TI Vol 10: Chapter 7-2

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Vol 10: Chapter 7-2.

The bus resumed going forward. Although there were still zombies on the road, they were few and scattered. The most they saw were three creepers together on a wall. However, an air to ground mission burst the creepers into pieces.

Perhaps that was an attempt to display the military helicopter’s power or to warn Zheng. This helicopter had been restless the whole way, killing even zombies far off.

Zheng disdained the helicopter. Even Heng’s arrow could shoot it down, and not to mention his sniper rifle. Of course, it was also powerful and threatening to the group.

Alice was feeling blue after she learned they were heading toward the Corporation’s building. After some time had passed, she said. “It’s better that I leave the group. Even though this is going to take me out of the city but I don’t want to return to the Corporation anymore. It gives me terror. Plus, I want to expose the Corporation to the world. So just let me leave.”

Zheng immediately said. “Rest assured. I will seize control of the helicopter once we get in. Everyone can leave the city via the helicopter. Don’t take going to the headquarter as real. Who actually wants to go there? I just want to get my comrades and Angela to the checkpoint. Her father’s waiting for her and my comrades can leave the city.”

The plot had been changed that Angela might not get shot. Zheng didn’t think the director had the energy to care about a researcher with his situation now. So Angela’s father might not die also and should be waiting at the checkpoint.

“Let’s get to the top of the building first. Alice, don’t worry. I will get everyone out of the city safely.” Zheng muttered.

At the same time, the six helicopters quickly approached team Devil. They saw the coach driving on the streets. The first helicopter aimed a missile at it. However, before the pilot pulled the trigger, a wave of black flame flew across and the helicopter was cut in half, then it exploded.

Clone Zheng floated in the air with his black wings and a broadsword. That attack was obviously from his sword.

Another pilot was shocked for a few seconds then he shouted and aimed a machine gun at Zheng. Countless bullets flew at Zheng but his body transformed into numerous bats. These bats scattered and assembled next to the helicopter. As soon as his hands were formed, he swung the sword at it. Another wave of flame followed by explosions that could be seem miles away.

Clone Zheng smiled coldly. “Don’t leave anyone alive!”

Clone Xuan said in his mind. “Not going to leave a helicopter? It should chase up to them in half an hour.”

Clone Zheng laughed. “No. Play this out slowly. What fun is it to finish them so quick, plus, he’s my original. Don’t you feel the anticipation? Just like a cat hunting mice. Let them believe they are completing the mission and can escape. Then. Haha.”

He laughed out loud with a creepy killing intent. The scar on his face and the wings on his back made him look like a devil.

Inside team China’s bus several minutes later. The satellite phone rang again. Zheng picked it up. It was the cold voice from before. “Mr. Zheng. I am asking on behalf of our board, who are the mercenaries chasing you? What power do they belong to? Are they really hidden enemies of the Corporation? I hope you can be honest.”

Zheng’s heart skipped a beat. “Correct. They are mercenaries of another power that also researches bioengineering. They want to take down the Corporation and take its place. Is there any problem?”

The voice went silent for a while. “The six helicopters wiped in two minutes. Looking at the video recording of these two minutes, this group isn’t formed by humans. At least one of them has a non human form and power. Their weapons are also worth noting. The flaming weapon looked similar to an energy weapon we are currently developing. Your location is unsafe. We’ve sent helicopters to the building roof. You need to get there as soon as possible. After you leave the city, we will detonate a nuclear bomb.”

He then hung up the phone. Zheng felt a chill from the information in the conversation. Destroying six helicopters in two minutes and it seemed like the helicopters did no damage to team Devil. Wasn’t this too strong? If it was team China, they would need to pay a big price to destroy them or rely on the terrain to ambush. However, they didn’t have the power to go face to face with the helicopters.

“No, we can’t head face to face with them.”

Zheng made a decision and said to Lan. “Let me drive. Hope we can get to the building faster.

Lan looked at him with surprise then she stopped the bus. Zheng sat on the driver’s seat and took a deep breath. His eyes went out of focus. He stepped on the gas pedal all the way.

