TI Vol 10: Chapter 3-1

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Vol 10: Chapter 3-1.

Zheng stared at the creeper. Its body wasn’t just flesh anymore. A layer of exoskeleton covered the body. Its claws became fiercer. Zheng pointed the minigun at the creeper’s head, then pulled the trigger.

The creeper raised its claws to block. Sparks merged in front of it. The minigun couldn’t break through its claws. Bullets were refracted away and the creeper slowly crawled toward him.

(The claws evolved to such a degree. Go for its body then.)

Zheng was about to change target when a series of motor sound came through the window. Then a motorcycle charged into the hall through the windows. A woman jumped off the bike. She pulled out a handgun and shot at the creeper on the ceiling. The bullets all landed on where the claws where clinging to.

The creeper fell off the ceiling since the wall was no longer able to support its weight. As soon as it fell to the ground, the bike that was previously let go collided with it. The woman then shot the gas tank, causing an explosion that lit up the whole church.

She turned around and said. “I saw a lot of creepers came this way a while ago, including the evolved one. There’s people here, so that’s why. Ah, Zheng! You are Zheng! And Lan! Why are you here? Did the Corporation save you from the laboratory?”

She was the main character of the series, and the same Alice that was in the laboratory with Zheng and Lan in the first movie. In this movie, she woke up from a hospital and wandered around the city. In the original plot, this was where she met with Jill.

Alice was surprised as she greeted Zheng and Lan. It wasn’t until now that she let her guard down against the group.

“How did you escape from the laboratory? Only three of us got out alive. The other two were wounded by creepers. I was going to inject the vaccines but people from the Corporation stopped me and knocked me out. I was in a hospital when I woke up. Where are the other comrades that were with you?” Alice asked Zheng.

Zheng sighed. Everyone that he met from the first movie aside from Lan was already…

Just then, there was banging on the door and cries of the zombies from outside. It was like the whole church was surrounded by hundreds of them. Jill ran over and yelled. “Everyone follow me. There’s a path in the back of the church. We may be able to get away safely.”

Everyone followed behind Jill. Zheng said. “Our situation was quite complicated, but we managed to survive. Though you, I am surprised you unlocked the genetic constrain, and you’re already in the second stage.”

Alice asked in confusion. “Genetic constrain? What’s that?”

Zheng thought for a moment. “The way that you just fought. What was on your mind back there?”

“I didn’t think of anything special. I just felt that I knew what to do. Like raising the gun instinctively and everything fell in place naturally.”

“Right, that’s the unlocked mode. The instincts can increase your fighting ability substantially.” Zheng nodded then continued. “Oh, who’s the other two people that survived?”

Alice and Matt Addison were the only two people that escaped from the laboratory alive in the original plot. The others were either infected or dead. However, there seemed to be another person that survived now.

“One. He was wounded on the chest, and Matt was wounded on his arm. The Corporation took both of them away.” Alice looked a little gloomy.

Change of plot!

Zheng never expected that the Alice of this movie would recognize him. So the plot of the second Resident Evil movie was following what happened after their first movie instead of the original plot. The number of people who survived the first movie changed. One became an uncertainty!

“So that was why I was rewarded with so many points from saving One in the first movie. It didn’t just change the plot for that movie but the whole series.”

Zheng immediately said these words in his mind and had Lan pass the message to Honglu. The boy started playing with his hair again.

“If this is the case, perhaps we really have a chance of defeating team Devil. We can combine our power with the movie characters’. I had thought about this before. Do you still remember The Mummy? We could have gotten in contact with the British army stationed in Egypt and use their power to kill team India. So, there are many ways of solving problems in this world. If you can get the Nemesis to remember you and Lan, then we can get him to help us. Or even get in contact with Umbrella Corporation and use their power to kill team Devil.”

Zheng thought for a bit. “It’s worth a try.”

Alice said. “You mentioned the genetic constraint. Have you also unlocked it? I remember you were so weak back in the laboratory, but now I can sense danger coming from you. Your strength progressed so much.”

Zheng was going to reply when the black cop sudden collapsed. He was breathing heavily. Alice suddenly pointed her gun at his head. At the same time, Jill pointed the gun at her.

Alice said coldly. “What do you think I am doing? He’s wounded. The infection’s spreading. Do you want your friend to become one of them?”

Jill muttered. “I don’t know whether he will become a zombie or not, but you are pointing a gun at my friend!”

Seeing this scene, Zheng immediately interrupted. “You two stop arguing. ChengXiao, take care of him. Aren’t you wanting to try the needles?”

Although they could also use the antidotes, but those were reserved for the team members. They didn’t have enough quantity to use on none members. So Zheng had ChengXiao try the needles. It was up to fate to decide whether the needles work or not.

ChengXiao took out the little box from his pocket and walked over to the black cop. He squatted down and said with a smile. “Have you heard about acupuncture? Relax, relax your muscles. I will insert the needles into several acupoints that can stimulate your own body’s ability to detoxify, and also one point that can discharge toxins. Then we will have to see your luck.”

He picked up a needle and inserted it into the black cop’s body at blazing speed, then one after another. Many of them didn’t even see his movements when he finished inserting seven needles. Zheng finally got an objective understanding of ChengXiao’s medical ability. He had talents, at least in acupuncture.

“Regular acupuncture needs constant twisting of the needles to stimulate the points. However, the Xian energy contained in these needles accomplishes this purpose so I don’t have to do it. How do you feel now?” ChengXiao asked.

The black cop’s face was looking much better. “There’s pain coming from my livers, but everywhere else feels better now. My whole arm was losing feelings before.”

ChengXiao smiled then took out a little knife. He cut open the bottom of the black cop’s trousers, then cut a cross on the bite mark on his leg. Black colored blood bled out from the wound.

“Good, your livers are working to detoxify. With the Xian energy’s stimulation, it should take three minutes to clear 80% of the toxins. The rest would take several hours. So don’t panic.”

The movie characters were shocked, especially Alice. As someone who experienced the first movie, she knew how scary the T virus was. Any human would die without the vaccine. However, this man cleared the virus with just needles.

“Humans have a very powerful immune system, but most times it doesn’t work to its full extend. That’s why we need medicines and vaccines to do its job. So…”

ChengXiao was talking complacently. A hand suddenly reached out of the ground and grabbed his leg. Then a rotten head came out from the ground and bit at his foot.


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