TI Vol 10: Chapter 1-2

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Vol 10: Chapter 1-2.

(Omitted a large summary of the first movie.)

Only two people survived the first Resident Evil movie, Alice and Matt. At the start of the second movie, the viral outbreak reached the surface of the city. Umbrella corporation began transporting important researchers out. Alice woke up from a coma.

Honglu said. “We will eventually come into contact with the movie characters. I suspect that Lan won’t be able to find the researcher’s daughter, Angela is it? Otherwise, this mission would be too easy. If we located her through the scan but don’t get in contact with her, we can fight around the movie characters and protect them until they reach the checkpoint. Then we can go near Angela to complete the mission.”

“However, God won’t let this happen. I am highly certain the psyche scan won’t be able to sense the girl. So let’s plan for the worst case scenario. If Lan can’t locate her, we have to meet up with the movie characters and follow the plot to find her. Afterward, we will have to run for our lives. For this, I hope we can seize a helicopter. Do you still remember where the helicopters were in the movie? We have the power to easily kill the mercenaries to seize one. It’s the best way to escape that I can think of. I don’t think team Devil has someone that can fly to block us.”

Everyone nodded. The plan seemed like the best they could do. A helicopter could take them to the checkpoint in under an hour and avoid team Devil.

Zheng nodded then said. “Team Devil is perhaps very strong but we don’t have to fight them. With the correct method, we can avoid them. Ok! I will assign the roles now.”

Honglu said. “To be honest, fighting them is what we should do. Because if they are in the team battles against normal teams, they will just get stronger and stronger. God’s goal is straightforward. It puts all the teams together. The strong will get stronger and the weak will get weaker. If we don’t eliminate team Devil today, they will grow at a much higher rate than us, since their members have the highest potentials. This is in contrast to us finding members through newbies. If we are just a little bit stronger, I wish we can just eliminate them right here.”

The others looked at him in shock. Honglu sneered. “What kind of world do you think this is? This is the world of horror movies! Only one team will be able to leave. Do you want us to be the stepping stone for another team? I wish our team can be the one that leaves at the end! That means defeating team Devil and team Celestial. But…”

Honglu sighed. “According to my calculations, our chance of defeating them is less than ten percent. So avoid them and live a little longer. Or wait for a chance to surpass them.”

Everyone was feeling a bit down. Just then, the two people on the floor moved. The man sat up. He adjusted his glasses and looked around. “May I ask where is this place? Are you kidnappers?”

Heng laughed. “This is the police station. Do you think we will kidnap you here?”

The man stood up and looked out the window. After a while, he said. “Out of the country? I was typing up a document at home. How did I suddenly get out of the country?”

Without judging his abilities, this calmness had surpassed most normal people. He was a newbie with some qualities. Zheng nodded then looked at the woman. She was dressed in a casual attire and had shoulder length hair. She took a look around calmly. Her calmness was on par with the man.

Zheng said. “The newbies aren’t bad this time. Lan, explain the situation to them.”

Lan nodded, then began to tell them about this world. Since the movie hadn’t started yet, she explained with quite some detail. After she was done, the two newbies were in a daze. However, they probably believed it judging from the expression on their faces.

Zheng smiled at them then took out a pack of cigarettes. He handed one to the man and said. “Let’s introduce ourselves. The six of us are a team. If you don’t have any big issues, we can protect you until the end of the movie. So tell us about your name and profession.”

The man took a smoke then smiled bitterly. “Me? My name is Jiang Zhe, a lawyer. I lived like a coward. I probably thought that I might as well just die than living like this. So I clicked YES and entered this world. Hoho.”

Zheng nodded then turned to the woman. “Miao Reling. I am an artist. I want to become one but my paintings didn’t sell well. So…”

Zheng laughed. “Forget about the real world. You only have to follow the rules of this world from now on. Let me tell you the rules of our team. Well, there are only two rules for newbies. Don’t pull the team back and don’t hurt any team members. Otherwise, death.”

Jiang sneered. “I thought this world would be different, that things would become purer. Yet what difference is that from the real world? Why can’t we not pull the team back? Why isn’t it the other way around? Why can’t we hurt any team members? Does that mean I have to watch on the side if one of you want to hurt her? Are you going to get rid of me if I resist, just like in the real world? F*ck. If this is the way things are then you might as well kill me right now!”

Everyone was shocked. Zheng thought for a moment then understood why he said he was a coward. If he spoke his mind while being a lawyer, then something must had happened to him. That was why he felt these rules weren’t fair.

“As the leader of team China, I will be responsible for their actions. If our team hurts you without reasons, I will kill them! Furthermore, you have the right to choose. If you don’t need our protection, then there’s no pulling anyone back. There are only life and death in this world. It isn’t as complicated as you think.”

The two newbies looked at each other, but before they had the chance to reply, the sound of gunshots came from outside the room. Zheng knew that the movie had begun!


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