TI Vol 10: Chapter 2-1

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Vol 10: Chapter 2-1.

After the helicopter went away, the group had no other choice but to return inside. Though they were still exchanging glances. Zheng also connected with Honglu’s mind through the Soul Link ability.

“The problem is not knowing where they land. We need to determine it or create a commotion so the mercenaries will land. Otherwise, I can’t think of any method to seize the helicopter.”

“Understood. Then let’s use a fire or something to attracted their attentions. You can take charge of this. Lan, follow their location. We will do something the next time they fly by. Honglu, what should we do if we are to fight team Devil face to face?”

“Uh. If we have to take them head on, I suggest we split up. Even though it seems like separation of power, but team Devil will also have to split up if they want to wipe us. Then it’s up to individual strengths. They will definitely lose out more than us in cooperation as a team. Perhaps this may be the only way we can win. However, we won’t be able to save any group that fails.”

Reling suddenly blushed and said. “I’m sorry. I want to use the restroom.” She looked embarrassed since most of the people here were men.

Lan laughed. “Yeah, everyone wait here a bit. We will go use the restroom.” She took Yinkong and Reling’s hands and headed to the restroom in the supermarket.

Jill attentively tasted the pills. There was a slight taste of food left in her mouth. She didn’t feel hungry nor thirsty anymore. To think that two pills could have such effects, she asked in curiosity. “What is this? How can it make you full with a little pill?”

Zheng was talking with Honglu when asked this question. He paused for a bit then muttered. “Oh, the food. Hoho, it’s a specialty from our place. You don’t have to worry about where they come from. We didn’t steal it.” Then he took out a bottle of solidified water and compressed food each and threw them over to Jill.

“Take them with you. Who knows how long this chaos will last. These food and water can sustain a person for three months. It will be a safeguard just in case.” Zheng smiled.

Jill took a careful look at the bottles then put them in her fanny pack.

The three girls came back after a while. Reling’s face looked pale like she had just threw up. Even Lan looked a little different. Yinkong was calm as always.

Zheng asked. “What’s wrong?”

Reling’s lips twitched then began throwing up again. Though only water came out, since all she ate was a pill. The solidified water did turn into regular water after taking it in.

Lan smiled bitterly. “After we were done, the first toilet door suddenly opened. A zombie full of maggots came out of it and jumped at Reling. Fortunately, Yinkong reacted in time.”

ChengXiao laughed loudly. He walked over to Reling and patted her back then said. “Want to hear a joke? I know a few pregnancy jokes.”

Reling felt a little better. Jill handed her a bottle of water to rinse her mouth. “No thanks. My ex used to like to tell me pregnancy jokes, but all of them were dirty jokes. I don’t want to hear any of that.”

ChengXiao didn’t give up. “Then I will tell you none adult ones. I can promise you won’t stop laughing afterward.”

“No. That was what he used to say also.”

Reling had slowly recovered. Jiang was going to stop ChengXiao, but he was now just quietly watching. ChengXiao’s actions weren’t as terrible as they seemed. At least it helped Reling at this moment.

The group went back into the van and continued going. This time, Jill kept the little window open, so they could see the streets through the windows in the front.

The streets were in a ruin. Many stores were looted pillaged and some residential houses also. As they kept going, people started appearing on the streets. These people were walking in the same directions. All of them hid to the side when they saw the van.

Most people still inside the city were heading toward the checkpoint. They wished to escape from this city, from the monsters. Of course, following the plot, the creepers would escape from the research center. These people had no chance if they ran into one.

Time slowly passed. Yinkong stopped reading the poems and moved onto a romance novel. Then as the sun began to fall, she stopped reading the novel also.

Finally, they saw an area of bright light in the front. The checkpoint was just one kilometer ahead but the van couldn’t even more forward one meter. This whole area was crowded with people.

The group had to get off the van. Jill yelled. “Follow tight behind me. Don’t run around. It’s easy to get scattered by the crowd.”

Zheng laughed. “We don’t have to go through such troubles.”

He took out the submachine gun from the ring and pulled the trigger against the sky. The sound of gunshots quieted the crowd and people started moving to the side.

Honglu laughed. “Yes. That was what I planned to do too. Didn’t expect you to be faster than me. This is probably the only method to reach the checkpoint faster in this situation.”

Jill was shocked for a while then also smiled. “Not a bad idea. It’s illegal but I don’t think there’s anyone to arrest you now.” She also took out her gun and walked ahead.

The civilians were waiting in complains. The checkpoint was barricaded. That ten-meter-tall wall of steel was just built ten hours ago. Umbrella Corporation had such impressive power to blockade the whole city.

Ten minutes later, the group reached the checkpoint. The gate was still open by this time. Zheng carefully checked that gate’s thickness, about one meter. The material should be on the same grade as steel armor or similar alloys. The Red Flame might take him quite some time to burn through. Though the high explosive grenades had a chance of blasting it open.

A group of armed cops surrounded them. Jill whistled and a black man ran out from the cops excitedly. “Thank god you’re here, Jill. I was afraid that something happened on the road since you were so late. Who are them?”

Suddenly, a middle age man behind the black cop started vomiting. Jill immediately said. “Leave that for later. Let’s take care of this first.” She held the gun to her hand.

A ten-year-old little girl next to the man was crying ‘father’. The black cop yelled. “Get away from him! Everyone get away from him! What are you all waiting for? Separate them!”

The other cops took the girl away. The black cop went over to check the middle age man. However, the man suddenly grabbed the cop and bit a piece of flesh off his leg. As the cop backed off screaming, Jill pulled the trigger on the man.

The now zombie’s head exploded. Blood splattered on the ground.


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    1. just a suggestion, how about it being solidified O2 in a digestible cover, it reacts with H+ in stomach to create all the water they need. this will be a highly exothermic reaction in rudimentary sense, but hey they got some thing from the future.

    2. You’re way too critical without taking into consideration the story setting. Compressed water is completely possible, if you go with the tech available in Ant-man. All it would have to do is react the the digestive fluids in the stomach to stop the miniaturization. That coupled with something that maintains a solid shape, and you have compressed water. It would probably be pretty cheap since the food itself won’t teach you how to make compressed food or water. Just open up the idea of the possibility. Another clue for evolution in God’s world. It’s a easy possibility to see with a little imagination. There are probably countless others.

      1. The moment you mentioned Ant Man, you lost me. You can’t just use absurdity to explain something else (miniaturization is one of those things that are practically parascience, I don’t believe anyone would be able to come up with any form of plausible theory on how something like that can even be possible upon any living being).

        I do get the idea that “who knows it might be possible somehow”, like forcing the atoms of the molecules closer together, but I have no idea how much that’d help. Mangafan’s explanation, though, kind of lost me. It sounds like you want to take gastric acid, and convert part of it into water. You essentially lose one thing for another, and then it’d just get converted back again.
        This is one of those moments in which I feel bitter I haven’t studied more biology and chemistry, but I sure am not going to ramify that right now.
        onward to the next page

    3. Actually, water CAN be compressed, take the bottom of the ocean for example. Water there is denser than water on the surface. Of course this does mean that a large amount force needs to be applied on the water to keep it compressed, especially if you’re turning it into pill form. But a good dose of science fiction will fix that.

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