TI Vol 10: Chapter 6-3

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Vol 10: Chapter 6-3.

Zheng’s eyes looked bloodshot. He shouted. “Charge! Charge faster!” Then he swung the knife along the side of the bus, cutting off the arm of a zombie. The others behind him also started shooting the zombies. The explosion came in time to allow the bus moving forward. The number of zombies reduced substantially after they entered the explosion area.

At the same time, Heng’s eyes went out of focus. The Focused State of Mind removed his fear of this bloodshed. Lan connected him to the Soul Link along with Zheng and Yinkong, so his accuracy reached almost a hundred percent. When the first creeper jumped at them, he had already readied his arrow. As soon as the the creeper landed, it turned into dust.

Alice and the movie characters looked at that bow with their eyes wide open in disbelief. They didn’t even see a trace of the arrow. The shot was like a laser. It’s power, speed, and accuracy shocked the movie characters. They had seen Heng carrying a longbow, but no one knew its strength until now.

“Everyone stand firm!”

Zheng had no time to care about the others. He stared ahead as countless zombies came into view again. This city should have at least 200 thousand people. If even half of these people turned into zombies, then it would be over 100 thousand. There were at least ten thousand zombies surrounding them right now. Not just zombies but also creepers, hounds, and mutated ones with tentacles all over. If the bus stopped here, there was no chance for them to live.

Zheng clenched his teeth. He took out another grenade and threw it out. This road was only a few kilometers long but the bus was already covered in rotten flesh. The group was also feeling exhausted, but the zombies around them had gotten less.

Zheng let out a sigh of relief and yelled. “Check your weapons and ammunitions. I still have a lot of bullets here. Heng, how many arrows do you have left? Anyone wounded?”

They reported their ammunitions. Zheng’s bullets could only be used on Alice and the players’ guns. Carlos had two magazines left but his close combat was good enough even if he ran out of bullets. Heng had sixty-four arrows left. Honglu spent one of his staffs. The two newbies, the woman, and LJ were frightened. Their faces looked pale white. In contrast, Angela remained in her seat quietly the whole time, as if she didn’t feel the danger coming from the zombies.

Jill shared the pack of cigarette that Zheng gave her during the break. She took a deep smoke then said. “This is horrifying. If the virus spreads outside the city, humanity might be wiped out.”

Alice also took a smoke. “Not simply horrifying. I don’t know what caused the virus to start evolving. Had you noticed that there’s a zombie in the pack hunting other zombies? It’s are full of tentacles the thickness of an arm and it absorbed other zombies into its bodies and grew larger every time. I saw it in the pack. I don’t know how the virus is going to end up. Hope we don’t become food for those tentacles.”

Zheng said. “No matter what, surviving is the most important thing for us now. They should have entered the city center by now. Don’t know if they also get attacked by the countless zombies.”

Inside a parking lot northwest of the group. A coach lit up and drove out of the gate. The driver was shouting until several people behind him scolded him and he stopped. His body was moving like he was following a rhythm.

Everyone’s mind was connected with the two psyche force users. They were surprised to see a large pack of zombies and a special large zombie through the psyche scan.

Clone Zheng sneered. “God’s stupid trick. Trying to stop us with these zombies and increase the danger. Pathetic. Wait here for a bit.” He kicked open the window and flipped up to the top of the coach.

Clone Zheng gestured with his hands. A pair of bones suddenly grew out from his back. The bones grew longer and longer then opened up into a pair of black webbed wings. Its skin was pure black. The blood vessels and bones were faintly visible under the skin.

He gave a cold laugh and jumped off the coach then sprinted ahead.

By the time the coach caught up to him, clone Zheng was holding onto a broadsword covered in a dark flame. The area in front of him had sear marks all over. Pieces of zombies were still burning. Many creepers and large tentacle zombies were slashed into pieces. Clone Zheng was the only person still in one piece.

“It wasn’t too many zombies but there were several mutated ones. It’s probably God’s way to limit us by using stronger forces.”

Clone Zheng flapped his wings and flew to the top of the car. He sat down and said. “Go, chase up to them and kill them all!”

At the same time, Zheng also encountered the large tentacle zombies. These zombies were like octopuses. Their tentacles had a sucking force. It could suck in both flesh and bones on contact. They saw a zombie just disappeared like that. Every time they absorbed a zombie, the tentacle zombie would grow larger. The one in front was three meters tall.

It jumped out from the top of a building. When Heng noticed it, the tentacle zombie was already on top of the bus and he couldn’t aim at it. The others kept firing with their gun at it. Then a tentacle came through the window and sucked onto JiangZhe’s arm. The tentacle pulled him to the window before he could even scream, and half his arm was already gone.

