TI Vol 10: Chapter 10-2

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Vol 10: Chapter 10-2.

Clone Zheng growled. A dark smoke emerged from his palms. At the same time, Heng entered the unlocked state. He drew the bow to a crescent shape and emitted an unparalleled pressure. Clone Zheng didn’t move a bit under this pressure even though they were so far apart. The smoke was gradually dissipating from his palms.

This attack from Heng gave off such a strong presence that even clone Zheng wasn’t able to ignore it. Everyone around him also paused in place. Their defensive items couldn’t block this shot.

Just then, a girl stepped off the hoverboard. Surprisingly, she didn’t fall to the ground. A pair of wings formed by light flapped behind her just like an elf. She slowly flew toward Heng.

Heng’s shot was ready. He was waiting for any of them to move then he would release the arrow. However, someone dared to approach him at this situation. His heart was suddenly disturbed as he took a second look. He vomited a mouthful of blood and the arrow was shot at the ground. With a flash of light, it exploded a meter deep hole on the ground.

Clone Zheng took this opportunity and threw the smoke up in the air. It expanded and spread. Soon, several hundred meters around it became pitch black. This darkness was still spreading for another minute until it covered several thousand meters.

Clone Zheng let out a sigh of relief and said. “Shit, should never be reckless. Other teams are not always full of weaklings. Xuan, go. Capture the newbies. If they are too strong then just kill them. Otherwise, capture them so we can distribute the points and rewards. Our battle starts!”

Zheng knew things were not going well when he saw the smoke, because he had no way of sniping in this situation. If he could only fight in close combat, then he couldn’t block them off. The other team could totally ignore him and fly away.

Zheng recognized the Book of the Dead as soon as his clone took it out. That meant the clone also went through The Mummy. When he saw the recitation and smoke, he remembered a magic Tengyi once said.

This was an ability that didn’t discriminate foes and allies. Its characteristic was blocking off vision. So it was a supportive magic for running away. He never expected the clone to use this magic.

Zheng stood up and put the sniper rifle back into the ring. Suddenly, two hoverboards were flying toward him. The front of the hoverboards had series of blades. When he noticed this, they were already a hundred meter away and were still closing in. The hoverboards were much faster than him in pure speed.

Zheng clenched his teeth. He activated his Qi and jumped up. His current rank in the movement technique allowed him to easily jump up four meters high. Before the blades got him, he kicked at the man’s chest. That man’s reaction was not bad. He blocked the kick with his hands but the force still knocked him off.

The other man on a hoverboard was the Caucasian that Zheng sniped. He jumped off and let the board flew away. While the hoverboard that belonged to the man kicked off crashed into the concrete floor of the roof of this building.

The Caucasian laughed and pointed to Zheng. “Leader, this guy looks exactly like you, is he your original? I wonder how strong he is.”

Clone Zheng was standing in mid air with his wings flapping. He stared at Zheng coldly and said. “I will leave him to you. I will provide you with some support abilities. Don’t get reckless. His strength is only so so but we are the same person after all. Let me know if you feel your life in danger. I will end this battle.”

The man that was kicked off also got up. He was over 1.8 meters tall, had dark brown hair, dark yellow skin, and muscles that looked like steel. His facial features seemed to be from southeast Asia. The man glanced at Zheng and said. “No need for the leader. I can defeat him by myself. Francis, are you planning to fight with me for him?”

Francis laughed out loud. “Of course, this is an unlocked person and looks skilled in close combat. He’s a rare training material. Techoi, what else do you say I should do?”

Techoi snorted then took out a piece of cloth and started wrapping up his fists.

Zheng had been keeping his eyes on them and the clone on top. Clone Zheng laughed. “The other me, need me to tell you their abilities and enhancements? Haha. Techoi is a Thai skilled in all kinds of Muay Thai. His enhancement is Double head and four arms. Can unlock the second stage. He’s frightening strong in close combat so I wouldn’t get close to him if I were you.”

“Francis is an European that has the ability to communicate with animals since he was born. He enhanced the shapeshifting of Druids. Even though he’s only at the first stage, his stats and abilities let him rival Techoi in close combat. Do you really want to fight them?”

Zheng didn’t reply. He took out the knife quietly then entered the second stage. At the same time, Techoi quickly approach him and jumped up with a knee strike to his face.

As Zheng’s fight started, Heng’s situation was perplexing. He stared at the girl flying toward him like he had lost his mind. The girl that he once thought had been lost forever due to his cowardice. In the end, she gave up on life and entered this world, then she was killed in The Grudge. Though Heng didn’t know about the last part.

