Terror Infinity (无限恐怖) – Index

Terror Infinity

Title: Terror Infinity (无限恐怖)
Author: Zhttty
Raw: http://read.qidian.com/BookReader/GRDz5lIOiE41.aspx
Tags: Sci-fi, Survival, Horror, Little Romance
Synopsis: “Want to know the meaning of life? Want to live… a real life?” The world changes when you click YES. In God’s dimension, you have to keep getting stronger, keep evolving to survive one horror movie after another. Do you kill everyone in your way to reach the end as a lone king? Or fight along with your comrades and survive through the support of friends? Everything was just for staying alive. Until you find the secret of God’s dimension. Who is the real enemy?


Unlocked Mode

Stage 1: Gains ability to cut off emotions and unleashes instincts within the DNA
Stage 2: Gains absolute control of the body
Stage 3: Gains control over the brain
Stage 4: Gains ability to manipulate DNA
Stage 5: Gains ability to manipulate energy


Exchange System


10 Points = 1 day in the previous movie world
10 Points = 1 point increase in selected stat
50 Points = 1 day in any world
1000 Points = Basic reward for surviving a movie
50000 Points = Go back to the real world with everything you have

Ranked Rewards

S = 3A
A = 3B


(Average of normal people is 100)
Intelligence – memory and ability to think
Mental capacity – increases power psyche force abilities
Cell Vitality – recovery rate
Reaction Speed -see and react to objects moving at high speed
Muscle Density – strength and toughness
Immunization Strength – resistance to virus


Sci fi weapons – Plasma guns, fusion bombs, Gundams, etc.
Magical items – Enchanted swords (Excalibur), magic scrolls, amulets, runes, etc.
Support items – Potions, antidotes, T-virus, genetic mutations (Vampires, Werewolves), whole body enhancements (Qi, Magic, Chakra), etc.
Entertainment – Days in any world, human creation, gold, diamond, etc.

Worlds (Chronological)

Resident Evil 1
The Grudge
The Mummy
Final Destination 2
Alien: Resurrection
Resident Evil: Apocalypse
The Mummy
Jurassic Park
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures (The Mummy)
Starship Troopers
Resident Evil
The Lord of the Rings
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3


List of Characters (Spoilers)


Volume 1 – Resident Evil

Chapter 1-1                     Vol 1. Resident Evil
Chapter 1-2                     Vol 1. Resident Evil
Chapter 2-1                     Vol 1. Resident Evil
Chapter 2-2                     Vol 1. Resident Evil
Chapter 3-1                     Vol 1. Resident Evil
Chapter 3-2                     Vol 1. Resident Evil
Chapter 4-1                     Vol 1. Resident Evil
Chapter 4-2                     Vol 1. Resident Evil
Chapter 5-1                     Vol 1. Resident Evil
Chapter 5-2                     Vol 1. Resident Evil
Chapter 6-1                     Vol 1. Resident Evil
Chapter 6-2                     Vol 1. Resident Evil
Chapter 7-1                     Vol 1. Resident Evil
Chapter 7-2                     Vol 1. Resident Evil
Chapter 7-3                     Vol 1. Resident Evil
Chapter 8-1                     Vol 1. Resident Evil
Chapter 8-2                     Vol 1. Resident Evil
Chapter 8-3                     Vol 1. Resident Evil

Volume 2 – Alien

Chapter 1-1                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 1-2                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 1-3                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 2-1                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 2-2                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 2-3                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 3-1                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 3-2                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 3-3                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 4-1                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 4-2                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 4-3                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 5-1                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 5-2                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 5-3                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 6-1                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 6-2                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 6-3                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 7-1                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 7-2                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 7-3                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 8-1                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 8-2                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 8-3                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 9-1                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 9-2                     Vol 2. Alien
Chapter 9-3                     Vol 2. Alien

Volume 3 - The Grudge

Volume 4 - The Grudge (2)

Volume 5 - The Mummy

Volume 6 - The Mummy (2)

Volume 7 - Final Destination

Volume 8 - Final Destination (2)

Volume 9 - Alien: Resurrection

Volume 10 - Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Volume 11 - The Mummy

