TI Vol 10: Chapter 2-2

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Vol 10: Chapter 2-2.

The girl stared at her father then began to cry loudly. Several cops got a hold of her, so she couldn’t get near the corpse. Her cries put a cloud over everyone around.

The civilians also panicked from seeing someone turned into a zombie. Many tried to force themselves forward. They wished to enter the checkpoint, to the peaceful world beyond.

Jill didn’t pay attention to the civilians. She helped the black cop sit up from the ground and asked. “Didn’t you guys arrive here very early? Why are you still here? The city is in a chaos. Those things are everywhere. Hurry up and get out.”

“Well, we want to but those guards stopped us. They said the higher ups want us to stay inside the city for now to maintain order. F*ck them. Organizing people to leave should be the right thing to do instead!”

As they were talking, the gate started to close. Everyone including them were dazed. Then people rushed toward the gate. Some cops blocked these people off, but most cops were still in a daze.

A man on top of the wall said through a megaphone. “Listen up. The checkpoint is temporarily closed. No one can enter or leave. But rest assured. We are doing this for everyone’s safety. Please stay inside the city.”

A woman holding a camcorder shouted back. “What do you want us to stay here for? Monsters are everywhere!”

The man continued. “We will take appropriate measures to air drop the necessity living and medical supplies. Please go back to prevent the situation from getting out of control.”

The crowd was getting more agitated as they forced themselves forward. The cops couldn’t hold the line against such number of people.

The man’s expression turned cold. He pulled out a gun and fired against the sky. “You have five more seconds to leave!”

All the civilians were dumbfounded and just stood in place. No one knew what to do next. The man said to the mercenary next to him. “Just like I said, five seconds!”

The mercenary sighed and readied his gun. “Leave here. In five seconds!” About ten mercenaries around him pointed their guns at the civilians below the wall.

That was when the cops realized they were not joking. Jill pushed the civilians back and yelled. “Hurry up and leave. What are you waiting for? Leave!”

The cops also began pushing people back. Zheng’s group watched the scene calmly. He said to the team. “What are our chances of breaking through? Heng, can the charged shot with +3 enchanted arrow break open this gate?”

Heng thought for a moment. “I don’t know the thickness and toughness of this gate. However, the enchanted arrow is very powerful and has a disintegration effect. I think it should be able to break the gate, especially with the increase in power from the charged shot.”

Zheng nodded. “Everything else should be good as long as we can break the gate. Even though our plan is to come back by the helicopter, but just in case, we will think about breaking out through the front. ChengXiao, take the minigun to offer fire power. Heng will snipe after the gate is open. Honglu can also offer some fire support with magic. I and Yinkong will break in. Lan help me scan the people’s locations inside. We are good as long as we can get near them.”

“However, don’t enter too many fights with the movie characters unless we have to, especially the important characters. Once the plot changes, we might not be able to find the scientist’s daughter afterward.”

By this time, the mercenaries had opened fire. Though it was more of a threat since they didn’t want to kill the civilians.

The crowd was running away and the cops couldn’t help but ran along too. Those words seemed to be aimed at them too because the mercenaries also pointed their guns at the cops.

Jill said to the players. “Come help me. His leg was bitten by that zombie.”

Zheng helped the black cop up and said. “Let’s leave. Jill, start up the van.”

Jill nodded and walked in front of the group. Then the woman with a camcorder said. “Can you bring me along? I don’t have a weapon and I am afraid of encountering those man eating monsters.”

Zheng smiled. “If you can keep up with us.”

Just then, Jill ran back to the group with a terrible expression. “Our van’s gone. Someone probably stole it during the chaos. What should we do? It’s highways outside. It will take us several hours of walking to get back to the city area. Furthermore, the city area is filled with monsters.”

The black cop said. “Let’s walk, about six hours of walking. There’s a church close to the highway. We can rest a night in the church. Everything else can be decided tomorrow. What do you think? That’s the safest place I can think of.”

This was the original plot. It was close to midnight when Jill reached the church in the movie. So Zheng nodded in agreement and the group followed the black cop’s direction.

Wandering civilians were everywhere on the road, some came from the city, and some leaving the checkpoint. Many sat right outside the checkpoint waiting for it to open up again. Though what they were waiting for wasn’t help but a bomb.

The group walked quietly for an hour then passed by a vehicle repair garage. Zheng laughed and said. “Everyone, let’s guess if there’s any car left.”

The group was taken by surprise. Zheng took out the jungle knife from the ring. He walked to the door, slashed an opening, then tore the steel off. The veterans, newbies, and the woman with a camcorder didn’t think much but Jill and the cop’s expressions changed. However, they didn’t say anything.

Only people who had trained would know how much strength it took to tore a piece of the steel door off through that little opening. It wasn’t strength that people with Zheng’s physique could have. It was possible if Zheng was eight feet tall and weighed three hundred pounds.

After everyone else walked in the garage, the black cop said in a low voice. “Jill, where did you find them? Couldn’t you smell that scent of blood from them? Several of them lived through battlefields. They definitely fought more than those mercenaries. You could tell from their movements. They are positioning themselves defensively even when they walk. Are you sure they don’t have malice toward us?”

Jill also replied in a low voice. “I can’t be certain but I don’t think they have any malice. Don’t you feel it’s much safer to stay with them in this city? I think they are not bad people.”

The black cop nodded. Then the lights inside the garage lit up, followed by the sound of engine starting. A truck drove out of the garage.

Zheng stopped the car on the driveway and said to the black cop with a smile. “You know where that church is. Come to the passenger seat. Jill will drive, and you lead the way. I will leave it up to you two.”

They nodded and got in the front seats. The players and that woman sat in the back. The truck drove into the darkness.

“The city’s power supply should be cut off by now, right?” Zheng muttered.

Honglu nodded. “That’s for certain. It would be strange to have electricity in this situation.”

“That’s why it’s so dark.”


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