten meters forward. It looked like he was floating at half a meter above the ground.


Zheng had crossed 200 meters to the edge of the canyon. Then he jumped straight up at least ten meters high. He stepped on a rock and jumped again. The rock exploded. At the same time he had already reached the top. Fear finally registered in the people behind Imhotep. However, there was no time for them to react. They were all in slow motion through Zheng’s eyes.


Zheng ran to the black man that was holding Evelyn hostage. He seemed to be the leader of the men in black robes. His finger was moving toward the trigger on the gun. Zheng grabbed his arm and twisted it without any resistance. The man’s expression didn’t even get to react in this speed. Zheng pulled the arm and threw him away then kicked the back of his spine. The man was sent flying with his body in a Z shape.


Zheng’s next target was the two men holding O’Connell and Jonathan. These two men were standing nearest to the leader and they pulled the triggers almost at the same time. Zheng barely got in time to lift their arms before the guns fired. Seeing how ruthless they were, he returned with the same fashion. He punched their heads and completely shattered them.


As the two headless men collapsed to the ground, a huge explosion happened inside the canyon. The shockwave blew up the sand and dust. Everyone instinctively looked over to see small mushroom cloud in the center. The explosions were still happening throughout the canyon and filled it in fires.

Ardeth subdued the man holding him. He was prepared when Zheng disappeared from the canyon. As the first man was kicked away, he lowered himself then stood up and hit the face of the man behind him with his head. He quickly turned around and kicked the man’s neck to knock him out.


Zheng was still in the Explosion state. He could already feel the wound in his chest tearing open. He immediately took out the axe while also channeling a bit of qi into the Na ring with difficulty. Then he jumped at Imhotep.

Imhotep’s reaction was subpar at best. He was a priest before he died after all. Even though he obtained magic and a body that couldn’t be killed, he didn’t have the qualities of a warrior. It took him several seconds to return from the shock. However, Zheng had already hit him with the Na ring when he finally began to turn himself into a sandstorm. An invisible force field knocked him away. But Zheng was faster. He charged next to Imhotep while Imhotep was still in mid air and hacked him in half with the axe.


The rest of the men in black robes finally raised their guns and planned to fire. Zheng grabbed the axe’s chain and threw it over. The axe easily cut everyone it passed through in half and even the chain was able to cut through anyone due to the amount of force Zheng was using. The axe made a round then returned. The only people left standing was a woman standing the farthest away and a few men in black robes nearby. Their eyes looked terrified.


Zheng took out the Sky Stick and ran toward O’Connell’s group. He threw one on the Sky Stick and grabbed one under his arm and held onto the other two. He held out the Gatling cannon with his other arm and aimed at Imhotep who was recovering his body.


Zheng pulled the trigger. Numerous cannons hit Imhotep’s body and tore him into pieces. The Sky Stick was flying out of the forest, just barely above the top of the trees. Its speed of 700 kilometers was as fast as Zheng in the Explosion mode. They flew away from Imhotep in just a blink of an eye.

Zheng finally exited the Explosion mode then blood gushed out from his mouth. He almost fell off the Sky Stick but he persisted and kept controlling it. He didn’t know how much time had passed until they reached the edge of the forest. Izzy was still working on the dirigible. Zheng fell unconscious as soon as he saw it.

Zheng slowly woke up. He felt a painful and burning sensation all over his body, like it was tearing apart, especially his heart. He wanted to scream but his throat was also dry and painful. He couldn’t move any part of his body except his eyelids.

As soon as he opened his eyes, O’Connell and the others immediately brought him water. After drinking the water, he could finally see he was lying on the deck of the dirigible. His whole body was wrapped in bandage just like a mummy. To his surprise, the dirigible was flying.

“Your Sky Stick is indeed useful. We just put it under the dirigible and held it in place with a piece of wood. There’s still a little bit of gas left, just enough to get us going. And this speed is incredible. Haha.” Izzy laughed.

The dirigible was flying faster than when they used its acceleration from before. This speed should get them to Hamunaptra before nightfall. Zheng began to check his body condition.

Using the Explosion technique under injury had taken a large toll on the body. Several major blood vessels were busted. His bones were on the verge of dislocating. The muscles on his chest tore open again and a lot of blood entered his lungs, suffocating him. Fortunately, he survived with the help of the vampire bloodline.

“Excessive bleeding. Need to take two days of rest. Let’s return to Hamunaptra and obtain the Book of Amun-Ra first.”

Zheng didn’t feel any discontent. It was fortunate that everyone lived. Explosion was indeed a very powerful technique. He needed to master it so that he could have a chance against his clone.

They arrived at Hamunaptra by sunset and Zheng finally got treated by an actual doctor instead of the rough bandaging. After several stitches on his chest and applying a layer of medicinal cream covered his body, he was bandaged up again. Zheng finally fell asleep. This sleep lasted for over thirty hours.

The recovery rate of the vampire Count bloodline was remarkable. He could move like a normal person after he woke up. No one could have guessed he was on the verge of dying two days ago. A surprise also awaited him. Evelyn was holding onto the Book of Amun-Ra and the workers were cheering.

“People would do anything with enough rewards.”

Ardeth exclaimed. All the workers received ten folds their normal pay immediately after they dug out the Book of Amun-Ra. So they were cheering and thanking god. Zheng received the book and ran to the altar at once. He had to confirm if what his clone said was true or not. Otherwise, everything he had done was a waste.

“Revive members that appeared in team China. Cost 7000 points and a rank B reward with the body. Cost 8000 points and a rank B reward without the body. God will clone a body at the exact state of death.”

“Do you wish to revive team members?”


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  1. Cost 7000 points and a rank B reward with the body.
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    1. I think no. Because if did he have a body, god can easily repair it and revive his team member so the price is much lower, and if you revive them without body god will make a replicate that much cost more i think.

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