TI Vol 11: Chapter 4-3

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Vol 11: Chapter 4-3.

Along with the floodgate opening, the wall on the other side of the tunnel opened up a path. Zheng heard the sound then said to everyone. “Hurry, the way out is opened. O’Connell, go carry your wife!”

Zheng headed through the hole and saw a new path on the side. He entered it without hesitation then suddenly felt pain on his left shoulder. The whole arm turned numbed instantly. That was when he noticed a large scorpion in the tunnel. Its tail stung his arm.


There was no time for him to take the axe from his left hand. The movie characters and the water were coming from behind so he couldn’t back either. He channeled all his qi and blood energy to bring up the fusion flame, then jumped at the scorpion. The scorpion bit his shoulder but at the same time it was consumed by his flame. Its exoskeleton cracked and shattered.

The others had just entered the path at this time. As soon as they saw the body of the scorpion, the water flooded in and carried them deep into the path. To their despair, what was in front of them was a wall, and the group fell into a silence.

Zheng knew that behind this wall was the lobby where they first entered the tomb. In the original movie, it was Evelyn’s son who knocked down a pillar by accident and broke open this wall. However, Evelyn’s son wasn’t even born at this time. He had to think of another way.

Zheng brought out the Spear of Osiris again without much thinking. He had used up a large amount of blood energy and qi already, but he had no other choice. As they were getting closer to the wall, he clenched his teeth and began channeling the energies into the spear. Zheng was finally able to throw the spear when there were ten meters left to the wall. A golden light flashed across and opened up a two meter wide hole. The group was pushed out through the hole by the water and landed on the ground.

Water kept coming through the hole for a while then stopped. It seemed like the floodgate closed itself. They lay on the ground without moving a finger. No one bothered to check what was around since they were exhausted. This feeling of escaping from the edge of hell was more intense than hitting the lottery ten times.

Ardeth also lay on the ground quietly until he smashed a scorpion passing by. He noticed Zheng’s arm was swollen and turned black. Zheng was struggling to take out the dimensional bag with his right arm. Ardeth immediately ran over to him and took the bag out. Zheng fetched a syringe from the bag then stabbed it on his arm. He finally let out a sigh of relief.

“That was shitty luck. I got ambushed by a scorpion as soon as I entered the path. Luckily, I brought antidotes with me.” Zheng muttered. The swell on his arm was subsiding, black colored blood oozed out from where he was stung. Ardeth stabbed his shoulder a few more times with a knife to let the black blood come out.

After bleeding out a pool of black blood on the ground, Zheng’s arm returned to normal size. Though it still looked red, like being burned with boiling water.

“The venom was strong. Fortunately, it was me who got stung. And it still required an antidote with my physical stats.”

The others also sat up by this time. Jonathan said. “This adventure wasn’t interesting. I didn’t get anything aside from water.

Zheng laughed. “Who said so? The Bracelet of Anubis is good stuff. You might not understand this but if we obtained the Scorpion King’s treasure, you can find an enormous diamond inside. The diamond will be worth more than any gold. Haha.”

Jonathan said excitedly. “Diamond? How big is it? As big as a pigeon’s egg? No, that seems a little too big. Is it bigger than a pinky?”

Zheng drew a circle with his hands. “The size of a soccer ball, maybe a little bigger. Haha, that’s the only diamond of its size in the world!”

Jonathan replied without any excitement. “Are you toying with me? There can’t be a diamond so big in the world, only in legends.”

Zheng smiled. “I am sorry but the Scorpion King is a legend. Let’s get back to the dirigible. Or do you like this place so much?”

O’Connell picked out Evelyn and laughed. “You finally see how horrifying adventures are? After we get back, you will wait by Hamunaptra for us to return. Understand?” He followed Zheng out the tomb.

Evelyn smiled. “I have you here. I don’t want to stay alone and worry about your safety. We came out safely even when it was so dangerous this time, so as long as we be careful, we will be fine.”

Zheng smiled bitterly as he heard their conversation. To be honest, he couldn’t guarantee any safety in searching for the Scorpion King. If God suddenly decides to give him one or two surprises, especially with the difficulty raised to the highest for entering plots in advance, could he search for the treasure by himself?

When he thought about it, obtaining the bracelet had already been so difficult. What about completing the whole plot of The Mummy Returns? Especially at its highest difficulty? There was no comrade he could rely on. The movie characters might be stronger than normal people but they were still on the same level as newbies. He didn’t have the confidence to challenge the Scorpion King with this team. However, if he doesn’t do it, there would only be sixty days left in his life. Once he began the search for the bracelet, there was no turning back. So this was what the clone experienced? No wonder he became so strong.

After they returned to the dirigible, Zheng said in a serious tone. “Everyone, I will go search for the Scorpion King alone. It’s too dangerous. I can’t put you in such risks. You can see from this adventure that I will make every little problem around me into life and death situations. I am much stronger than you. If I died, the you won’t be able to make it back alive.”

Ardeth said. “No. Even if it isn’t for you, I have to go along. Because if you failed, I have to come back and let my tribe know. Then we will take on the responsibility of killing the Scorpion King. It’s difficult but I have to come along.”

Zheng looked at Ardeth thankfully. He understood it was true but Ardeth didn’t have to do these things himself. He was the leader of the tribe so he could send someone else to do it.

Jonathan hesitated. “F*ck. I have to see that diamond the size of two soccer balls with my eyes. There’s no regret even if I die after seeing it.”

“I am sorry but I said it’s the size of one soccer ball.” Zheng felt moved by his words.

O’Connell also nodded. “I promised to help you, so don’t worry. We will go search for the Scorpion King’s treasure, and come back alive!”

O’Connell stared at Evelyn intensely. She thought for a bit then said. “How about this. I won’t go into the pyramid, but at least let me take a look. I will wait on the dirigible. Please, let me go take a look.”

Seeing O’Connell was wavering, Zheng and Jonathan shook their heads.


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