TI Vol 10: Chapter 4-1

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Vol 10: Chapter 4-1.

Zheng continued driving. There weren’t many cars on this road. So he could drive at a high speed. An hour later, they reached the congestion point.

When he turned around, Lan was leaning on his side with her eyes closed. She had been acting rather polite and suppressing herself since the last movie. It made him feel like he was with a stranger. He sighed every time he saw Lan like this.

“Ok, everyone. Wake up. We are going to run again. Wake up!” Zheng shouted. That instantly woke them up, aside from the woman and two newbies who were still a little dizzy.

Zheng looked at the congested road and said. “We will reach the bridge after getting through this part. Then we will find a car at the other side of the bridge. It may get dangerous from this point on.”

The woman asked. “What kind of danger? The zombies?”

Zheng couldn’t actually say it out that the Nemesis was waiting under the bridge to ambush them. “Just be extra careful.” He walked out off bus.

After walking pass cars that were still burning, they saw they bridge in front of them. Zheng stepped ahead of Alice and got on first, followed by Alice, Jill, the black cop, the woman. The players knew the plot so they slowed down and kept some distance behind the others.

Alice suddenly looked down and said. “Something’s there. Something’s watching at us.”

At the same time, Lan connected Zheng into the Soul Link and psyche scan. They could see a humanoid about three hundred meters away. Its minigun pointing at the group.

“Look out!”

Zheng yelled and got down on the ground. The others followed suit. However, the black cop wasn’t so lucky as a bullet reflected off the rail and hit his head.

Jill immediately got a hold of his corpse. Alice got up from the ground and was about to run then she saw Zheng jumped over ten meters in distance and continued running to the humanoid monster.

“Umbrella Corporation! I know you are watching us and can hear us!”

“I want to reach a deal with you. Remember, it’s a trade. We are of equal, not looking for your charity!”

“My body has the evolved T virus, which you are probably interested in. I’ll show you this power and if you continue the attack on the city tomorrow, I will die here along with the evolved T virus.”

Zheng yelled as he ran. He crossed over seven meters with each step using the movement technique and high level Qi. These three hundred meters took just the blink of an eye. He reached the Nemesis and punched it in the chest before its minigun could fire again.

Their sizes looked so disproportionate. Zheng was tall and slender, but it was nothing in front of the Nemesis, who was about the size of two and a half persons. Furthermore, Zheng didn’t have a muscular look.

Bang! With a heavy sound like when one hit a sandbag, the Nemesis was sent flying five meters away. Zheng’s eyes went out of focus after this punch. He entered into the second stage directly. He had to raise his rating in the Corporation as much as possible, so he needed to use his strongest powers to defeat the Corporation’s strongest warrior!

“I’m sorry, Matt.”

While the Nemesis fell to the ground, Zheng ran up and stepped at its right arm. However, it missed and stepped on the concrete ground. The ground instantly cracked. The Nemesis was also very fast. It seemed to be in the first stage of the unlocked mode.

Nemesis got up and struck at Zheng with its fist, which was the size of his head. Zheng expanded his muscles and went against the Nemesis’s fist with his own. As the two came into contact, the Nemesis screamed and drew its arm back.

At the same time in a military base just outside the city. Several researchers looked at the screen in shock. The screen showed the Nemesis’s current’s body condition, and the data of its opponent.

“Left arm suffered a comminuted fracture, ribs fractured, overall strength reduced by 30%. Computer estimated chance of winning is less than 5%. The other side have overwhelming power. His speed is at least seven times of the Nemesis, and strength over three times. He’s eight times as strong as the Nemesis!” One of the researcher yelled.

A supervisor looking young man said. “No, impossible! The Nemesis is the strongest bioweapon we designed. It can solo a hundred soldier army when it has a weapon. How can such a small person defeat it? How can he have such power without changing his physique?”

Zheng kept his distance within one meter of the Nemesis. Otherwise, it could use its heavy firearms. Zheng didn’t want to take Matt’s life, so he had to keep himself close and attack. After a few strikes, he dislocated the Nemesis’s other arm. It had lost the ability to continue fighting at this point.

(Not enough. Not enough with just this!)

Zheng thought and ran toward the bridge. The researchers were also confused. “What is he trying to do? Why is he running away? Isn’t he in an advantage right now?”

The conversation didn’t have time to continue. Zheng reached the bridge and punched it, using Qi this time around. Concrete fragments were flying in all directions, and the reinforcing steel was knocked away. It created a hole two meters in diameter, almost split the bridge in two.

Zheng’s strength wasn’t so high on its own. However, his Qi retained the corrosive property during enhancement, and it became even stronger. Most of the damage was caused by that corrosiveness. People with good vision could notice there weren’t as much concretes flying out as expected. Though everyone’s attention was focused on the hole at this time.

Zheng took a deep breath and stood in front of the Nemesis. “There’s a payphone in front. I know you can talk to me through it. My evolved T virus surpass anything you can imagine. If you want to obtain it, then show me your sincerity.”

The supervisor immediately yelled. “Hurry, call the vice chief. No, call the chief. Cancel tomorrow’s airstrike. Tell them to cancel the airstrike and send five, no, seven groups of mercenaries here. Have them also bring in Nemesis #2. Let us see how this evolved T virus fairs against that super strong sample of ours. If you can win again with overwhelming power, then you are ours!”


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  2. Wait, so the scientists’ logic is that — if Zhang and gang can defeat everything that can be thrown at them, and prove they are overwhelmingly more powerful than anything the Umbrella Corporation has to offer, then they plan to capture Zheng, how? They better at least plan to only get his blood samples, otherwise they better have some extra powerful sedatives.

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