TI Vol 10: Chapter 7-1

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Vol 10: Chapter 7-1.

“Is he alright?” Zheng sighed and asked ChengXiao.

ChengXiao pulled out the needles from JiangZhe. “He’s basically fine. The virus didn’t spread into his body. I’ve stopped his bleeding with the spray and bandaged him up. There shouldn’t be any major problem. His arm has to wait until we go back to God’s dimension. Let him continue sleeping for now.”

Everyone was exhausted after two difficult fights. The last fight with the tentacles were especially thrilling. No one wanted to move a finger after they had the chance to relax.

JiangZhe was the only one to get wounded in the second fight. The injury was serious. Half his arm was cut off by Zheng. Fortunately, it wasn’t life threatening, and it didn’t influence the team that much. He was a newbie without any power to begin with, so he continued being powerless afterward.

ChengXiao put away the needles. “This cut is very smooth. If you can find his arm, modern technology is capable of reattaching it back to him. Haha.”

Zheng suddenly recalled the werewolf doctor from team India. “Do you know of any means to reattach limbs? Including bones and nerves.”

ChengXiao thought about it and said. “Perhaps God has the medical tools to accomplish it, but I can’t do it currently. Connecting the nerves or bones in a short period of time are not possible for me without the tools.”

Zheng nodded. “You have the chance to exchange sci-fi and magical medical tools after this movie. We have to survive this movie first.”

Lan had been driving quietly. Zheng didn’t rush her and just sat next to her looking out at the dark road in front. After some time, he asked. “Were you afraid under those situations? What if a monster attacked you?”

Her eyes were still closed, but she laughed. “I am not scared, because I know you, and everyone else will protect me. Even though I can’t really fight but I trust you can kill our enemies, you can protect me. You put the safety of your back to Yinkong during the fights, isn’t that your way of showing trust?”

Zheng scratched his head. “I actually didn’t think so much. I just wanted to kill all the monsters and not let them get into the bus. Then I swung the knife, use the Book of the Dead, dodge and attack. You just reminded me that I did put my safety to Yinkong.”

Yinkong smiled. “Not only you but Yinkong did the same. The two of you never worried about any monster attacking from behind. Perhaps it was this condition that allowed you to protect the bus from both sides.”

Yinkong blushed as she was taking a nap, then she turned herself around. Zheng didn’t notice it but Lan laughed.

As they were talking, the sound of helicopters whirling came from above. Everyone woke up from the nap and looked out the windows. Several helicopters were floating above them. One slowly lowered itself. Then they heard a clank, like a hard object landed on top of the bus.

Zheng flipped up to the top. There was a black, metallic case. Though it wasn’t as heavy as he thought. After he returned inside, the others gathered around him. Inside the case was a satellite phone that was vibrating.

Zheng picked it up and heard a young man’s voice. “Hello, Mr. Zheng. I am in charge of the current situation of this city. In some sense, I am also responsible for your safety. You see the helicopters above? Once you do anything abnormal, they will destroy your bus. Don’t think that the Corporation is afraid of destroying a valuable sample. In fact, instead of letting you escape and become our enemy, it’s better to eliminate your right now.”

Zheng took a breath and said. “I am heading toward the Corporation’s building in this city. So your threats are meaningless. The anti-Umbrella mercenaries I mentioned had appeared. I think you should’ve found them through the surveillance system. If you don’t mind, I hope you can send some helicopters over to kill them.”

The man sounded dissatisfied. “Yes. There is an armed group of unknown originals chasing after you. However, they are still over fifty kilometers away so you don’t have to worry. Mr. Zheng, if you are worried about their threats, why don’t you take the helicopter to the building. We have enough firepower to protect you, or you can leave this city and head to our headquarter.”

Zheng gave him a cold smile. “Do you think I will abandon my comrades and run by myself? I will let you know that those mercenaries surpass your imagination. You’re wrong if you think you can easily deal with them!”

The man shouted back. “Don’t you…”

“Send six groups to attack those mercenaries. Tell them to capture at least two alive. Have one helicopter escort the bus.”

A cold voice interrupted him. The man immediately shut up. The voice continued. “Zheng, as an employee, you should know that the Corporation will do what’s best for its interest, and at the same time is willing to take on risks. You can propose requests within our tolerance. If the requests go beyond our tolerance, we will use force or simply destroy this city.”

Zheng replied. “I only have two requests. Give us a military helicopter. My comrades and I need to reach the checkpoint. They will receive inspection there and if they are not infected, I hope you can let them go. I will stay on helicopter and watch them go then you can take me to the headquarter. I know you are concerned about me so I won’t go down the helicopter.”

The voice was silent for a while. “Ok, I accept your requests on behalf of the board of directors. The helicopter will arrive on top of the company building half hour after you reach there. Since this is an exchange, we hope you can fight our strongest bioweapon after arriving at the company. If you win, you can obtain qualification as a core employee.”

Zheng nodded. “We will discuss those later. Take us to the building first. It will talk about an hour to reach the building. We’ve been fighting for a day and night and are hungry. Please have the guards prepare a meal. Canned or package food, or food transported from outside. I don’t want my comrades to become zombies.”

“No problem, these are trivial. As a trading partner, the Corporation will not attack you. I am expecting you at the headquarter. Good bye Mr. Zheng.”

Zheng let out a sigh of relief. He felt better when he saw six of seven helicopters flew northwest. Team Devil shouldn’t get to them unharmed with the air to ground missiles of the helicopters. As long it can waste their resources or even kill one or two people, it would be a big help.


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