TI Vol 11: Chapter 1-2

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Vol 11: Chapter 1-2.

Seeing that Lori didn’t understand, he explained. “From analysis, enhancements are extremely powerful in the latter stage. However, scientific weapons are stronger in the beginning and even throughout the middle stage. Which means before you reach a tier A enhancement, there are no effective means of defending against powerful firearms. So they are useful in team battles. Putting that aside, I think our team needs one or two such weapons. My choice is mini nuclear grenade launcher. It is single use, has the same size as regular grenade launchers, a range of 10km, explosion radius of 5km, and costs 3000 points and a rank C reward. It’s a consumable item for its price so it will be our secret weapon.”

“The next is unlimited ammunition weapons. I couldn’t understand their existence before, since you wouldn’t use so many bullets in a mission, and bullets are fairly inexpensive. However, if you are to complete bonus missions, you will have to consume a large quantity of bullets. There’s a limit to how much one can carry, especially with the need to carry other supportive items. Lastly, there’s each person’s weapon of choice. In conclusion, we have to admit we are weaker than team Devil this time. That’s why I have to verify my guess in The Mummy. Furthermore, we also have to do our best to find bonus missions in the movies afterward. I don’t want to see my comrades dying in front of me again! I have to become strong!”

Lori saw Zheng turned to the laptop and asked. “What are you trying to do in The Mummy? You kept saying it but never mentioned what it is. Stop teasing me!”

Zheng laughed. He kissed Lori due to that cute expression. “It is of course finding the treasure of the Scorpion King! Do you remember the plot of The Mummy Returns? The one that defeats the Scorpion King will obtain its army. My clone said finding the treasure in The Mummy gives 15000 points and a rank A reward. I want to see what happens if I return to the movie afterward. Since it’s a same world, the Scorpion King should also exist. Can I still get the rewards if I obtain the treasure without being on a mission?”

Even if he couldn’t obtain the rewards, he had three months to spend anyway. It was more efficient to use the time to search for the treasure instead of wasting it.

Zheng was going to continue but when he turned around, Lori had fallen asleep by his side. Her face looked so naïve and pure. He had to become stronger to protect this purity.

Ninety days in The Mummy cost 4500 points and a rank D reward. He exchanged two protective jades with two rank D rewards and 1000 points, which were more effective than scientific shields. Magical items tend to be more expensive in rewards than in points.

Then he exchanged a dimensional bag that cost a rank C reward and no points. The bag could store 30 cubic meters of lifeless items.

He spent a considerable amount of time thinking about where to spend the remaining 3000 points. In the end he chose a mini rotatory cannon with unlimited ammunition. It had a range of 3km, 3500 rounds per minute, and used 25mm rounds. Even though it was a mini cannon, it was still designed to be used in airplanes. The cannon was the size of half his body when he picked it up. It was not something a normal person could use, and not to mention sustaining the recoil.

Zheng recharged the hoverboard’s energy with 100 points. He carried the axe he took from ChengXiao, a submachine gun, an air cannon, the Book of the Dead, several grenades and 10 cubic meters of gold. In the end he had less than 100 points left.

“I will obtain the Book of Amun-Ra at any cost!”

Zheng didn’t wake Lori the next day. He went over to God quietly then paid the price. The next moment he entered the half awake state.

He wasn’t being cruel to Lori nor felt that she was a burden. After the last Resident Evil movie, he couldn’t bear losing anyone important to him again. If it wasn’t for Lori’s comfort, he might have fallen into an abyss after the movie and became someone like his clone.

Therefore, he didn’t want to and couldn’t let Lori take any risks. It also didn’t matter how much time he spent in the movie anyway, since it would be only an instant for anyone in God’s dimension. So Lori wouldn’t feel any loneliness. A man had to take some things on his own, like fate and difficulties.

Zheng was in front of an inn when his senses came back, a very familiar one. This was the inn O’Connell brought them to the last time they were in The Mummy. Unfortunately, he was the only one here this time.

Zheng shook his head to buried these thoughts away. Then he walked toward the museum of Cairo.

Cairo looked like it had been rebuilt. The impact that Imhotep caused had disappeared. Pedestrians were looking normal. Maybe it was due to Imhotep’s death that they returned to normal.

He entered the world with his own points this time so there wouldn’t be any danger. No change of plot by God, no hunt from other teams. However, he felt that he could not be a part of all the people around him. It wasn’t due to his race nor clothing, but rather mentality. He had gotten used to battles and killings that once he came back to this peaceful environment, especially when he was alone, he didn’t know how to react.

The importance of comrades wasn’t just their combat abilities. The trust and support they had for each other were also a major part. He could only remain calm under any circumstance when his comrades were by his side.

It didn’t take long for Zheng to arrive at the museum. He was too familiar with the city. He studied the terrains vigorously under the unlocked mode when they fought team India, especially when they had to run. Of course, no one was chasing after him now. He also wouldn’t be afraid of anything other than an army. When he came to the museum through the main street, the curator was talking to several merchants.

The merchants had some relic fragments and the curator crouched down to study them. He picked a few in better conditions then took out some pound sterling from his pocket. The merchants happily packed up what was left on the ground and walked away.

The curator raised his head and saw Zheng looking at him with a smile. He was shocked then ran over to Zheng in excitement and grabbed his hand. “Zheng! You have the Book of the Dead and Book of Amun-Ra right? Haha. I finally found you. Hurry up and let me see the books. They are unique treasures!”

Zheng thought the curator was happy to see him again and opened his arms for a hug. Who would have guessed he was after the debt. Zheng laughed bitterly. The curator also laughed out loud and dragged him into the museum. “The people of the Pharaoh thank you and your comrades. Eh? Where are your comrades?”

Zheng’s expression changed. He said in a serious tone. “Help me. I want to return to Hamunaptra and dig out the Book of Amun-Ra. I want to obtain the Scorpion King’s treasure!”


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