Zheng was keeping an eye on everyone through the psyche scan. When JiangZhe was being pulled, he ran over and slashed his knife. Yet, the tentacle was already out the window so he cut off the arm. Blood splashed from the wound and JiangZhe fell backward.

“Heng, aim through the scan. Hurry and shoot!” Zheng yelled because he saw the tentacles waving around the bus, preparing to strike them.

Heng pulled his bow as soon as Zheng yelled. An arrow shot right through the top of the bus then all the tentacles reaching for the inside withered. The tentacle zombie’s main body disintegrated and the tentacles fell to the ground.

“Be careful! Heng, just shoot, don’t worry about conserving the arrows anymore. Just save twenty, no, ten arrows! Shoot!”

Zheng yelled and grabbed the top of the bus. He pulled himself up. To his surprise, Yinkong also flipped up to the top.

Tentacle zombies started coming from both sides of the street. Some of them reached the bus and some dropped to the top of the bus. Yinkong’s attack with the memory wire was impressive. She separated an tentacle zombie into several pieces with a whip then the wire went for another one.

Zheng was delighted to see it. He held onto the knife with his right hand and took out the Book of the Dead with his left. He read the ancient Egyptian out. When the next wave of zombies came, several large rocks spiked up from the ground and pierced the zombies. The bus took the chance to drive away.


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  1. The diaparity between Zheng and Clone Zheng is a bit too big imo. He was cloned with the same personality and memories, so for him to be so different is unrealistic. The fact that his gear and bloodline are above Zheng’s is unrealistic as well. It has already been clarified that “God” is like a program, so he wouldn’t be able to show favortism with the rewards, as it would be the same as giving it to them, so they wouldn’t struggle to grow. All in all, the disparity really puts me off.

    1. I’m starting to question when God copied Zheng into the Devil team… If it was early enough then he might have had more chances of exponential growth compared to the real Zheng. I also never really accepted the fact that the appearance of the bat wings was only a premonition of his future flying skill, but just that he is unable to use them because of his own incompetence.

    2. Original Zheng was copied before the Final Destination (if I’m not mistaken) where he got his Qi with corrosive property, Clone Zheng got 2 movies worth of points. The next level of his Vampirism must have the ability to fly (wings) and he chose a Broadsword to further increase his close-combat power.

      With Xuan’s suggestion, Clone Zheng achieved a massive increase in battle power compared to Original Zheng who’s throwing away points on skills/abilities/gold bars/bullets/entertainment/daily necessities/etc instead of increasing his bloodline first. With Xuan there, their battle potential increased an unprecedented height.

      If Team China’s optimization is 100%, then Team Devil is at least 150%. With Xuan there he can create any items as long as he knows the blueprint. So they saved more points from producing bullets. Also, they probably spending less points than Team China allowing them to buy higher grade items/skills from God.

      Not to mention that most, if not all, of them are cloned who have genetic constraints at least on 1st level.

    3. Pretty much everything piledriver said. Plus Clone Zheng’s personality is much different than Zheng. He’s like Zheng when he’s mad enough to literally eat someone. Only he’s in that state all the time. Zheng is far more pragmatic than he was in his first movie. He’s gotten a lot colder with his choices. Clone Zheng is a path that development could take.

  2. I think that they should try to game the system.

    For instance, when they get a movie with no time limit, delay intentionally the completion, and use the time to farm points, practice abilities, train Qi, etc…

    Take for instance the previous Alien movie, if they managed to stop the ship’s self-destruction and kill all the Xenomorphs inside, then they could have used the ship to travel to some planet infested with Xenomorphs and farm the rewards. Then go to the shuttle when they have like 100k points and a bunch of ranked rewards.

    Also, they are not using the feature to visit the previous movie properly, they could use it in a similar way to train a lot longer than they could in the normal 10 day interval between movies. 1000 points would be 100 days, which could arguably be much more valuable as training than whatever else they could use it on. They could even try to get their hands on whatever super weapons / tech are available in that movie’s universe.

    1. on this point, they could have gotten back to the mummy and dug up the ra book and resurrected zero, i don’t know if xuan could be resurrected as well from the description of the book

    2. I’ve been thinking along those lines for a very long time now. It became even more baffling when Honglu showed Zheng that there are manuals for Qi, but even after learning that tidbit of information, nothing has happened.
      If the author doesn’t want his characters to actually advance too rapidly, because they can make clever choices to empower themselves, and thus ruin any form of pacing the story had — then, just don’t show us how obviously available those options are. Just ignore it, don’t actually provide evidence to prove the contrary, and then just don’t do anything with it. That’s just foolish.

  3. I see a lot of people say that the slow down to farms reward points, which is unrealistic, GOD will not give you this loophole to brush points, it will only change the story so that you continue to live on the edge of death.
    By the way, you may not like the experience of replicating zheng.

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