Volume 12 - Jurassic Park

Volume 13 - Vampiric Mask

Volume 14 - Starship Troopers

Volume 15 - Resident Evil

Volume 16 - The Lord Of The Rings

Volume 17 - Transformers
Chapter 1-1                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 1-2                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 2-1                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 2-2                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 3-1                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 3-2                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 4-1                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 4-2                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 5-1                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 5-2                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 6-1                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 6-2                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 7-1                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 7-2                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 7-3                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 7-4                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 8-1                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 8-2                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 9-1                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 9-2                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 10-1                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 10-2                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 11-1                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 11-2                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 12-1                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 12-2                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 13-1                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 13-2                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 14-1                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 14-2                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 14-3                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 15-1                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 15-2                  Vol 17. Transformers
Chapter 15-3                  Vol 17. Transformers

Volume 18 - A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 1-1                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 1-2                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 1-3                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 2-1                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 2-2                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 2-3                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 3-1                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 3-2                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 4-1                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 4-2                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 5-1                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 5-2                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 6-1                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 6-2                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 7-1                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 7-2                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 8-1                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 8-2                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 9-1                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 9-2                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 10-1                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 10-2                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 11-1                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 11-2                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Chapter 11-3                  Vol 18. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3


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  1. Hi, A0132 here. Thanks for the welcoming. I will likely not be able to keep up with comments in the old chapters, so comment here or in the latest chapter if you want to reach me.

      1. The names were a bit difficult to figure out because I never watched most of the movies. It will take too much time to go back and fix the chapters, so try to read over it.

    1. Lots of various typos in earlier chapters (I’m only up to RE:Apocalypse). I put it in the comments and shouldn’t be hard to find since the comments consist of 1)First spammers, 2)the occasional posts every several chapters, and 3)my typo fixes.

      On a side note: This is a great series! When I first saw the description months ago, I avoided it like a plague since I’m not into horror but dam this is great! Totally refreshing having a MC that isn’t dense as eff or relies on miraculous (and impossible) miracles all the time

      1. I had that same reaction, only after seeing it as a manhua and reading a couple chapters I recognized the name since I see it here all the time. If I read the description and it said “Gantz with horror movies” I would have been sold.

    2. Gotta say I’m not impressed with the japanese words mixed in there (“baka” being the main offender, had to spit blood every time I had to read that. “loli” and others also come up)
      This is a chinese web novel, right? Were these in the original?
      The typos were pretty bad early on as well… not really the best state to invite new readers.

      1. Hi i’m a chinese reader of this novel lol
        i’d like to answer the first question.
        Some Japanese words is really popular in china. “baka” may be the most popular one. (lol may be every chinese know what this mean)

      2. Hi, when a word spread overseas it often changes its original meaning. As far as i know, baka is accepted as a word to gently point out mistakes or speak out strong feelings among friends. Thus a Chinese will hardly choose words like that when you are first met.

        underlying reasons of these Japanese words used is that after PRC was founded in 1949, artists like directors, novel writers find it a good matter to tell stories of the past times. And when readers encounter another culture, bad languages are the first words they acquire.

        As for loli, it is because the booming of Japanese’s comic industry. In fact, many young men in both of Chinese and Japanese tend to think a young, energetic girl is much more attractive than a calculating women with strong aura. In Chinese, some of them called themselves loli kong. It is a Hyperbole.

    3. Hi, A0132. Wuxia novels never fail to fascinate me and as a Chinese, I am glad to see Terror Infinity translating these novels into English. And now I want to join in the Wuxiaworld.com as a translator. I have contacted with [email protected] before and they suggested me to leave comments on the chapters and ask them if they would like some assistance. So I come here and want to know if you need any assistance about translation. If you see this comment, reply me please.

    4. The one of the best book in my life. I knew the ending of this book and others. “Terror Infinity (无限恐怖) 1.2.3.“I have to say,zhttty( the author) gave us a hope, and took it away at “Terror Infinity (无限恐怖)3″. I mean, do not read 3 forever.It’s gonna break ur feeling about this book, even the 2 is garbage too.

  2. “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures”
    What a wonderful description of the world.
    haha. I liked.
    So you will be posting the chapters here then 3 days later
    at you original blog?
    Why would you do that? isn’t maintaining the blog expensive.
    or just for caution then.
    Edit: Sorry, I forgot about the other novels. They escape my mind.

