TI Vol 10: Chapter 6-2

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Vol 10: Chapter 6-2.

The first stage could be unlocked by scientific means in some sense. Xuan once said that a poisonous substance could unlocked the constraint. However, only a small quantity of people could survive the poison.

The original T virus could be thought of as a neutralizer to the substance, so that the human body wouldn’t take damage from entering the unlocked state. At the same time, the virus increases muscle density and reaction speed. With these benefits, the human body could unlock the constraint and don’t have to endure the pain. Just like how Alice and Angela was.

This item was invaluable to the players. The newbies’ strength would grow exponentially even if it was just the first stage. Just the ability in using guns would be ten times stronger than normal people.

“We must obtain this! The original T virus is what the players want the most. Once everyone, or at least every newbie is able to unlock the first stage, then team China won’t have to worry about newbies anymore! Zheng, obtain this!” Honglu said through the Soul Link.

Zheng was thinking about the same thing. Not only the two of them, the others were also aware of its significance. It was like a cheat that allowed newbies to obtain what some veterans couldn’t. If team China could live through this movie then they would have an advantage over any other team!

Zheng calmed himself and asked. “Then where is the original T virus? Have the Umbrella Corporation obtained it?”

Angela said. “Yes. I heard father said the Corporation took it away along with all the research data. This virus is difficult to produce because it needs an element that can only be found in meteorites.”

Zheng’s heart skipped a beat. Perhaps this was a huge limitation in the real world but in God’s world, every material could be exchanged very cheaply. So that meant if they could obtain the research data, then mass producing the first unlocked state wasn’t a dream.

“I get it!” Honglu suddenly yelled and said to Zheng in the Soul Link. “I know what those words you said back then means.”

Zheng was shocked by that and ask. “What did I say? Make it clear.”

Honglu took a deep breath. “You said that someone from team China suggested to use the first human creation for a bodyguard. The fact is, this bodyguard has limited strength. Perhaps he wasn’t sure how strong the bodyguard could be, so he only created one with the free creation. However, the beam is large enough to enclose three people. If each of us make two bodyguards that unlocked the first stage and give them weapons. Jesus! That would be the strongest any newbie can get!”

Zheng thought for a moment and said. “Whether the created humans can unlock is a question but we will discuss it later. But the T virus can increase the newbies’ survival substantially. We must get it! Honglu, is there any way to obtain the virus?”

Honglu crouched down as he twisted his hair. Several minutes later he muttered. “It’s impossible to obtain the virus in this movie because we have to avoid team Devil and bring Angela to the checkpoint. There’s no way to go to the Umbrella Corporation’s headquarter. Even if we go there, it isn’t so easy to steal the virus. We have to complete this movie and come back using points for a chance to steal it.”

Zheng sighed. He continued driving quietly. Honglu suddenly said again. “There’s a method but the risk you take is too big. I don’t agree with you doing it.”

Zheng’s body shivered. “When had we been in safety? It’s all about surviving in the movies. Instead of continue being in danger all the time, I would rather risk my life to steal the T virus!”

“The only way is for you to feint getting captured and have them bring you back to the headquarter. You can look for it from the inside. Once you find the research data, leave the headquarter and head to the checkpoint. If everything goes well, we would have already reached the checkpoint with Angela. So you only have to worry about yourself. However, there are too many uncertainties. What if team Devil chase after you instead of going to the checkpoint? Just let it go and we will discuss after getting back to the dimension.” Honglu sighed.

Zheng bit his teeth and said. “I have to take this gamble no matter what. Send you guys back to God’s dimension first then it will be more convenient for me to fight or run alone. I won’t believe that team Devil is really so strong and choose to chase after me. Anyway, let’s send you guys back first.”

Honglu was silent for a while. “If we are forced to fight, then we should split up and head to the checkpoint. Zheng, I wish you can take the responsibility of a leader. If they are going after us, then I wish you can stay behind to delay their main team, at least gain us some distance. Even though I don’t want to say it but all of us have an air of death around us. It’s so dense like our body is fuming in black smoke. I have a bad feeling.”

Zheng didn’t say these words to the others. As a leader, he had to use his confidence to keep the team’s morale up, even when his confidence was very low.

The bus continued driving forward. Zheng saw the pack of zombies ahead through Lan’s psyche scan. This reminded him of The Mummy when he escaped from Cairo. It was also a fight against an endless stream of zombies. However, the ones in front were obviously stronger. There were tentacles coming out from their bodies. Their bodies appeared more firm and filled with power.

The others on the bus didn’t feel anything but Alice stood up. She seemed to be able to sense the zombies in front.

Zheng took a deep breath and shouted. “Everyone bring your weapons out! Don’t save any bullets. Burst the heads of any zombies that come close. Don’t let anything happen to the bus. If we are forced to stop here, then we are dead! Lan, come drive!”

The bus made a turn. The area in front was packed with zombies. Creepers crawled on the sides of the street. There were no tentacles on the creepers but bone thorns instead. The bloody barbed thorns gave them a chill.

After Lan took over the driving, Zheng said to her. “Drive at full speed. Don’t stop no matter what happens! Rest assured we will protect the bus! Go!”

Lan nodded. She closed her eyes and stepped on the gas pedal all the way. The psyche scan showed her every object in front and on the ground, so the bus was driving at full speed.

The zombies noticed the bus and started stumbling over. The first few in front was bumped away then a series of gunshots took down any zombies blocking the way. The bus crushed right over them.

“Not working!” Lan yelled. “It’s not working. Those tentacles from the zombies aren’t getting crushed. Many tentacles are stuck to the tires. The bus can’t drive over anymore zombies!”

Zheng immediately took out the grenades and yelled. “Heng, Alice, take down any creepers that jump over! Don’t let them reach the roof! ChengXiao, attack those crawling on the side with your axe! Yinkong, protect everyone! Everyone else shoot with your guns!”

Zheng pulled the ring off a grenade, then the muscle on his arm expanded. He threw the grenade straight ahead. The grenade crossed over a hundred meters then exploded mid air. A wave of heat swept at the bus. After the heat wave was over, a large area in front was cleared of zombies and only left blood and flesh on the ground.


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