TI Vol 10: Chapter 3-2

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Vol 10: Chapter 3-2.

With a flash of silver light, a knife appeared on the rotten head. Yinkong was in a throwing pose.

ChengXiao laughed. “Assassin girls are truly amazing, but you don’t need that thick piece of cloth. It concealed your figure. Just imagine, such a beautiful figure.”

Yinkong flipped back and slashed a skeleton head rising from beneath her feet, then said coldly. “Two more times and I will kill you.”

ChengXiao looked at that flaming dagger and laughed awkwardly.

They were standing on top of a graveyard. Rotten corpses arose from the earth one after another. Some of them looked greenish, and some were covered in maggots. These zombies could still move and jump at the group.

Yinkong easily sliced a corpse arising beneath where they were standing. Zheng and Alice charged into the wave of zombies. They both entered the unlocked state. Although Alice didn’t have strength Zheng had, the T virus still gave her considerable increase in stats. Furthermore, she was different from the players in that she could utilize 100% of the stats. Adding it all up, she was just behind one or two people from team China in terms of combat ability.

Zheng’s fighting style was rather barbaric. His strength was very high. Several zombies were cut in half with a single slash of his knife. Then he brought out the minigun again. No zombie could even get near him.

Yet, even with Zheng and Alice’s killing speed, there were more zombies coming out every second. The zombies also released a pungent smell after they were wounded. Alice yelled. “There’s no end to this. Let’s escape through the back of the church!”

Zheng nodded. “Everyone run to the back. I will cover the retreat! Hurry!”

The others followed Alice to the back. Zheng took out a high explosive grenade. He actually never tested its power. He threw the grenade into the wave of zombies then chased after the others with the movement technique. After he ran for thirty meters, a sudden wave of heat pushed him from behind and sent him flying forward. The others looked beyond Zheng in shock.

The graveyard had become a sea of fire. All the zombies disappeared. The explosion created a huge hole in the center and damaged the surrounding buildings. It covered a diameter of a hundred meters. The grenade was only the size of a fist but lived up to its name.

Zheng climbed back up and shrugged. “Shit, made in God items are no joke.”

The veterans laughed. Alice stared at him for a few moments then said. “Let’s go. The explosion and fire might attract a lot of zombies and creepers. Let’s leave first.”

Without further ado, they followed Alice into the streets. The streets were empty but some tall buildings still had lights on. It seemed like the generators were still working. Even though the street lights were out, they didn’t have to worry about any ambush from darkness anymore.

“So you don’t know where Matt and One is?” Alice asked.

“We escaped the laboratory by luck. The story takes too long to tell. What about you? You went straight for the checkpoint after waking up?”

Alice nodded. “Yes. Seeing so many zombies and creepers, we should escape this city when we still have the ammunition. Otherwise, we can be stuck here.”

Jill suddenly interjected loudly. “Hey, you guys have such strength and weapons, why don’t you go save the civilians? There should be a lot of civilians in the city center. Why don’t you go save them?”

Zheng didn’t answer and continued walking quietly. Alice looked at her and said. “You want to know why? Because there are no living humans in the city center. We are the last survivors!”

Jill opened her mouth. The black cop patted her shoulder to signal her to stop. Jill sighed and followed the group.

Alice asked. “So you just came back from the checkpoint? Is it really sealed off?”

Before Zheng could answer, a payphone on the side rang. The ringing was so sudden that it scared the group. Zheng walked over and picked up the phone. “Do you want to leave this city? I can help you.”

Zheng thought for a moment then pressed the speakers and hanged the phone up. The man’s voice continued. “If you want to leave this city, then make a deal with me. Help me find a person and I can help you all leave.”

Alice looked at Zheng and saw him nodded. “Who are you? Why do you know we are here? How can we trust you?”

“I am an important researcher of of the Umbrella Corporation. My name is Dr. Charles Ashford. You can call me doctor. The person I want you to find is my daughter. Don’t you think that I would do everything to take my daughter out of this city? I can guarantee that if you go find my daughter from her school in the city center, I will do everything to get you out by tomorrow evening.”

Alice said. “Do you know where we are? Going to the city center from this place, and leave by tomorrow evening, do you think we can fly?”

The man sighed. “Umbrella Corporation had already ordered to destroy this city tomorrow evening. If you don’t want to die, then do as I said. Find my daughter and leave with her, or you will die in this city!”

His voice ended. There were only dududu’s coming through the phone. Alice kicked the payphone and bent its stand. “F*ck. Why didn’t that asshole tell us where the nearest cars are? Does he think we can walk to the city center?”

Zheng said. “It’s alright. We have a map of this area. Lan, scan to see if there are any suitable cars nearby? Any intact larger cars?”

Lan closed her eyes for a while then said. “Make a turn then there’s a minibus after a ten-minute walk. It looks intact. That street is also quiet and has no zombies.”

“Good, let’s get to that bus.”

It wasn’t until they reached the bus that Alice believed Lan had a map of the area. She looked at the group with curiosity. “You guys are looking more and more mysterious. Whatever. Anything to eat? I’ve been starving for a whole day.”

After they got on the bus, Zheng gave her the food and water pills, which made Alice feel even more curious.

Zheng smiled and acted like he didn’t see her expression. Then he said. “Our goal is straightforward. Find the doctor’s daughter, Angela, from the school. There’s still a long way to go. We might have to get off and walk depending on the condition of the road, so take a good rest. I’ll make this clear. Everyone listen to my orders on the road. People able to fight will protect the others. It’s been a difficult day. Go take a rest. I will drive for now. Lan, give me the directions.”

Lan nodded. The others didn’t object. After all, they need the strength to fight the zombies, and Zheng’s team had this strength. Everyone, including Alice, closed their eyes for a nap. Alice was more at ease than the others since she fought together with Zheng and Lan.

Zheng drove along the streets then Lan said in a low voice. “There’s a bridge sixty kilometers away. It was blocked off by cars, so we will have to begin walking. And that bridge…”

“I know, the one where they encountered Nemesis. Honglu, what do you think about the plan?”

Honglu’s eyes were still closed. However, his mind was connected through the Soul Link ability.

“That plan looks great. I think it’s worth a try. If we succeed, then we will have the first hand to fight against, or at least to run away from team Devil!”


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  1. LOL, payphone with a speaker. That god really changed stuff in the movie, amiright? XD

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