  3. I was reading “The Grudge” in the mid-night (its true but in 12:27 am) . I started the chapter in this time and I only gave a meme face but what… would you know… I have a camera beside me and I’m clicking it randomly capturing anything in the surroundings and I GOT AN IMAGE of our maid wearing a white dress!!! (I thought its the white-gowned-girl) My soul almost left my body and almost ALMOST unlock the first stage *sigh* that was close!!! OoO

    1. Lesson: Don’t be too obsessed in new novels and chapters because after clicking in the next chapter you will experience that the cache stop functioning and I can’t read anything and just think of that SHOCKING event…. TT_TT

  4. ahh!! another amazing novel!!! WELCOME!

    My wish this year for wuxiaworld is function where after reading the chapter i only need to click my arrow key to go to the next chapter like in xianxia world because sometime im reading in bed and only has space for key board xD hahaha, oh and dark lights (so that i can read in bed without too much light)

    that would be perfect in my dark room before sleeping

  5. Sorry to bother but what is the translation speed?? Not trying to pressure you or anything. Just would like to know my daily dose so I could expected something sometime. If there is no constant rate then its fine too. Would just like to know thanks 🙂

    p.s you da best. omg dis is such a good story!! A0132 ROX! (with an X… ye)

    1. No ,the end of the novel and the meaning in the novel is more profound,the name for zhengzha in Chinese it also
      sounds like struggle in Chinese;A lot like this, and the fate for protagonist is a surprise,it contact the god ….

  6. don’t know why but it didn’t appeal to me.. this concept. God putting you in movies and such. Same as Gantz.. too many flaws for me to digest. but the action will be good.. which i can predict. and a lot of adventure to dream about.

    1. It’s not for everyone, though I for one have been exceedingly surprised that I like it so much after getting over halfway through what’s translated. The concept isn’t too loose, there’s some pretty good explanations behind things that we eventually get, beyond just “God” throwing you in movies.

      There’s some pretty good twists also. I’m not much of a fan of action or horror at all, yet I’ve seen all these movies in my youth and the story is good enough that I’ve been very willing to spend my time on it.

      Probably my favorite thing about it is the entire aspect of facing constant horror and having no idea if you might live through it, or even want to, and what that can do to a person. I feel that this story is doing very good work exploring this concept and even believe that it’s made me a stronger and more resilient person after reading it. This is the kind of thing that I really appreciate in my entertainment, that it not only allows me to let go of my daily life toils and escape into another world but it helps me learn to become a better stronger person.

      Then again, enjoying a story largely does depend on the reader, and so just as I said, it’s not for everyone!

  7. Just read the first two arcs! This novel is amazing, the translation is great, thank you so much! I’ve been watching the movies right before the arcs, then reading at night, stuffed in the bed, no light except for the laptop screen, listening to some horror movie soundtrack (currently Predator!) – to create an unforgettable experience 🙂

    Thanks for all these chapters, and welcome on WuxiaWorld!

  8. This “TERROR INFINITY” novel is GOLD. Simply MIND BLOWING like wtf. Read it guys, its pretty intense ALL THE TIME like an action movie with an extremely good plot. At least try the first chapter, it gets better in volume 4 which I am reading right now.

  9. thanks for the chapters.
    great translation btw.
    can i know the release schedule? and if donation affect the release?

    the story feels like the manga; gantz, but with movie plots n better story.
    the sci fi n magic elements mix are very interesting too…

    PS: just finish binge reading it for past few days…
    too much info absorbed that i dreamed about the story last night…
    what a nightmare !!!

    PSS: i found the manhua! although just afew chaps…

    1. do you know why they didn’t follow the original plot in the novel? because if they did, the main characters in the movie WILL be blured!!! haaahaa! every time they draw the characters of those movie they can’t picture out the expressions so just change the plot!

      1. theres copyright and such to consider too.
        wonder how they goin to draw the the npcs especially Mummy NPCs.
        but mawhua got more freedom in espression and details.
        a picture worth a thousand words…

  10. Interesting but in dire need of editing. Vol 7 Final Destination, -_- Horrible depiction of Americans lol. Calling the person with a pierced face a hipster… lol, either goth or thug. No one in America would be shouting CHINESE KUNG FU! like that either, and the odds of a common thug knowing chinese is pretty much zero. In ‘Merica we don’t learn other languages outside of maybe French and Spanish, not many bilingual people in America in general.

