TI Vol 11: Chapter 5-2

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Vol 11: Chapter 5-2.

“Yes, we can reach the alter in a month with this pace. However, if there’s really a deep cliff, it’s impossible to excavate the whole site in two months, unless you are willing to use explosives.” An engineer said to Zheng.

Zheng knew it was unreasonable to not use explosives when the cliff might be a hundred meters deep. However, an ancient book was down there. It was all over if the book gets damaged by explosives. He wouldn’t ever be able to forgive himself. “I have been telling you I am searching for a book buried underneath the ruin. I don’t care about anything else. I can buy you the best tools and machineries, the best supplies, food, wine, and even prostitutes. But I warn you not to use any explosives or brutal methods. You will all pay with your lives if the book gets damaged!”

The engineer wiped his forehead. He didn’t know what to say to Zheng’s unreasonable requirement. Partially due to the pressure he emitted and more importantly, more and more Medjais had been gathering around Hamunaptra as more gold gets excavated. These people sometimes appeared with guns. One worker was caught trying to steal gold then he was never seen again. So the engineer didn’t doubt Zheng’s words.

“I understand. Please give us two months and raise the workers’ wages by three times. We won’t see the bottom of the cliff if they don’t dig with their lives. I also need some new machineries that aren’t sold in Egypt. It should take a month to mail them over from Europe. We would also approach the cliff by that time.”

Zheng nodded. “Ok, I will raise the wages ten fold as long as you can complete it in two months and bring me the Book of Amun-Ra. Did you bring the money over?” Zheng asked Ardeth.

Ardeth nodded then clapped his hands. Several Medjais walked in, each carrying a bag. They began pouring gold and cash from the bags. Zheng pointed to them and said. “Gold, dollar, pound, franc. I can satisfy everything you want! But you must give me the book within the time frame!”

After the engineer left with the gold and money, Ardeth said with a bitter smile. “Looks like these workers are going to dig their lives out. They can enjoy their lives for quite a while after this job.”

“Doesn’t matter. Gold is worthless in our world. In contrast, the Book of Amun-Ra isn’t something that can be bought with gold. Hoho, have you gotten a hold of the explosives and other things?”

Ardeth nodded. “The weapons are fine but we don’t have explosives that’s powerful enough to meet your requirement. So I sent people over to Europe to bring back high efficiency TNT. It will take a few more days for transportation. I have already notified them to come back by the end of this month at all cost. You have to stay here for five to six more days.”

Getting more powerful explosives was an idea he came up with on the spur of the moment. He just learned that God would raise the difficulty to the highest in the search for the bracelet. In the original movie, the protagonists completed the movie without life threatening dangers. However, he had his life on the line the whole time for just 4000 points and two rank C rewards.

He remembered the pygmies dwelled in the oasis leading to the pyramid. God wouldn’t give up this opportunity to change something. He could imagine what might appear there. Supersized lions or pygmies.

He finally understood the significance of the higher cost to return to previous movies. Many difficult missions require the team to be strong enough to tackle. Some quest items needed their enhancements to reach a certain level to use. This spear would be useless if given to a newbie or someone enhanced with the wrong energies.

Reaping rewards from previous movies also placed them on an equal level of difficulty. This was the exact same method God had forcing upon them to evolve. Team China never thought of this and spent the ten days in between enjoying their peace, which allowed team Devil to grow ahead of them.

Zheng kept recalling the movies he had been through. However, he could only think of the T-virus from Resident Evil. Xuan’s analysis strength would be able to find every possible bonus missions. An important thing they lacked.

Several days passed. It had been a month since Zheng entered the world. He either complete the mission and return alive, or get buried in this world along with the Book of Amun-Ra. A new Guide would appear and the cycle repeats for team China.

Zheng checked the weapons in his ring and bag. The submachine gun, magical bullets, beam tomahawk, Gatling cannon, grenades, Book of the Dead, TNT, and the most powerful weapon among them all, the Spear of Osiris.

The movie characters stared with their mouths open. He could take on a small group with so many weapons. The contrast between them and the user, a tall and slender young man, was striking. Ardeth was the only one that remained calm.

Zheng laughed. “I have something to say before setting out to find the Scorpion King. This journey is going to be extremely dangerous. I wish all of you can run away in time when danger comes. Don’t put your lives in risky situation for me. O’Connell, protect your wife. I’d rather you don’t come with me if something were to happen to you. My last question, do you really want to come search for the Scorpion King’s treasure?”

Jonathan stood by the edge of the dirigible and laughed. “Of course, I have to see that diamond the size of five soccer balls even if that costs my life.”

“I have been saying it’s one soccer ball.”

O’Connell and Evelyn met eyes. “It shouldn’t be a problem going to the desert. Haha, just don’t give me a flood again.”

Ardeth walked onto the dirigible carrying a mini machine gun and a bag of ammunition. His answer was firm.

Zheng took a deep breath. He brought out the Bracelet of Anubis then put it on his wrist. A light shone on the air sac of the dirigible. Everyone except Zheng turned around to look at it.

“Entered movie plot in advance. Difficulty increased to the highest. Completion awards double the points and rewards. Kill the Scorpion King and obtain its army of Anubis. Rewards 10000 points and two rank B rewards. Owner of the Bracelet of Anubis will be erased if mission is not completed within 60 days. 47 days remaining.”


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