TI Vol 10: Chapter 11-2

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Vol 10: Chapter 11-2.

Techoi was very careful. He stayed in the unlocked mode which pushed his senses to the extreme. So Zheng was also being careful not to express any desire to attack him. His sneaking was from a simulation, one that was far from perfect. As soon as he exposes his killing intent, anyone in the unlocked mode could sense it. He needed an opportunity, and a suitable place.

The two of them advanced in this valley for almost a minute. Zheng was getting anxious. Perhaps Techoi didn’t had a need to hurry because there was nothing to worry about, but not Zheng. He needed to worry about Lan and the others. Even if he didn’t care about their lives, the points deducted from their deaths would kill him also. So he didn’t have much time to waste here.

Zheng couldn’t hold this anxiety much longer, because once he loses his calm, he couldn’t do a sneak attack. Yet he had no choice but to follow behind Techoi in this stress.

Thankfully, the opportunity came so soon. A creeper was on the wall in front of Techoi. It was a normal creeper that hadn’t eaten too many others to mutate further, so it wasn’t too big.

Techoi didn’t take out any weapon upon seeing the creeper. He slowly closed in with excitement. Zheng could see a layer of light on his fists, like a pair of boxing gloves made of light.

The creeper jumped at Techoi. He backed half a step, just outside the range of its claw. Then his four arms attacked continuously at a speed almost invisible to the eyes. The series of attack crushed the creeper’s claw into pieces. Then he jumped up and did a roundhouse kick at the creeper’s arm. There was also a layer of light covering his feet. The creeper’s arm was broken off.

This series of attacks took less than a second in action. The combination of his four arms, Muay Thai, and the layer of light rendered the creeper powerless by the time he landed.

Techoi sneered. He grabbed the creeper’s head with his hands. A layer of light covered his knee then he put the knee to its head. Its brain splattered all over. At the same time he performed the knee strike, a hand was slowly reaching for Techoi’s head from the darkness. This hand suddenly sped up when he killed the creeper and pulled him to the wall.

Zheng was waiting for this moment. Techoi let his guard down when he thought he killed the creeper. Zheng carried Techoi through the wall and into the residential house. His eyes also became bloody red.

(Must finish the fight in the shortest time.)

As soon as he caught the chance, Zheng went all out on Techoi. He bit at Techoi’s back when they broke through the wall. His arms clasped around Techoi’s body and squeeze in. Zheng’s arms were over four times larger than its normal size at this time. He could hear the touching of bones coming from Techoi’s ribs.

Techoi knew his life was dependent on this move. The huge strength shocked him so he emitted all his Battle Qi at once. A layer of light covered his whole body. Just this thin layer pushed Zheng’s teeth off. Though Zheng did bite off a part of his back.

Zheng couldn’t let Techoi obtain freedom. His strength was impressive and his techniques far surpassed Zheng. Most of the times, Zheng fought with instincts, which were enough when he could overpower the enemies. However, if their strengths were at a similar level, he couldn’t defeat someone with Muay Thai that easily. His arms grasped around Techoi tightly and he emitted the Red Flame and the corrosive Qi. If Zheng couldn’t kill him quick enough, there was no building to jump off again when the bear and his clone comes.

The layer of light could block off the Red Flame but not the corrosiveness of the Qi. It gradually became thinner then Techoi started to scream in pain when the flame finally reached his body.

They crashed through another wall and into the street. There was no other life in the street, not even a zombie. Techoi was on the brink of death. The parts of his body that were in contact with Zheng were burned to charcoal. The flame then spread to the rest of his body. Zheng also transferred Qi into his body and corroded him from the inside.

At this instant, Zheng let go of Techoi and rolled to the side. A forced attacked where he was followed by the sound of a gunshot. This sound was so familiar to him, the sound of the Gauss sniper rifle. Did team Devil also clone Zero?

He immediately checked his injury. The shot passed by the side of his leg but its shockwave still opened a wound on his leg. On the ground behind him was a big hole.

(The snipe needs several seconds.)

Zheng quickly calmed himself down. He jumped at Techoi, grabbed his face with one hand then pulled him into a valley as the man screamed, leaving a trail of boiling blood bled from the burning wounds. Soon, his screams disappeared inside the valley.

On top of a building a thousand meters away, a slender man with a pair of weird glasses said. “Leader, it’s too far. Even though these glasses can see through the smoke, but it’s not clear enough. That shot missed.”

Clone Zheng replied. “Doesn’t matter. He has been trapped in this area. As soon as he moves, Francis and I will attack. I won’t watch on the side this time. That retard didn’t understand why I let him and Francis go together. If he wants to go alone, at least be prepared to explode himself with Battle Qi so his death wouldn’t be so worthless! Richard, kill anyone you see that’s not in our team!”

Richard laughed out then caressed his rifle. “Don’t worry. I will enter the unlocked mode before sniping next time. I don’t think anyone can survive the power of this Gauss rifle. I say…”

Before he could finish, an arrow shot at him with unimaginable speed. The arrow came from beneath the building and pierced through the walls and floors and finally through his body. His body was turned into powder before he could react. The Gauss rifle lay on the side.


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