TI Vol 10: Chapter 2-3

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Vol 10: Chapter 2-3.

The truck drove forward, passing by wandering zombies. Though the zombies seemed to have no interest in this mechanical object. Gradually, the outline of the city appeared.

Jill sighed as she looked at the city in front. “This city is dead.”

The black cop also sighed. “Yes. Not just dead but I have a hunch that this place will disappear. These monsters are too horrifying. No one would enter for the next ten years.”

The truck passed by some residential houses and stores. Then Jill stopped the truck at the black cop’s direction. In front of them was a church, one of the more intact buildings around.

Jill and Zheng supported the black cop as they walked. She took a look at the residential houses behind and said. “We don’t have any means to help them. This church doesn’t look like it can sustain too many people.” She sighed and entered the church.

The church seemed to be in good condition. The glasses were intact, the seats and candlesticks were in place. However, the wavering flame from the candles gave it a creepy atmosphere.

Suddenly, a deep voice came from the side. “You people listen up!”

Everyone was shocked, including the players who knew the plot. They almost drew their weapons. After turning around, they saw a middle age man pointing a gun at them nervously. “This is my place. You have to get out!”

Jill replied. “It’s big enough for all of us. Let us stay until the sun rises, ok?”

The man looked provoked and pointed the gun at Jill. “Don’t tell me!”

Black cop said. “Ok, just cool it. Put the gun down. See, we are normal people, not the monsters.”

The man seemed to come back to his senses and hesitated. Zheng said. “Do you think you are safer with this many people or just you alone?”

The man slowly lowered his gun, but he was being cautious. He stared until everyone reached the seats and sat down, then walked over.

Jill took out the two bottles. She handed the black cop, the woman, and the middle age man each a pill of the food and water. The veterans took their own and gave some to the newbies.

This was the first time black cop and the other two movie characters ate the pills. What they thought were medicines turned out filled their hunger and left an after taste of food in their mouth. They looked at Jill in surprise and she pointed to Zheng. “Don’t look at me. These things belong to them. I was just given some.” Then she took out a cigarette.

Zheng smiled at them. Then his heart ached for a moment when he saw Jill took out the cigarette. “Come try this cigarette.”

Jill took the one Zheng handed to her and said in a surprise. “This cigarette is amazing. What brand is it?”

Zheng lit one for himself then handed the pack to the other men. “Private cigarette. Here’s one unopened, take it.” He took a pack from the ring and threw it to Jill.

The other woman filmed them with the camcorder and said. “Anyone know what actually happened to this city? I was home, then my neighbor suddenly told me to run. I saw a lot of man eating monsters on the way. Have you seen those monsters?”

A sound of thunder soared the sky as if it was going to rain.

The black cop looked around. “There isn’t anyone else here right?”

As soon as he finished talking, they heard a little voice from afar. Everyone immediately looked around. The players readied their weapons. ChengXiao even pulled out the tomahawk, which looked incredible.

Jill walked deeper into the church, while everyone else stayed in the main hall. About a minute later, the woman said. “I… I want to leave here. It looks too creepy.” She ran toward the door.

Zheng said in a low voice. “ChengXiao and Heng, go protct Jill. Kill any creepers you see. The watch says each one gives 50 points. Kill as many as you can. Don’t let them close in on you. Leave the close combat to ChengXiao.”

“Yinkong, protect everyone and the newbies. Leave the fighting to me.”

Zheng took out the knife and submachine gun then yelled to the woman. “Don’t open the door!”

Unfortunately, he was too slow. The woman had just opened the door. Then she turned around because of Zheng’s yelling. Numerous hands reached through the doorway and grabbed her. Zheng immediately ran over to seize her from the zombies and slashed the knife at them. The wave of zombies stopped movie as their heads flew off. Then Zheng closed the doors.

Everyone circled around the center of the hall. Lan closed her eyes and said. “Heng and ChengXiao had found Jill. I gave Heng a spot in the Soul Link, and also Zheng and Yinkong. Don’t worry, I marked all the creepers in the room.”

The map of the church appeared in Zheng’s mind, and also over a dozen creepers that were five meters big. These were bigger than the ones they saw in the first Resident Evil movie, and way more than the four in the original plot. The plot certainly changed in difficulty.

“Good job. Continue monitoring their locations. Don’t attack for now. Regular weapons don’t seem to be too effective.” Zheng took out the minigun and connected a set of bullets to it.

At this moment, several big figures crawled across the ceiling. The two newbies were shivering in fear. The woman stared at her camcorder without moving. When one of the creepers finally showed itself in the candle light, the others were appalled.

A muscular body without skin and over five meters big, a pair of claws that could slice through steel, a tongue extending out of its mouth, it looked like blood was dripping off the tongue.

The middle aged man screamed then ran deeper into the church. He didn’t hear Zheng’s yelling for him to stop. The black cop and woman were hesitating. However, seeing the players’ calmness, they chose to stay with the group.

“Yinkong, protect everyone and the newbies. They have basically no combat ability! Leave the fighting to me!”

Zheng took a deep breath. He didn’t know what’s stronger, the creepers or Aliens. It wasn’t the time to think. His eyes lost focus then he pointed the minigun at the nearest creeper.


This minigun was one of the more expensive high tech weapons from God. The sparkles of fire on the muzzle were over half a meter long. The creeper’s head was completely crushed before it could move. Then the minigun shot a hole through the ceiling, revealing the stars in the sky.

The other creepers started moving at a fast speed. Two jumped at Zheng from the ceiling. As soon as they jumped, Zheng had moved the minigun over and shot their bodies in two. Flesh and organs splattered across the floor.

Lan was sending him images the whole time so he didn’t even have to aim. After he killed seven creepers, Lan said. “Eh?” Zheng also received images of the scene in his mind.

A nine-meter big creeper tore apart a running creeper. Its tongue wrapped the victim and swallowed it. Then its body grew in size. It was crawling toward the group.

“It evolved? Just like in the first Resident Evil movie where they altered their DNA from eating human. So this is an evolved individual.”

Zheng pointed the minigun at where the creeper was coming. It slowly surfaced from the darkness. Huge and hideous.


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