TI Vol 11: Chapter 13-2

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Vol 11: Chapter 13-2.

All the metal within a 200 meter radius was rolled up into a sphere. The sphere had an uneven surface, as if a huge hand knitted the metal together. The wall was gone and became a part of this sphere.

“Isn’t this too powerful?” Zheng looked at the destruction in shock.

“True. This is a different type of destruction from explosions. Explosions affect a larger radius but those outside the center usually don’t take too much damage. The fatality area is within 10 meters. However, anyone within the area of effect of the gravity mine will die. You are no exception.” Xuan said.

Zheng felt a shiver down his spine. If he wasn’t decisive and used Explosion immediately, he might have became a part of the sphere by now. That force of attraction might be able to reach beyond 200 meters. The gravity mine indeed belonged to a tier D sci-fi weapon.

Xuan said to WangXia. “The force of the mine is immense. It can even destroy military grade structures so you must be careful when handling it. You can take out a large pack of dinosaurs at once in this movie. If they provide rewards, you will earn the most out of us.”

WangXia was dazed as he stared at the sphere. He muttered. “Damn. It was only a little ball. I wonder how powerful it can be if the mine was bigger.”

Zheng laughed. “There’s one called a Continental gravity bomb. It requires a rank S reward and 40,000 points. I can’t say how powerful it is but most definitely beyond that of a nuclear bomb.”

Kampa and WangXia had no words for it. Xuan then said. “My pistols don’t need any testing. Gauss weapons wouldn’t be too weak. Let’s talk about your combat training.”

Zheng was confused for a moment and pointed at himself. “My combat training? I didn’t exchange any new weapons or abilities. I don’t think combat training is necessary. I just have to keep practicing my blood energy and qi.”

Xuan took out a piece of paper. “I calculated your movement speed and strength during Explosion and concluded there’s room for improvement. Once you reach a limit, the power from Explosion will increase to an astounding degree that’s able to take on the majority of movies.”

Zheng knew Xuan wouldn’t say any empty words. If he said it was possible, then it would probably be the truth. He didn’t know how Explosion could be improved so he listened to Xuan with full attention.

“This limit is the sonic barrier.” Xuan adjusted his glasses. “Have you ever felt that air became thicker when you run at full speed? Like air had increased in density or became a liquid? This slows you down. You have such strength and reaction speed yet you still need six seconds to run a hundred meters. This is proof that air has became an obstacle to you. You just haven’t realized it.”

“I did felt the change in air but what does it have to do with Explosion?”

Xuan said. “It’s actually about increasing your overall strength instead of just the Explosion. Have you ever seen One Piece? A group of normal people called CP9 mastered a technique called Rokushiki and became superhuman in close combat. Of course, that’s just anime. I am not asking you to exchange the technique. However, through my analysis, if you are a bit stronger, faster and break the sonic barrier, you can make use of air.”

“You can totally learn the underlying principle of Geppou and change your direction mid air. Or Soru to gain extreme speed. Or compress air to attack those further away. Your attacks will have a much wider variety which effectively increases your overall power by ten folds under Explosion.”

Zheng became excited. He was almost powerless against his clone. He could feel that the clone wasn’t even using all his strength, perhaps not even half. That fight was over before the clone entered unlocked mode. If Zheng could master what Xuan said, then he would regain confidence to fight his clone again.

“Great! Let’s try it now.” Zheng ran up the basement stairs then exited the room. He connected with God to heal the injury caused by using Explosion. Then hurried back to the basement. Everyone else was still taking a break when they saw Zheng came back.

He walked to an empty area then entered the Explosion mode. The hair thin blood vessels started to burst. And Zheng disappeared from everyone’s sight, leaving two footprints embedded into this alloy floor. Almost instantaneously, an explosion happened in another place. Zheng appeared for an instant then disappeared again. The air rippled visibly like water.

The world through Zheng’s eyes was getting bloody as the blood vessels in his eyes burst. However, he finally broke through the sonic barrier. The air thickened when he used Explosion. He continued compressing the energy inside him until the air density felt like real liquid. When his strength and speed reached a point where he could break through this liquid, he stepped on them and ran up to the air.

He suddenly swept his leg with enough force to break apart the liquid air. It created a vacuum blade where the tip of his foot passed through. The vacuum blade flew straight ahead and sliced into the floor.

Before Zheng could see its effect, all the energy within him had depleted. The air turned from liquid to thicker to normal and he fell from midair. His skin began bursting apart and blood shot out from the wounds, painting him with blood. There was not a single place of intact on his body aside from several major blood vessels.

All he could feel was pain and itch that he almost fainted. The other three people carried him up to the platform and healed through God. None of them got to see a two meter deep mark left by the vacuum blade. That was only the power through air.


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      1. all enhancements remove said inherent weaknesses that people in real life believe. Just like he is immune to sunlight ans silver even though hes a vampire. Also The stretching fruit is a double sided blade. It takes immense amount of practice to get anywhere competent where its not a detriment.

        1. That might just be for higher level enhancements I think? The Werewolf guy still had the instincts of a Werewolf despite the explanation for high tier Werewolf saying he wouldn’t have fall prey to the instincts of a werewolf.

  1. Whoaaa~~~~!!! aaaH~~~~! AAAH~~~!! *foams at the mouth* /faint

    … anyways, good thing this is a Chinese novel. Or the author would be sued =P

    1. ikr? It totally doesn’t fit his emotionless persona. He shouldn’t be able to find ‘joy’ in anything so why would he read shonen jump? Ehhhh I’m happy about the reference but the execution was crappy.

  2. “You have such strength and reaction speed yet you still need six seconds to run a hundred meters.” Huh, what do you know, the author acknowledged it.
    What’s bugging me now though is having your genius character recommend copying moves that don’t really work with physics. That’s just bad writing.

    1. LMFAO As if Qi, vampires, psyche scan, soul link, “explosion”, reviving the dead, summoning mummies and anubis, turning into sandstorm, gravity bomb, breaking walls with barehands, turning into bears, genetic constraints, cultivators and immortals that can shift mountains and seas, are all things that work with physics. No forget physics, they’re NOT even possible to begin with. Heck there are probably devil fruits there or enhancements that turn one’s body to rubber.

      If you’re still using this argument at this point of the novel then something’s wrong with your head.

      1. They all exist within the physical world.
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        Ergo, it’s perfectly legit to argue against physically impossible moves, when the story does restrict its characters according to the laws of physics.
        Nobody spoke of magic or spooky ghosts, just moves that contradict the laws of physics, which the story was, at least trying to, make use of.

    2. This actually does kinda work with physics, how do you think birds fly? Just like hitting water at a sufficient speed will make it as hard as concrete at the point of impact, if you exert enough force while in midair you’d be able to double jump… though I’m not quite sure it’s possible with Zheng’s current strength. Birds do it through a combination of light weight and large wingspan. Zheng is relatively light for the amount of strength he has, but his feet don’t have much surface area so he’d have to be exerting a lot more force than 60 times the strength of the average human.

  3. TYVM for the chapter!

    “Have you ever seen One Piece?”

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