TI Vol 10: Chapter 10-3

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Vol 10: Chapter 10-3.

Heng’s right arm was feeling sour, itchy, and a little pain. This discomfort made him want to laugh and cry at the same time. For a moment, he wished to cut off his arm.

Yanwei smiled with tear in her eyes. “This is a rank B magical weapon, Cupid’s bow. It lets anyone who get shot taste the feeling of love. Do you feel the sourness? Want to laugh and cry? This is the taste of love, but not the only effect of the bow. I don’t think you would like to try the other effects. Heng, have you thought of me these days?” She shot another arrow next to the previous one. Another arrow pierced through Heng’s arm.

Heng screamed in pain. He scratched the wound violently. The pain made him feel much better in contrast. He bit his tongue and said. “Wei, I am sorry. I came back, but…”

Her eyes were suddenly filled with killing intent. She pulled the string and shot an arrow at the bell next to Heng. A part of the bell was liquefied by a silver flame. Though this shot wasn’t aimed at Heng.

“You came back? For what? To see me get violated by several men? And then bond up like a dog, and then watch me…”

Yanwei started weeping but her hands didn’t stop. One arrow after another pierced all over Heng. He screamed with each shot. His body was soaked in sweat in less than a minute.

Heng muttered. “Wei, why are you in team Devil. So you left the country? Which country did you go to? I really, really wanted to go find you but I just couldn’t bring up the courage. So I could only kill all those people. But I don’t know you had already came into this world.”

Yanwei laughed coldly. “My original was in team China. I only have memory up until my appearance in the team. I don’t even know what movie it was. Judging from this, my original probably died. How could I know if I died after you ran away again?”

Heng’s face was pale white. His lips were shivering but he couldn’t say anything. All that was left in his heart was pain. Pain not for himself but for this familiar yet alien girl. Once upon a time, she laughed like a child. They would discuss on where they want to travel in the future, what to do during free time, imagine their future family, and think about their dreams. But these dreams were torn apart by his own hands. All because of his coward and ugly action.

Numerous thoughts crossed Heng’s mind. He bit his teeth hard and said. “Wei, I will pay you back! But I have something I must do first. If I don’t finish it, then I will be a coward that ran again. I don’t want to become a coward anymore! Please forgive me.” He aimed an arrow at her to her shock and shot an explosive shot. The enchanted arrow flew by the side of her face. When she came back from the shock, Heng had disappeared.

Yinkong was running in the valley silently. She had contacted Zheng after the smoke spread out. She was now heading toward the building Zheng was on. This smoke was the ideal environment for an assassin.

“Hoho. You are still so dexterous, just like a little cat. My cute babyface cousin.”

A voice and a force suddenly attacked from the front. She immediately jumped back then looked around like a scared cat. She recognized this voice and pulled out the dagger at once. Although her expression didn’t change, you could feel the anger coming from her.

A handsome young man walked out from the darkness. He had shoulder length hair, about 1.8 meters tall, a model like body, and a gentle smile.

“Zhao! Zhui! Kong!”

Yinkong shouted the words one by one in rage as she charged at the man. The dagger was aimed at his heart. Zheng and the others had never seen her like this. This rage felt like it was going to consume her.

ZhuiKong shrugged and stood in place. The dagger entered his heart but Yinkong didn’t feel anything physical. She charged right through his body. It was like an illusion. ZhuiKong turned around.

“Your attacks are still so amazing. Simple and straight forward. You’re almost a flawless assassin. If you can keep a calm, I think it will take me a lot of effort to defeat you. Are you angry? Angry about me?” ZhuiKong smiled gently.

Without turning around, Yinkong ran to a wall and used it to jump back at ZhuiKong. However, she passed through his body again. She finally said coldly. “Why! Why did you do that!”

He scratched his head and said. “I have done so many times. I don’t know which one you’re talking about. Can you remind me?” His smile felt cold and had no warmth.

Yinkong took a deep breath. “Why did you kill YuKong niisan! You both are my most respected people, why did you kill him? And MinKong neesan, little sister NiKong, why did you kill them!”

“Aiya, how should I answer this question? Hoho, I thought you would ask me why I left the assassin’s clan. I didn’t expect such a boring question. The answer is simple.”

“I wanted to test myself. If I can’t even get myself to kill them then there was no point in me leaving the clan. Haha.”

Yinkong took another deep breath. She could feel blood rushing up from her chest. Then the blood gushed out through her mouth. She held onto her dagger and jumped at ZhuiKong.

Several kilometers away from the battlefield, a large figure dropped down from a military helicopter. It was over three meters tall and had muscles like steel. It had a large eye on its chest. The eye looked like an enlarged cat’s eye.

The helicopter was over twenty meters above the ground. This height was enough to kill any normal organisms but it looked unharmed. It stood up from the ground, which had two cracks beginning from where it stood.

It moved his arms and legs then suddenly knocked a car flying ten meters with a punch and crashed onto a tentacle zombie. This punch looked effortless to it. Then it howled. The eye on its chest blinked.

A big metallic case dropped down from the helicopter. It tore apart the chains wrapped around the case. Inside was a machine gun designed for helicopters and a RPG gun. It picked up both weapons then walked toward the smoke.


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