TI Vol 10: Chapter 4-2

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Vol 10: Chapter 4-2.

The Umbrella Corporation was a large global company, but its selection of employees was extremely strict due to involvement with bioweapons.

“Found him. This person was indeed our employee. He was a security agent in the Hive and disappeared after the incident. What he said is probably true. He became infected during the initial leak and the T virus mutated during this time. We don’t have information of this mutation so we will name it the G virus for now!”

The supervisor reported the existence of this evolved T virus to the higher ups. The heads of the Corporation quickly began a teleconference. When they heard the analysis and saw the video of destruction, they ordered to cancel the nuclear strike and instead sent in a large number of mercenaries into the city. The mercenaries’ mission was to bring back this valuable G virus sample. At the same time, Nemesis #2 was also sent to the mission. They decided to accept any requests from the G virus sample temporarily to keep him inside the city.

The Corporation was extremely efficient. This conference only took half an hour. At which time, Zheng’s group just reached the other side of the bridge. This area was also congested with numerous cars. It seemed like a huge traffic accident took place here. There were also a lot of zombies wandering behind the cars.

The group took out their weapons and started shooting. Jill noticed Heng trembling and grabbed him. “When did you get infected?”

Heng looked at her with an innocent face and said. “Huh? I am not infected.”

She was just as confused as he was and checked his arms and legs. “Then why are you trembling if you aren’t infected? You gone mad?”

Heng found it funny and a little mad. Though he wasn’t going to answer since it was rather embarrassing. He scratched his head and laughed. “Haha.”

The others had cleared all the zombies around by now. This side of the bridge suffered even more damage than the other side. All the stores were burned by a fire, this fire extended out to the cars on the streets. Zombies were wandering around the streets like the end of the world.

They kept walking for thirty more minutes before the area became nicer. Many cars were parked on the sides and they started looking for a bus or large car that could sit ten people.

Suddenly, a payphone next to them rang. Zheng walked over and picked it up. “Hello? Who’s this?”

A man’s voice came through. “Hello, evolved T virus carrier. I am the supervisor responsible for this disaster. My name is not necessary. I want to let you know that your request has been accepted by our company. We will stop the nuclear strike. At the same time, we are sending seven groups of mercenaries into the city for your safety. I hope you can gather at this place. I will give you detailed directions to get there.”

Zheng said. “Call me Zheng. There’s a group from another influential power trying to capture me. From what I heard from them, they belong to another company that’s trying to overthrow the Corporation and are hiding in the shadows. I need the company’s power to eliminate this group. They seemed to be hiding now, but they will eventually appear and chase after me. At that time, you will be able to locate them. These people are also enhanced with various means and are very strong. You have to be careful with them.”

The man yelled in surprise. “Are you kidding me? Do you know the Corporation’s powers? There can’t be any hidden enemies. How can we not be aware of them? You must be kidding. Don’t try to escape with these lies. I’ll have you know…”

Zheng interrupted him. “It’s no use saying these to me. How about this. When that group appears, I need the seven groups of mercenaries to attack them and send helicopters to bring me out of the city. Of course, my friends also need to leave. To be honest with you, that group is very strong, maybe just slightly weaker than me. I don’t think just seven groups of mercenaries can take them.”

The man hesitated for a while. “I will report this to the higher ups. However, I only have the permission to deploy seven groups. If the higher ups agree, they will send in more. But before that happens, I wish you can…”

Zheng interrupted him again. “There are some things we must do first. I will give you four hours. Send your mercenaries and helicopters to the city center before dawn, at top of your corporate building in this city. I will be there in four hours. You need to monitor the city during this time. That group is the company’s enemies!” Zheng hung up the phone.

“Good job! We got the Corporation on our side just like the plan. It would be best if they can send several dozen groups of mercenaries. Then we can swarm team Devil to death. Furthermore, with the helicopters, we can fly to the checkpoint. Perfect!” Honglu’s voice was transmitted to Zheng’s mind.

Zheng replied with a bitter smile. “Hope so, but I have a bad feeling about this. I can’t help but feel like team Devil should be much stronger than us, and there is someone within them that could bring out their team’s full potential. I hope I am wrong.”

Everyone except Alice seemed a little relaxed after coming to a deal with the Corporation. Alice looked a little off and asked Zheng in a serious tone. “Are you really planning to cooperate with the company? And use your evolved T virus to create more bioweapons?”

Zheng took a breath and said. “Of course not. But its true that there’s another group chasing after us. No, it doesn’t include you and Jill. My team is the only ones they are going after. They are very strong, much stronger than me. So I can only look for help. The only one able to help me is the Corporation. But rest assured that I won’t help the Corporation with the creation of bioweapons. I promise.”

Alice nodded. After walking for a while, she said. “We have been through life and death together. Several of our comrades died. Matt and One are lost. I don’t want to fight you. I don’t want to reach that point.”

Zheng didn’t know how to manage this friendship with a movie character. Fortunately, this stopped at just friendship. There was a watch from the exchange system for a rank D reward and large amount of points. Any character that learned of God’s world and agreed to leave with you could wear this watch then exit the movie. The character would become a being similar to any life you created. Forming friendship wasn’t that big of a deal, but if one was to fall in love with a movie character, it would be difficult to deal with.

Before long, they found a bus under the help of Lan’s psyche scan. This bus was largely intact aside from the lack of keys and window glasses. ChengXiao skillfully messed with the wires from the driver’s seat and started up the bus.

“Same rules. Everyone take a good rest. I will wake you up when we reach the destination. Lan, you will have to work a little more and give me the directions.” Zheng walked to the driver’s seat but ChengXiao was still on the seat. He wasn’t planning to get up.

ChengXiao laughed. “Let me drive. You also need to take a rest. Leader, you are our main force. Don’t waste energy on other things. You have to reserve energy for the upcoming battle right? Plus, don’t fight with me for the chance to be with a beautiful girl. Haha.”

Zheng took a good look at him. His eyes were crystal clear. He wasn’t doing it to be with a girl, but really wanted to give Zheng extra time to rest. This man seemed like he was not good at expressing himself and had to use this kind of tones. Zheng nodded and walked to a seat.

The night was dark. The group was getting closer and closer to the school. Similarly, the time to team Devil arrival was getting closer.


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  1. i feel like this is gonna screw them over when they go into future resident evil films and the company starts chasing Zheng for the G virus

  2. Wait what…so you can tell a movie character about God’s existence and bring him/her inside? What’s the point of deducting scores previously?

    1. Seems to be a penalties and incentive thing. Talking about a movie can remove points, but it can also earn you the right to get a movie character. Changing the plot increases the risks, but it can also offer up a lot of rewards. Pros and cons of any action. Plus penalizing you for points early on would raise your situational awareness. You’d have to pay more attention to your words and actions, which would help you adapt quicker. Or just get rid of you if you couldn’t adapt well enough.

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