TI Vol 10: Chapter 5-2

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Vol 10: Chapter 5-2.

Zheng took a deep breath. He knew this moment would eventually come but didn’t expect it to be so sudden. He could sense something far away to the west scanning their direction.

“Lan! West, scan in a straight line!” Zheng shouted in his mind.

Lan replied shortly afterward. “But if I focus the scan in a line, I won’t be able to cover this school. I found some creepers, dogs, and a big hound. I fear they will attack you.”

“There’s no time to worry about these. Scan the situation first. They probably found us just now.”

About a hundred kilometers away, on top of a skyscraper. Ten men and women appeared out of nowhere. The zombies swarmed toward them like flies smelled fresh meat.

Dadada! Several gunshots burst their heads and their bodies began to burn until these zombies became ashes.

These eight men and two women were all dressed in the same black tight fitting clothes. Even their shoes were the same. Their presence already felt stronger than most of team China’s members.

A man and woman was holding hands. They both faced toward the same direction with their eyes closed. A moment later, the man said. “Leader, confirmed the location. Ninety-three kilometers from here. Aside from eight people from the team, there were several movie characters with them. I also found mummies. Can confirm that they possess the Book of the Dead.”

A man crouched on the floor said. “The Book of the Dead? Only mummies then it’s negligible. Looks like he doesn’t have the power to summon Sphinxes and not to mention Deaths. Do they have a psyche force user? How strong?”

The man replied. “Yes. Can confirm they have a psyche force user, but only one. Equal to Amy in power, slightly weaker than me. Her abilities contain Soul Link and Psyche scan.”

The crouched man said. “This is not bad. If they have Soul Link, then it will be difficult to mind control them. Xuan, analyze their strengths. Tom, send the images to everyone’s mind.”

A man in glasses stood next to him with an emotionless face. After receiving the images in his mind, he said. “They have four main combatants. From the information we obtained from God, he is one of the four people who reached the third stage. So he’s quite strong. Initial speculation is close combat and minor magical abilities. As for close combat, the girl next to him. Zhao ZhuiKong, is she also an assassin?”

A handsome man about five feet eight stood next to him. He maintained a smile the whole time, and this smile grew when he saw the girl. He asked in curiosity. “How do you know she belongs to the assassin’s clan?”

Xuan adjusted his glasses. “Her actions and movements are 70% similar to you. These come from long term habits, not something that can be changed. So she’s also from the assassin’s clan? I don’t suggest getting in close combat with her, leave her to the ranged.”

ZhuiKong laughed. “Wait. Leave her to me. This is my dear sister.”

Xuan nodded. “If you are certain. The man with a bow, have you noticed he was trembling the whole time, but he positioned himself to protect the others. This means he’s scared but his comrades trust him. This is a person with a weak will but strong powers. We can try to control him if possible. People who still uses primitive weapons in this world are either idiots or skilled. I’d rather believe he’s the latter. This is the fourth person we should be careful of.”

“The last one, ChengXiao, as a clone that retained all my memories before entering this world, his origin is unknown. Even I don’t know where he came from. However, he’s strong. Stronger than people that unlocked the first stage in close combat. Someone that has natural Qi. Differing from our enhanced Qi is that he can use Qi in all his techniques. So he’s the third strongest in close combat.”

“As for the rest, the woman with her eyes closed is obviously a psyche force user. The boy is holding a staff. Initial speculation is magic user. There isn’t enough data to continue the analysis.”

The crouched man said. “Thanks for the work, Xuan. Our mission is to protect Jill, Angela, Alice, LJ, and Carlos until they leave the city. However, they are beside team China in the school. What happens when the nuclear attack comes? Any way to stop the attack?”

Xuan thought for a moment. “No way to stop it, and no need to. It’s now 4AM. Judging from the size of this city, they won’t have the time to escape before the attack comes. However, they are still in the school for their mission. I can only guess that they have already changed the time of the attack. Which means they have been in contact with Umbrella Corporation, or perhaps they came to a deal. Following this thought, our enemies may not be only team China. We might have to face the mercenaries from Umbrella Corporation, maybe even attacks from military helicopters. Furthermore, since we have two more people than them and we are team Devil. They will likely to split up when we attack. We will lose out more than them in terms of teamwork.”