Interrupting the charged shot backfired that force onto himself and injured him critically. Luckily Heng released the arrow at the ground or the rest of the force could have incapacitated him. His body was suffering excruciating pain at this point, like numerous wounds all over his body were tearing him apart.

Yanwei held a silver shortbow. It had the shape of a heart like the bow of Cupid. In contrast, Heng’s bow felt bloody and much stronger than the shortbow.

Heng opened his mouth but he suddenly didn’t know what to say, especially when he saw the the tears on her eyes. He wanted to apologize but he didn’t have the courage to even look at her in the eyes again. He stared at her hand then slowly lowered his head.

“Heng, do you still remember that I told you I have a strong sixth sense on what’s going to happen, especially what people are going to do next? But I never sensed that you would run away by yourself. That was the first time I was wrong.”

A silver light flashed across. A toy like silver arrow pierced through Heng’s right arm and into the clock behind him.


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  1. ok, have to say this. Heng’s previous girlfriend being in the team of ‘elites’ is just lame. She’s obviously been put there for the drama. I mean, think about it; why would she be cloned? She died in her very first movie, she had not unlocked her constraints, and she had no special abilities.
    That special ‘sixth sense’ she’s talking about here? It was never mentioned before (go on, check it: vol-3-chapter-4-2 until her death in vol-3-chapter-6-3). Meaning it was recently made up as an excuse so that the author could put her into the team. Like I said. Only for the drama.

    1. I completely agree. It makes no sense, it was made just so Heng couldn’t use his charged shot. Such a lame way. I hope Heng dies, I hate cowards like him.

      1. Truly, she never showed her power and died smiling like an idio7, Heng just dragged the team down, if they knew he would flake, then they would have changed the plan

    2. Actually she does show that power. She predicts that those two guys are stealing the talisman and follows them. The she calls the crew to warn them to be careful which wakes them up and she doesn’t she shocked or put out when Zheng’s crew show up to get the talisman back. Or when she’s hell hostage. She died with a smile on her face because the guy didn’t mean to pull the trigger. It wasn’t part of his regular behavior. He was in shock when he saw them cut the legs off of his buddy. So a potential weakness of her sixth sense is that it can’t predict sudden instinctive shifts in behavior. Like when Heng ran away from the thugs attacking them abandoning her.

      1. …You mean, basic intuition? There was really nothing magical about figuring out a bunch of maniacs would act like maniacs. If anything, it’s that the rest of the characters were dumbed down severely in order not to figure out such a simple scenario. You really don’t need a 6th sense for that.

        As for “why she smiled”, because her life was crap and she cannot trust men. Being killed off like that affirmed her angst.
        You really don’t need “spooky 6th sense” to do any of that. Her inclusion in Team Devil is just for drama, I agree with OP.

    3. it was never mentioned that strong people get cloned into team devil, but people with potential… but it’s indeed lame drama -.- hope heng will not be revived with amun-ra’s book -.- instead rather the girl with mutated eyes or the trap specialist

    4. Is it only me? I dont even remotely remember Heng being in the Team before The Mummy. So how come he knows about his gf being killed in The Grudge? I dont get it. Also i dont really remember her as well?

      Also a lot of people dont agree with the cloning but we still dont get all Requirements for being cloned. Obviously that one dude is stated to only have contraint unlocked at level 1 but was still cloned (druid)

      1. “then she was killed in The Grudge. Though Heng didn’t know about the last part.

        It was just a flashback reminder by the narrator, Heng knows jack squat.
        Although, that makes you wonder why the narrator even bothered to remind you in that very specific scenario like that, you yourself showed how confusing that can be.

        “Heng was distraught! His GF died in the grudge and all her pain was overwhelming! But, though, he did not know any of that. Anyway…”

  2. I thought Stellar Trasformations was the worst a novel could get (especially the beginning) in terms of inexperience and stuff… It seems now that this author doesn’t get a few things though.
    I didn’t (and still don’t want to) start complaining, but if this author doesn’t stop pulling stuff out of his butthole I’m gonna have to roast him.

    1. I’m just reading this story until I reach Starship Troopers, that’s at least my current goal. There was too much focus on convoluted backstories and love-triangles, which create a heck ton of unnecessary drama. It sure did burn me out.

  3. Why the heck did YaWei get cloned? Just why? There’s absolutely zero reason for that to happen. I don’t mind defending the author when he’s right and makes sense but this….is…..SPPPAAAARTTTTAAA!!!!!!!!

    Kidding aside, what an a**pull.

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