        1. It’s natural for there to be at least some unintended racism. If I were to write a story and had characters that went to China or Africa, the chances are I would do a poor job depicting the local population. The writer also probably doesn’t know that extremely few Americans have any knowledge on Wuxia stuff, I found it by accident my self and hadn’t heard of it prior to a year ago. People might say kung fu, but not Chinese kung fu, as half of the people over here are probably unsure if it came from china or any other Asian country.

          Its just little things/details that might be a mix of author and translator.

          Side note, wtf is with the MC?? He becomes hardcore, revives Xuan, and then reverts back to being overly sentimental much to suddenly…

          1. There is no unintended racism. Are hipsters a race now? Comeon.

            Jez use your brain. Obviously the author’s using the Chinese word for delinquent/hooligan and the translator just translated it as hipster for fun.

            I personally changed Chinese “Kung Fu” to Chinese “martial arts” with a replace-all on my copy of the translation.

            Sounds better like that imo.

          2. There is no unintended racism. Are hipsters a race now? Comeon.

            Jez use your brain. Obviously the author’s using the Chinese word for delinquent/hooligan and the translator just translated it as hipster for fun.

            I personally changed Chinese “Kung Fu” to Chinese “martial arts” with a replace-all on my copy of the translation.

            Sounds better like that imo.

  11. Hey, I’m kind of interested in reading this novel, but would like to know more about the romance. Spoilers are fine, I just want to know if it’s worth it or not. How far does it go? Does it only get mentioned once and forgotten? Thanks 🙂

    1. What romance? There are plenty romantic relationships in there, and they don’t get forgotten.

      Im still on Vol. 10, but it’s a very interesting story.

      1. Wow, that’s probably the most cynical comment I had have ever seen…
        There is no romance in this story. There’re only talks about romance, but it is never part of the story. The MC’s GF even disappears from the story 90% of the time.

        This story has no romance, even though it really tries to fool us it has, lol. At best, it has “romantic comedy”, in which one girl fancies the MC, and blushes a lot, but that’s all there is to it. This story really isn’t about any of that crap, it’s about pain, suffering, and hoping none of your pals will die the at next second. It’s not as hardcore as I am making it sound, but it’s better to treat it that way rather than think it has any form of actual meaningful “romance” tropes, other than comical or quasi-tragical ones.

  12. Hi A0132,
    I enjoyed reading those 14 volumes.
    Question: how many volumes/chapter does this chinese novel have so far ?
    (compared to what you have already translated)
    Thanks for translating.
    Ps – Using the term movie, instead of mission, somehow sound weird, even if the environment of a mission is a movie. Why not adding the word “mission Alien” or “mission the grudge” ?

  13. Hey, would it be possible to extend the chapter listings to include the unreleased chapters of a volume or in some other way make it easy to find out how much longer each volume is and whe it is complete? That’d be gr at for me, thanks

  14. Never thought i’d write this, bit this novel is TOTALY my new Coiling Dragon.

    Thanks a lot for your work and hope you can keep translating until the end asap and start accepting donations (at a reasonable $)

    Congratulations again and God (not the one from the system) may bless you and tour family.

  15. in the Index you said that the players need 50000 points to get back in real world and every movie you would get 1000 points so in vol 1 chapter 1 it should be 50000 and i think you type the numbers wrong and you type 500000 so please change =)

  16. Awesome, finally started reading it and its awesome. There’s a noticeable story flow… thanks for the translations… more power ! ^_^

  17. Nice read, can’t recommend it enough! Sometimes you’ll rage because of weird decisions, but you’ll always find later on that it was not stupid at all. This includes character decisions and authors plot 🙂

  18. Too bad they didn’t follow Jojo’s story line though.

    Would of been so awesome if they teamed up with Joseph and Caesar then take on the three pillarmen together. They could of learnt Hamon, walk on water and do that “I know what you’re going to say next” trick lol.

  19. Man this was a hell of a marathon i still remember when this series first started and the ending of Resident evil. It was a shame that i didnt continue on with the story afterwards but i atleast got a nice marathon that left me shocked and wishing i didn’t find this again sooner so i could have finished the ending of Starship Troopers. Still their’s no regret this is highly something i’ll be re reading in another week or two from the beginning again.