The man stood up and said with a hint of excitement. “Really? That’s good. Or this movie will be too boring. ZhuiKong, I’ll leave your sister to you. I don’t want to hear any accidents. Ming Yanwei, that man with a bow is yours. Pierce him with your arrows.”

“Xuan, lead Tom, Amy, and Frodo to attack ChengXiao and the people next to him. It would be best if you can find the psyche force user and kill her. Let Frodo take an extra person or two. He needs more points and rewards for enhancements, since he’s new to our team.”

“Techoi, Ricard, Francis, and I will go meet team China’s leader. Xuan will be the commander. You can order any member other than me. Now for team China’s leader, his funeral can’t be too disrespectful for a leader.”

He turned around. That was Zheng but with a scar going from the left of his face down to the right corner of his mouth. This scar gave his words a bloody feeling.

Lan closed her eyes for a while then sent the message. “I can only get their location. About ninety kilometers away. It’s too far to get any detailed information of them. I only know that they have eight men and two women. Oh, no. They masked their location.”

Zheng was silent for a moment. “Masked? What about us?”

Lan hesitated for a bit. “Also masked. I condensed the psyche scan to seven kilometers. It should be able to interfere with their probe. But how can they have two more people than us?”

Honglu interjected. “Nothing to be surprised about. If no one in the team died for several movies, especially after a fifteen people difficulty one. Then God gave us a ten people difficulty movie. Would it erase five of us to compensate? It shouldn’t be that much of a problem. They are at northwest. We are going to southeast where the Umbrella Corporation’s building is, so they shouldn’t be able to catch up to us for some time. This is great, they appeared at a location beneficial to us. We need to grasp this opportunity and get to the Umbrella Corporation building as soon as possible!”

Zheng nodded and came out of the conversation in the mind. At the same time, he sensed danger coming at him and rolled to the side. Yinkong and Alice did the same thing. The mercenary was too slow to react and got caught by a dark and red colored figure coming from the top. Its feet stepped on the mercenary then tore him apart with its claws.

Several creepers appeared on the walls and ceiling around them. Several dogs also came into the halls. Behind the dogs was a large zombie hound. It howled and all the zombies jumped at the four.

P.S. People in team Devil retains everything including their personalities and memories at the time of being cloned.


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  1. Zheng-clone has a scar? That is not logical. Especially since they can repair the body in god’s dimension.

    What, was the clone like, ‘hey god, repair everything but this scar on my face so that I will look different from the original’…? Yeah right.
    Lame plot hole due to author trying to be dramatic

    1. There’s also about Jie with his scar. He doesn’t want it to be gone so he can always remember what happened at Nightmare at Elm Street. Too early to Judge, sir.

    2. If anything, I’d say that’s just a lame way to try to depict “Cloned Zheng” as “evviiilllll”. People should really stop using the world “plot hole” so loosely. That’s not how that works.

  2. There’s even Frodo….why not Legolas….

    Kill that Dark Zheng!

    And wait, since Dark Zheng was cloned from original Zheng, does this mean Lori was cloned too? Or maybe he created another Lori….

  3. So did Devil Zheng not realize that his original was there? Or did he not care/ignore it on purpose?
    Also, why is there a Devil Xuan, since he only ever got the first unlock stage. Earlier it said that only those who got the 2nd unlock stage would be cloned on Team Devil.

    1. I really can’t understand how “They retain their memories and personality”, but are still….”Evviiilllll”, or for the very least, are willing to murder their former teammates.

  4. Wait, can’t they gain the T-virus if they just, get bit? For the very least, Zheng is already immune to its negative side effects. It might as well boost them up.

  5. By the way, I am a Chinese, I have read this novel from many years ago. But when I found this website, I was very surprised, because so many foreigners are reading this novel.
    By the way, the author of this novel is Zhang Heng, and all his works have a supporting role called Zhang Heng.

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