TI Vol 11: Chapter 13-1

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Vol 11: Chapter 13-1.

The basement could be adjusted at the user’s will. You couldn’t create sci-fi or magical weapons in it but it basically had every modern equipment. The four of them entered the basement and began to familiarize with their new weapons or train.

First up was Kampa. The multi-barrel EMP rifle looked big at two meters long but it wasn’t too heavy, much lighter than Zheng’s Gatling cannon. It had a mechanism that pushed air out from the bottom to reduce recoil. So Kampa didn’t have much difficulty handling the rifle.

“A gunner doesn’t just spray with a machine gun. That’s what idiots do when they vent. A gunner can cover you while you stand within their zone of fire and not get hit. So he must be familiar with his weapon up to every vibration, the paths of every bullet, and every stray bullet. Because you will move forward inside this rain of bullets!”

Kampa explained then tested the EMP rifle. As the rifle start to rotate, the flare that came out of the barrels was a deep blue color, denoting it wasn’t using gunpowder anymore. This was the color of EMP light. Countless bullets hit a ten meter thick alloy plate in front of them.

Tiny traces appeared on the alloy plate, or perhaps wall. Almost instantly, the targets behind the wall was shredded apart. The shooting only took a second but had shown the power of the rifle.

Kampa and WangXia were obviously shocked. Zheng and Xuan nodded normally. They either seen more powerful weapons or wasn’t moved by this destructive power.

“This is the EMP rifle? Shit, this destructiveness is almost overpowered.” The rifle pushed light blue color air out that surrounded Kampa. The gigantic sci-fi rifle along with the bear like Kampa gave off a stunning presence.

Zheng laughed. “This rifle can shoot 70,000 bullets in a second. The bullets are slim as a needle. So the normal version has to reload every few seconds, which is the biggest limitation. However, the unlimited ammo version has no such limitation and lives up to its cost.”

Kampa then asked in curiosity. “If a tier C weapon is already so powerful, I can’t even imagine tier B and A sci-fi weapons.”

Zheng said. “In general, sci-fi weapons require the least amount of ranked rewards. Usually only the unlimited versions cost rewards. Magical weapons with the same power typically cost twice as much, which is two rank C rewards. Furthermore, they won’t be an unlimited use version. So in conclusion, the sci-fi weapons are the best for teams in the early and mid stages.”

“The most expensive exchanges are enhancements and abilities. Both are much more expensive than weapons. Enhancements don’t have a limited use factor, plus, you become stronger even without weapons. In the middle stage, the team will switch to a combination of sci-fi weapons and enhancements. At the end stage, the team will depend on enhancements and magical items.”

Kampa and WangXia both seemed excited. They weren’t worried about battles at this scale but instead showed an interest in them. Perhaps this was the quality of a soldier.

Next was WangXia’s turn. The gravity mines were expendable and cost a rank D reward each. It was painful to test it but they had to know the power so WangXia could set the bombs at appropriate distances. Since there was no one to step on the mine, they had to set a timed bomb next to it.

“This mine allows you to set a trigger weight. So we can distinguish the weight of the monsters and us and don’t have to worry about stepping on the mine.” Zheng explained.

WangXia placed the mine next to the alloy wall. it was pitch black and only the size of a fist. He shook his head at its non-flashy look. Then he set a timed bomb to a minute and set it next to the mine.

To be safe, they ran into a shelter 500 meters away. The minute passed and the timed bomb exploded. The ball of fire made them closed their eyes for a while. After the fire was over, there was only a hole in the wall and nothing else changed. They looked in confusion that the gravity mine couldn’t be so weak for its rank D reward.

WangXia ran toward the wall and the others followed. The bomb blasted a 1 meter deep hole in the wall and the ground. This ground was also made of alloys! However, the gravity mine didn’t explode. It sat in the center of the hole peacefully, surviving through the explosion.

WangXia picked it up and examined it. “This isn’t right. Can it be a faulty unit?”

Zheng thought for a bit and said. “Set the trigger weight to 1 kilogram.” He picked up a metal fragment from the ground. Then the four of them ran off again. At the 100 meter mark, he entered the unlocked mode then lobbed the metal to the mine. As the mine got hit, he suddenly felt a sense of danger. Everyone else was at least 300 meters away by now but Zheng was still at the 100 meter mark. He felt his body getting heavier and the sense of danger growing by the moment. Without thinking, he activated Explosion and jumped forward ten meters.

The mine exploded behind him. The ground began rolling up to the mine and the area quickly spread to where Zheng was and stopped at 10 meter to his back. He ran another hundred meter by now but the huge force of attraction was pulling his body. Every step he took embedded a footprint into the metal ground. After the mine explosion and his Explosion was over, he only made it a hundred meters away.


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