Using the unlocked mode to drive was a luxury to those who hadn’t obtained it. The bus reached its maximum speed in this wide street that had a lot of abandoned cars. Several in the bus looked pale from the speed. Zheng reduced the rest of the drive to just twenty minutes, surprising even the helicopter pilot.

About ten security guards surrounded them as soon as they exited the bus. The guards pointed their guns at the group, then someone took out a pair of cuffs.

Zheng stared at them coldly. He pressed the call button on the satellite phone and there was the cold voice. “You’ve reached the building. I can see you through the surveillance system.”

Zheng sneered. “I know what you mean, but I just want to say I am not someone you can manipulate. We are equal in this trade. I’ve decided to give your board of directors a show to make sure you understand.”

“Yinkong, use the Shining.”

“Heng, shoot down the helicopter.”

There was no holding back anymore. These people were movie characters after all, especially when they belonged to the enemies and threatened their lives. The best way to deal with them was kill, and also to remind the Corporation they weren’t sheep.

Lightning flashed across Yinkong’s eyes then she disappeared. The three people nearest to them had their heads separated from the body. A flame was burning on the wound. Yinkong reappeared behind them and made a pulling gesture. Several other guards were cut in half from the waist. When Alice and the others realized what happened, the only guard left standing was the one with the cuffs.

Heng raised his bow. Two arrows flew at the helicopter one after the other. A mini explosion happened when the latter arrow hit the one in front. Then the arrow pierced the helicopter. A moment later, the helicopter exploded.

Zheng said in a cold tone. “Don’t make me repeat. We are in a trade. If you want our powers then show your sincerity.”


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  1. Clone Zheng is evil?


    Although admittedly we don’t really know all that much about team devil, I don’t see why clone zhang, sharing the memories of the original, would have such a different personality.

      1. Or, typical chinese novel plot, making everyone who is not on MC’s side into a 2-bit villain.

        As for ‘no Lori’, he can just create another Lori with 500 points. That’s chump change for team devil, so not an excuse.

        1. Too early to Judge. Damnit, just because it ain’t shown, doesn’t mean villains don’t have any backstory. Lori may experience the same thing with the Model newbie in the Mummy. Heck, if there’s someone interested, he may also rape Zheng himself and stuff, (Ideas taken from Guts..) with the scars on his face being there to remind himself of what happened back then.

          1. I think the point here, is that, as usual, it doesn’t matter what sort of fabulously overly thought-of twist, plan, reveal or backstory the author has actually planned out. What matters, is that Team Devil seems to exist solely to play upon old tropes. Anyone who is not the MC or affiliated with him/her, are super evil, especially his clone.
            And if the author found a way to justify the use of these tropes, it doesn’t change the fact that he is using those tropes. You’re barking at the wrong tree, or I am understanding you wrong.

            And I don’t really understand why you guys try so hard to create backstories for these clones. God created them out of nothing, in the image of their originals, practically just to be evil and overly ambitious to murder everything. I doubt they need backstories programmed in to be “evil”.

        2. I agree with Sarcze. Too early to judge. Sheesh Team Devil’s backstory will be given in the future and yet you already have a conclusion of events…patience…patience

    1. A clone may start the same at the beginning. But it’s too much to ask for similarity when both of them went through different path. Depending on what happened to him on Team Devil, Zheng being evil ain’t that impossible.

      1. For all I know, there was probably another Leader in the group before Zheng took over.. And he may have raped Lori. See? He may have gone berserk and killed the Leader and his mates, taking over the Leader Position, with the scars on his heart seeing Lori being treated as a slave.

        1. Or, god just added the line: “Alignment: evil”. Why do you try so hard to create a backstory for a clone a program created out of thin air?
          But if you want to go with the argument “things need to have some form of consistency” — why not have both Zheng and Lori be evil? There, solved. They were both created evil, because god wanted them to be evil.
          I really don’t understand the over complication here…

    2. Ever thought about why it’s called team “Devil”? Perhaps they were all purposefully made to be bloodthirsty (either that or only the leader).

  2. hehhh ,,so team devil is just another trial that god setup to show how the clone demonstrate there full power and make the original to evolve further


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