TI Vol 10: Chapter 6-1

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Vol 10: Chapter 6-1.

“Due to the two teams’ power exceeded the limit of Resident Evil: Apocalypse, evolution of T virus begins. Completes in one minute.”

Zheng heard the voice as the creepers jumped at him, the stern voice of God. He wasn’t sure what it meant but he sensed danger and wanted to clear these zombies before the danger falls.

He took out the minigun as he dodged. The moment he landed on the floor, the minigun was pointed at a creeper in midair. Its shots knocked the creeper away and pierced numerous holes on its body. Zheng stopped holding back on spending the bullets. He gripped onto the trigger firmly and pointed the gun at all the zombies coming at them. The creepers and dogs were easily crushed into pieces. Almost a minute later, all there was left was the big hound.

Zheng pointed the minigun at its head. The last dozen bullets on the minigun pushed the hound back several meters. But tentacle like things grew out from where it was shot and the hound jumped at the group.

(So this is the evolution?)

Zheng brought out the jungle knife from the ring. He headed directly at the hound and the two collided together. Zheng’s knife stabbed into its neck, but before he could do anything, a huge force pushed him into a wall. He felt a pain on his right shoulder, like something pierced his shoulder from behind.

“Red Flame!” As the hound’s mouth was heading for his head, he entered the second stage. His muscles immediately expanded and he subconsciously activated the Red Flame ability. The flame covered his body, any part of the hound that touched it was instantly burned to ashes. Those tentacles didn’t even have the time to repair. Before long, all that was left of the hound were ashes.

When the other three people came over, Zheng had turned off the flame. He was trying to pull a steel bar out from his right shoulder. Angela screamed when she saw the bloody hole on the shoulder.

Zheng pulled it out and said with a bitter smile. “Let’s go. Leave the school first. God knows if there are more creepers or something else.”

“Can you bring me along?” A voice came through the darkness. The four immediately looked at the direction and saw a mercenary stumbling over. He was obviously injured.

Alice looked at the mercenary and frowned. “How long have you been infected?”

He replied. “Over two hours. The researcher said I can live if I find his daughter.”

Alice let out a sigh of relief. “You’re lucky. You can still live if it’s two hours. Let’s leave this school first. I feel that there’s suddenly something different about the zombies.”

The mercenary was named Carlos. He also received a call from the researcher then came to look for Angela with another member. The other was so lucky and was killed by the creepers.

The group was surprised to find the others fighting when they came out of the school. Scattered zombies were walking over to them. Tentacles grew out from the zombies’ bodies. These zombies were vastly different from before. They could still move after getting shot in the head. It seemed like they had to completely crushed a zombie’s head to stop it from moving.

(This is the evolved T virus. Just quantity isn’t enough to stop our two teams so God had to increase the quality. Is this what God meant?)

“ChengXiao, clear a path with the axe! Everyone get on the bus. We can’t stay any longer.” Zheng yelled and was the first to start running.

ChengXiao smiled at the zombies. He swung the axe in a full circle then threw it outward. In a loud explosion with lightning flashes, it created a deep hole on the ground about two meters in diameter. All the zombies within several meters were shattered into pieces. ChengXiao gave it a pull and the axe flew back to him. He started laughing out loud until the sound of the motor pulled him back to reality.

Alice sat next to Zheng and said to him. “I know where the Corporation’s building is, but are we just going over like this? Aren’t you afraid of getting captured and frozen like the creepers?”

Zheng took a deep breath. “Obviously we can’t just head over like this. We need to show our powers to let them know we are not preys but rather equal to them. Instead of worrying what happens after arriving, we should worry about the pack of zombies ahead of us instead.”

Alice asked in confusion. “What zombies? There’s a pack of zombies ahead? Wait.” She walked over to Angela and pressed her backpack. The backpack opened up a layer containing several syringes of antidotes for the T virus.

Alice walked over to Carlos and gave his arm a sting, then came over to Zheng. “Even though you already have the evolved T virus, but just in case. This antidote is effective against regular T virus. Did you get wounded from just before?”

Zheng was sure he wasn’t wounded but he still held out his arm. Alice grabbed his arm and stung it.

“So you are also infected with the T virus? Did your father inject it into you?” Alice stroke Angela’s hair and asked.

Angela nodded. “Don’t blame him. I have a degenerative condition that was told to be inherited. My immune system is fragile. I could die to a minor sickness like a cold. My father started researching a cure since I was small then he changed his focus to viruses and finally developed one that vitalizes cells.”

“He said the original research was good for humanity. The virus vitalizes human cells with such strength that even dead people could move their bodies. Theoretically, he was one step away from immortality. However, he was wrong at that last step. A large Corporation influenced his research direction and so the T virus was born, followed by bioweapons, zombies, creepers, Nemesis, and the original T virus research codenamed, Survivor. I was injected with the original virus. It could enhance my body without taking away my consciousness.”

The others looked at Angela in surprise. Jill took a smoke and crouched down. “You’re smart, Angela. Have you always known so much?”

She shook her head. “I am the same as Alice. The T virus changed our DNA and removed a kind of constraint. Like…” Her eyes defocused but it only lasted for a while.

“I can understand things quickly in that state, like memorizing a whole book after reading it once. Is that the same for you, Alice?” Angela asked.

Alice shook her head. “I don’t know. I have never read a book under that state. Who would have known that this world originated from a father trying to save his child? It was all the Umbrella Corporation’s fault!”

Angela sighed. “Don’t blame it on father. He didn’t want this also, but my life was in danger if he didn’t agree to those people. I frequently saw him getting drunk by himself in the reading room.”

Even though the conversation was still going on, the players’ heartbeats picked up when they heard about the original T virus. Zheng and Honglu both thought. “Mass production of the first unlocked stage.”


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    1. Mhm, that’s what I was thinking as well. God’s point truly is evolution, and here’s a good way to boost up newbies.
      Although, one has to wonder if this is considered some form of a cheat. God was the one who created this world, so God technically was also the one to create the item which allows you to unlock your restraint. Although, if you think about it, having this item just renders this entire setting and story obsolete…
      I already said this before, but when the Guide and Zheng combined, and unlocked his “next stage of the constraint”, that just showed that God has a method to freely remove any parts of the constraint, and now we saw that God is also capable of creating worlds which can produce the removal of constraints. That renders this entire setting completely pointless; why fight against horrors, when you can just download something from God? To gain experience on how to dominate others?

      For the very least, the motives in the setting seems to have changed.

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