TI Vol 10: Chapter 12

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Vol 10: Chapter 12.

YinKong was crowned a genius by the clan when she was born. Not only because of her status as the clan leader’s daughter but also her talent as an assassin.

Assassin was an ancient trade. It had its own rules. Although these rules seemed dark and cruel by outsiders, they were necessary for the trade to pass on. One of such rules was survival of the fitness among their children. Perhaps not killing each other but at least being able to defeat their opponent. Of course, death wasn’t much of a deal either. It was just a life.

Starting at the age of five, children of the clan would be sent to training in a strange land. The training environment became harsher and harsher as they aged. Starting from one portion of supply for each child to half a portion, to a tenth. When they got hungry, thirsty, cold, they had to fight or steal from the others.

Yinkong lived comfortably even as a girl. No one could rival her, no one could defeat her. But she had a critical weakness. She was faithful to people she accepted. Yet, assassins didn’t need such qualities. They only need an ice cold heart and determination.

Yinkong met many people in the training. People she killed, people she attacked, and several that became her friend, or perhaps family. One of them was ZhuiKong.

He was also a genius, but not in assassination techniques. He was a genius in grasping people’s mind. He could keep himself calm under any situation and disturb the enemy’s mind to create an opening.

Their group lived luxuriously. Their strength allowed them to seize other people’s supplies and also find food in the harsh environment. Furthermore, there was no interference from the clan. This was their heaven.

At the age of thirteen, the clan brought them back and began assigning missions. The happy childhood ended and they buried their childishness in their minds. They were assassins from this point on.

A large mission issued by a Jewish to kill the remaining forces of the Nazis hiding in a military base in Africa. Ten assassins were sent on the mission. Three younger and seven adults. In the end, only an adult came back alive saying ZhuiKong betrayed them and killed the other eight people.”

“Why did you kill them!” Yinkong’s eyes were red as rage filled her.

The young man dodged her attack with a smile. He had no weapons on hand, just that smile. He shook his head and said. “I don’t want to kill you, my dear cousin. You are still too weak. Not only in assassination techniques but also the enhancements of this world. I don’t know if you noticed it but the more powerful the enhancement, the higher unlocked stage you need to use it. You seem to be only at the first stage. You were the first to unlock the constraint among us all but yet you’re still relying on your old achievement.” He turned around and walked into the black smoke.

Yinkong forced herself to calm down and began to recall the series of attacks she made. She definitely sensed his existence right before she attacked. The pressure and the killing intent were there. Yet, when the attacks landed, the pressure and killing intent disappeared.

“Cousin, do you know where I went after killing them? Hoho, I went to the U.S. It doesn’t have assassin’s clans unlike Europe and Asia. They have freedom, a fresh future, unlimited possibilities. There’s no traditions, no restrictions. Life was good even with just the first stage of the unlocked mode. I had the confidence to kill anyone. Perhaps it was God’s mistaken. I didn’t feel any disappointment in the world. I just opened a mission email then sent here.”

He walked in front of Yinkong in a seemingly casual pace, but that speed kept their distance at a constant fifty meters. Yinkong couldn’t close the distance no matter how much she accelerated.

“This world is amazing. So many enhancements, so many assassination abilities, and the endless movie worlds and missions. This world is like made for us assassins. I think I like it here.”

A creeper suddenly jumped at him from above. He barely waved his arm and the creeper dropped to the ground in pieces.

Yinkong took a deep breath and gripped onto the dagger. As she was above to take action, ZhuiKong turned around and smiled. “Are you preparing to attack with all your strength? This expression of yours looks so beautiful. You were always so perfect. Every movement, every ambush. You wouldn’t lose even when you are weaker than your opponent. Yet, overly perfection tends to end up in misery. Tell me, are you going to attack me with all you have now?”

“Yes, die!”

A light flashed across her eyes and she immediately entered a blurry state. The next moment she reached ZhuiKong in his shocking expression and the dagger stabbed at his heart. Yet, the stab hit nothing. He was like an illusion. Then Yinkong suddenly stabbed at an empty space on the side and hit a target. Even though it didn’t cause too much damage but the blood signified she hit ZhuiKong.

At the same time, another one of him appeared by his side. They looked exactly the same, even the wound on his arm. However, he didn’t look surprise and instead smiled. He jumped back to dodge Yinkong’s dagger while he created another clone. A few seconds later, several of him surrounded Yinkong.

“Image. This is what I believe to be the best ability for assassinations. Little cousin, your speed is incredible. Is it the Shining enhancement? Are you trying to attack with overwhelming speed? But don’t you know that extreme speed will often carry you into the abyss of death? Hoho.”

The ZhuiKong’s waved their fingers at her. She sensed danger coming and immediately rolled to the side. The wall behind her had several tiny lines across them. Then it split. The cuts silky smooth.

She had seen this kind of cuts. They were the same as those caused by her memory wire. So she immediately took out her own wire. Yet, before she could attack, ZhuiKong turned around and started walking away.

The Shining state was still active, how could she let him get away? She charged at him and was almost going to reach him because of the speed. But she suddenly felt that she was sent flying.

“You’re a genius. You can sense the origin of any killing intent, which I couldn’t compare with. So it was near impossible to kill you. As long as you failed an attack, you could always run. But Yinkong, rage and hatred blurred your eyes. They made you forget about the creeds of assassination. They aren’t chasing and forceful attacks. They are hiding in the darkness for a kill. You idiot. Have you used the chance from the Book of Amu-Ra? If you haven’t, I hope to fight with you again.”

His finger flipped the metal wire that was dripping in blood. The wire hung across from one wall to the other.


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    1. team China is gonna get completely wiped including Zheng. He’ll revive with the cross and somehow magically acquire the Book of Amun-Ra and bring the team back. They’ll climb back up and face off Team Devil again. I wonder how he’ll get his hands on the book if it’s with Clone Zheng though. How will he survive if he has too many negative points from the deaths of his team members (potentially -16000)? I wanna see what the author is gonna do.

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