  20. hi A0132!
    since you are busy and unable to edit the previous chapters, is it ok for me to do it? I really enjoyed reading this and would like to make the experience more enjoyable for the readers by trying to make the flow smoother 😀

    hope we can come up with something, wouldn’t mind helping out :3

  21. I am a Chinese reader. Here I saw many previously read novels, Terror Infinity hadn’t serialize finished, this makes me miss the past happy time. Someone needs a spoiler? (smile)I only saw one of his books here, strongly recommend his Magic Century (a very nice maiden work). Hope someone can translate it.

  22. If you’re ticked off by racism this novel isn’t for you, the translator tries to remove it as much as possible but it’s still there. Story is not too great either imo. In conclusion I do not like this novel.

  23. Good Afternoon, A0132!
    My name is Daniel and I want to use your translations to make mines in Portuguese-Brazil. Do you have any complaiments or don’t wanna this? If you say no, is no and I will try to find another source.
    Thanks for your hardwork. Your translations are awesome!

  24. I love this novel. One of my friends told me about it while he was reading it. I started reading it and moved it ahead of all other books I am currently reading. I just finished catching up to the current chapter.

    How often do you usually release new chapters for this series?


    1. I think, there are still have 3volumes more, the final battle should be in Resident Evil: Extinction. The Chinese team gonna get more information from gods of Eastern to do preparation for the final battle.

  25. Hey, i had a few questions about possibly getting some input on a fan made rpg utilizing the concept of the novel as a base. I have had a few thoughts on this and a collaborator has stepped forward among my friends to help me with it but input from the current translator on some it would be an amazing asset.
    Thanks for your time and thanks for bringing an exceptionally inspirational and entertaining novel to the English reading audience.

    1. I am not sure what kind of input you are looking for. The concept is pretty flexible. You can choose any movie, anime, game and novel worlds and powers. Just keep the powers in balance even if you have to modify them to some extend.

      1. Sorry for the delayed reply.
        The problems that i have been running into are;
        1) stat scaling, using dice results in a smaller stat range and in thinking i might need to mashed stat increases beyond a certain point start costing rewards and points. I’m not sure if this fair to the genetic enhancements though.
        2) side mission generation and scaling. At what difficulty in relation to the movie’s difficulty should side missions be at, and how many should generated? A move like resident evil could have a few, the mummy could have several, and epics could have a ton but should i generate all possible or forcibly limit them to decrease point and reward generation?
        3) item list, due the premise that any item in any genre is available it’s bloody impossible make an actual list. I’m thinking of just generalizing the fields and allowing players create any item within the category according to a point/reward to power scale.

        That’s the main of it, and I’m not necessarily looking for any real hard solution but rather just concepts based the knowledge of the story that would make things more challenging with those problems in mind

        1. Since you are using dice, I assume this is a board game.

          1. IMO the unique attributes that come with an enhancement are more interesting than pure stat increase. You might want to discourage simply buying stat points or winning fights based on stat points.

          2. Based on this novel, any mission, whether it be main or bonus mission scales according to player rating. I don’t think there’s a need to limit missions. Simply up the difficulty of the next one once a player finishes a mission, at a rate that it will be impossible to complete after a while without first going back to exchange.

          3. Allowing a player to come up with items is a good idea. You can then have a referee determine the cost of the item based on its raw power and how plausible it is.

        2. This novel is China’s first wuxianliu (I do not know how to say in English, unlimited flow? Is the most worth reading in China in 2007. Your idea is great, and there are some other people who are writing in the novel.

  26. In china,Most people think,zhttty is the originator of the infinity genre.
    Unfortunately, most of his novels are stop the update.
    Terror Infinity is his excellent novels.

  27. The author of this book has a lot of good works: the universe era, infinite dawn, the beginning is death.
    Unlimited horror prequel: the beginning is death, The future is unlimited (suspended update)
    Unlimited dawn

  28. the author made a great story and i enjoyed it for the most part but i have to say there is a lot of racism in this book i was hoping it would improve on this unfortunately it doesn’t.

  29. I am a Chinese.i have read the novels about ten years.I am so happy when i found the website,because we Can exchange with more friends.
    my email:[email protected]
    i want to meet more friends,i Can tell you about xianxia or wuxia novels,i have read ten years…
    sorry.my English just soso.

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