TI Vol 10: Chapter 8-2

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Vol 10: Chapter 8-2.

“Considering the difference in our powers, I believe they should be waiting for the helicopter at the top of the Umbrella Corporation building. We can see this from the psyche scan. Even though we cannot scan an area of seven kilometers in diameter, but that also means they are there. The center of this area is the company building. Given that they stopped in place for over ten minutes, they must be waiting for the helicopter.”

Xuan said to the others. He was holding a map and pointed to the company building’s location. “Judging from some signs, team China’s leader has some strategic ability, or someone in their team does. The six helicopters indicated this. They attempt to bring Umbrella Corporation into our battle. However, they neglected one thing, interest.”

Xuan adjusted his glasses. “This strategist placed too much value on human nature, or he thought too deep into human nature. He thinks the Umbrella Corporation will attack us for their sci-fi weapons, or the powers they exhibited. This thought isn’t wrong but he forgot to consider the most basic interests. When the investment is way over what they can gain, then Umbrella Corporation will simply destroy what they can’t obtain. This point is easy to understand. If the Corporation decided to attack us with all their forces, then there should be a hundred military helicopter here this moment. Only leader can survive such attack. However, this isn’t happening, so their plan had failed. Then it is time for them to run.”

Clone Zheng asked. “Tom, what level is your metal manipulation? Can you cause a helicopter to explode?”

Tom shook his head. “It’s too far. Even with the psyche force stacking from Amy, I can’t control the helicopter to deform and explode. The most I can do is change its direction, like pull it downward.”

Zheng nodded and said to Xuan. “Continue on.”

Xuan was as emotionless as always. “Their escape is pretty straightforward. They only have two choices when facing an absolute power. One is split up, putting the newbies, the supports, and perhaps that strategist in a group and run. The assassin, archer, and leader will stay behind to ambush us. It will be much easier for an individual to run afterward in a city like this. What we will see is team China splitting into four groups, with one high in numbers and three others high in fighting powers. I think these three people can rival most of us. In order to kill them, we need to…”

Zheng shook his head and said. “Don’t make it too complicated. This is one of the choices, what’s the other one?”

Xuan nodded. “Their other choice is garrison and wait for us to negotiate. Perhaps this is what they really want.”

“Negotiate?” Several people asked.

“Yes. When we have overwhelming advantage, negotiation is their only choice. Furthermore, we are forced to accept it. As long as we can’t break into their place, or it will cause too many casualties to break in, we have to accept peace. Then we will complete the missions under our demands. Otherwise, the Umbrella Corporation will give them up if it takes too long. Then the nuclear strike will kill us all.”

Zheng said. “Oh? Isn’t this a good plan? Why won’t they do it?”

Xuan smiled. “Because they are not familiar with us. Similarly, we are not familiar with them. If they really chose to garrison, we have to think thoroughly before we attack into them, or accept their peace. But the strategist is scared. He might think that if we have some form of large AOE weapons or attacks, his whole team will get wiped in an instant if they stay in one place. In this case, they will likely take a risk. They will split up if they can run, and only garrison when they really can’t. But in the end, isn’t splitting up also a bet? Though instead of dying together, it would be better to put their hopes in the few stronger people. They have a higher chance of going even or running away this way.”

Zheng said. “Under what situation will they run? Or does it just depend on how much hope the choices offer?”

“Correct. If it is impossible to run, they will garrison. If they are close to the checkpoint, they will split. Judging from our distance, we can still chase up to them at seventy kilometers from the checkpoint. So that is the best spot to make them land.”

On top of the building. The group was taking a quiet rest after eating. Alice walked over to the Nemesis and stared at it.

The young man in front of the Nemesis gave her a cold smile. “Survivor, how does the T virus feel? Is it like a euphoria?”

Alice looked at him coldly. “What do you mean by survivor? You better make it clear before I punch your face!”

He gave a despicable laugh. “Survivor is survivor. The company has two major bioweapons. The Nemesis uses the T virus as a dominant part of the body to evolve. The survivor uses the T virus to stimulate the human body’s potential. You are our only survivor as of now. Unfortunately, your value was taken over almost instantly in terms of strength. The Nemesis is much powerful than the likes of you. Haha.”

Alice kicked him in the balls. All the man subconsciously covered their crouch with their hands as they heard a cracking sound. They also looked at this man with sympathy. The guards were about to raise their gun but they quickly put them away when Zheng stood up.

Zheng walked over to Alice who obviously looked lost. She couldn’t accept this new identity so suddenly. Though she was not to blame. No normal people could accept themselves as a bioweapon. That only lasted a while, she was more calm than most people.

Zheng picked the supervisor man up from the floor and said. “I want to kill you now but it doesn’t feel as good to just kill you off. So I have decided to give you more suffering. You will know soon. I hope you can like them.” He threw the man back down to the floor.

A large helicopter was flying over from afar. This was a transport type helicopter shaped like a rooster. The space inside could fit dozens of people.

At the same time, the phone rang again. Zheng opened the case and picked it up. “The helicopter has arrived. I also ordered three armed helicopters to escort. I hope to see you in the headquarter.”

The cold voice hung up as soon as he finished talking. The three armed helicopters also came in sight by now. Instead of escorting, they were obviously here to keep a watch on him, since a transport helicopter couldn’t do anything against an armed one in the air.

“Everyone get into the helicopter first.”

Following their plan, Zheng threw the two pilots out as soon as he entered. Then Carlos began to pilot it. The armed helicopters didn’t come down and waited for them in air. The transport helicopter flew up then quickly followed behind the armed ones headed to the checkpoint.

The speed was day and night compared to driving on the ground. They had passed the hundred kilometer mark from the checkpoint within several minutes. Just a while longer and they could finish the movie at least, escaping team Devil.

“Hello, everyone. I am Zheng Zha.”

Jill suddenly spoke in a man’s voice, Zheng’s voice. Everyone looked at her in shock. She continued. “Brute forcing through the psyche force interference can’t last long so I will make it short. You are getting close to the checkpoint and we need a lot of time to catch up. So you have to land. Don’t worry, our mission required characters are still on the helicopter, so we won’t destroy it. Zheng, the me before getting cloned, come see me. I am waiting.”

Suddenly the alarms started ringing and the helicopter was falling straight down.


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