TI Vol 10: Chapter 1-3

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Vol 10: Chapter 1-3.

Outside the office room, a woman was shooting zombies with a gun. After killing the zombies in front of her, someone who looked like her superior came running at her. “You crazy!? You’re killing people!”

The woman replied coldly. “Are they really people?” Then she shot a zombie next to a black man and pointed the gun at this man.

The black man freaked out and immediately shook his head. “No, don’t kill me. I am not one of them.”

She shot the cuff that chained the man to the chair and said calmly. “I only kill monsters.” She walked out the police station.

Her superior yelled. “Where the f*ck are you going? Things are going out of hand here!”

She replied without turning her head. “To the checkpoint. The deputy is maintaining order over there. I heard Umbrella Corporation built a military checkpoint and I need to see if it’s true!”

A voice interjected. “Can you take us along?”

Zheng and the others came out from the office just then and heard her words. He gave a nod to the others and said.

The female police looked at these eight strange people then said. “Follow tight if you want to go. I was going to drive a cruiser, which would get me there by the evening. But it seems like it’s going to be delayed.”

A cruiser wouldn’t be able to fit nine people so Jill had to drive a police van instead, the ones used to escort criminals. In the end, all eight of them ended up in the back of the van.

“You guys are terrible! I could have been in the passenger seat. She’s a beauty! Look at her clothes and sexy movements. You know my chances of getting her? Even though her breasts aren’t as big as our team’s…”

Pah! Bang! ChengXiao quickly got up from the floor and continued laughing pervertedly. There was a handprint on his face and a dark circle around one of his eyes.

Zheng ignored him and said to everyone. “I am not going to say much. Everyone check your weapons again. Remember that these zombies are just a mutation from virus. They have nothing to do with spiritual beings. Don’t be scared. Blow their heads up with a gun or something, but be careful not to get wounded. Even though we have antidotes, I am not certain if they work on the T virus.”

The others took off their backpacks. Heng was carrying his bow along. He opened up a piece of cloth and took out the bow. Heng took care of it like it was his child. Then he cleaned the +3 arrows with a cloth.

Yinkong’s weapons were the same dagger, wire, about a dozen flying knifes, and the defensive shield. She took out a book of poem collections and started reading out loud without paying attention to what the others were doing. Her unconcerned expression made ChengXiao stared at her.

Honglu’s corrosive gun was destroyed when he used it to block the Queen’s attack in the last movie. He exchanged a magic missile infused staff. This staff could only be used by users enhanced with connection to the Weave. Each staff contained forty uses of magic missile. He exchanged two of them and it should be able to sustain a normal battle.

Lan carried a submachine gun. Her offense was not important as a psyche force user. Her values were on the psyche scan and soul link abilities. Everyone else would protect her with priority.

ChengXiao carried the tomahawk on his back. Just like Heng, the tomahawk was covered with a piece of cloth. Even though it looked big but the axe was actually quite light. So he didn’t mind carrying it on his back to show a manly image like Zheng told him. The truth was, it looked funny on him.

Zheng carried quite a few weapons. A minigun, lots of bullets, a sniper rifle, a submachine gun, a dozen grenades, and a knife. Fortunately, the Na ring let him carried all these.

After checking their weapons, Zheng knocked the little window between the driver’s seat and the back. Jill opened it up and took a look at them.

“What’s the estimated time that we will reach the checkpoint?”

Jill replied while driving. “Take a seat. It’s still early. If we maintain this speed, we should reach it by 7pm. Too many cars are blocking the way or we could have been faster.”

Zheng looked out the window. Many damaged cars were left on the streets. Luckily, the streets were wide enough so the van could pass through without much problem. He closed the little window and said. “Take a good rest. We are going to stay in this movie for some time. Preserve your stamina.”

The others nodded. Most of them closed their eyes. Yinkong was still reading the poems. Jiang said. “I am sorry. Can you give me a weapon? If this is the real Resident Evil world, we might get in danger any time. Even a handgun is better than nothing. I don’t want to be helpless when I am attacked.”

The other members agreed without any issues, so Zheng took out two desert eagles and four magazines. “Be careful with the guns. Even though you have these guns, you probably won’t separate from the team. You guys are too weak after all, and this is a team battle. Just take care and follow us.”

Honglu twirled his hair but didn’t say thing. He kept his eyes closed.

Time passed without anything happening. They left the police station at 9am and it was now 12pm. Jill parked the van by a supermarket. This area was quiet, with no pedestrians nor cars passing by. The supermarket suffered a riot. Glasses were shattered on the floor. The entrance was broken.

As the group stepped out of the van, Jill said. “We are going to get some food from the supermarket. Remember, only food in cans or packages, and only canned or bottled liquid. Don’t eat anything exposed. I heard they can cause mutation.”

Zheng laughed. “Why did you pull the trigger in the morning? Aren’t you afraid of killing normal people, if they are still alive.”

Jill shook her head. “I saw a person crushed in half by a car on the way. His upper body was still crawling then he started eating a dead body. That was when I realized they aren’t living humans anymore. I don’t know what kind of human can stay alive when their blood solidifies.”

They followed Jill into the supermarket. This place looked like it was looted by lots of people. Most canned food and water were gone. All that was left were scattered snacks in packages, and bottled water.

Jill sighed. “We will have to bear it. We can have food with the others when we reached the checkpoint. Anyone need to use the restroom? I won’t be stopping afterward.”

Zheng said with a smile. “Take our compressed food instead as a thanks for driving us.”

He took out two glass bottles from the ring. “Eat these. One is compressed food and the other solidified water.” Then he handed the pill form food and water to Jill.

She waited until Zheng ate his portion before putting them in her mouth. Suddenly, they heard the sound of helicopters flying by. The veterans immediately ran out of the supermarket, leaving Jill and the two newbies behind.

Three helicopters passed right over them. They could make out that the helicopters were full of mercenaries. This was their hope in completing the movie!


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