TheLeecher’s Challenge

Reposting because the first time didn’t seem to work. Note that the first two challenges were accepted 2 hours ago!

So TheLeecher has issued me a total of ten challenges, which you can see below, to be applied to or against his donation balance.  Some I think I have a shot at, others, like number four, I am positive I have no shot at XD.  Nonetheless, I am officially accepting the first two challenges he has issued!  Let the games begin!

Unless indicated you must make a post on the front page indicating your acceptance of the challenge to start it. The rewards for you can be taken from my donation of 580 or anyone else who wants to pitch in. The penalties will be your own donation or anyone who wants to donate for you. I will stop my hosting of my challenges when I run out of funds. (you can push my donations to the back of the queue) (also not for the faint of heart be careful and prepare for some of these challenges before taking them)

First Challenge: Speed Run, Time limit: 27 hours, Conditions: 5 chapters must be posted within the time limit. If won: -$180 If lost: +60

Second Challenge: Accuracy Run, Time limit: 5 hours, Conditions: 1 chapter must be posted with no flaws within the time limit. If won: -75 If lost: +25CHALLENGE FAILED

Third Challenge: The Machine, Time limit: 10 hours, Conditions: 2 chapters must be posted with 3 or less flaws within the time limit. If won: -120 If lost: +40

Fourth Challenge: Ninja (no post needed), Time limit: N/A, Conditions: 1 chapter must be posted and not commented on before you release the release post. If won: -60 (cause f5 fu fighters be scary) – CHALLENGE SUCCEEDED

Fifth Challenge: The Immortal, Time limit: 21 hours, Conditions: Post a comment every hour (be it a post or comment on a post) while continuing to release your regular chapters (3-4) for 21 hours. If won: -120 If won with 5 chapters: -360 If lost: +20

Sixth Challenge: The Hoarder, Time limit: N/A, Conditions: If you manage to make a mass release of chapters you will be rewarded (up to 4 chapters). These chapters must not interrupt your regular releases and I suggest you plan to translate chapters further down the line and then do the mass release. No penalty challenge. 1 chapter: -60 2 chapters: -160 3 chapters: -270 4 chapters: -390

Seventh Challenge: Champion of the Posts, Time limit: N/A, Conditions: You will nominate a community member besides Ren Wo Xing and the host of the challenge to be your champion and if he/she succeeds in posting first in the 3 chapter pages right after the challenge post you will win. If won: -100 If lost: +20 from Ren Wo Xing and +10 from the champion or they can get a first post in the next 24 hours. (must name champion in post)

Eighth Challenge: The Schemer, Time Limit: 1 hour (starting after chapter post) (Post of challenge acceptance posted 5 minutes before end of the hour). Conditions: You must post a sneaky mistake/Tidbit of your own design (such as a small story part) that was not part of the original chapter. If nobody can point out the flaw: -30 If somebody points it out: +10. (each community member gets 1 post to try)

Ninth Challenge: Hide and Seek, Time limit: 5 minutes, Conditions: You must post a comment anywhere on the site that says Keyword: (anything you want to type), and if somebody finds it they have to copy paste it on the challenge post. If the time limit is passed: -24 If someone gets it within the time limit: +8

Tenth challenge: The Popular, Time limit: 4 hours, Conditions: Get 300 unique comments(300 unique community members comments) within the time limit. You must point out the post that must get the number of comments and the post has to be equal to or after the time you make the challenge post. If won: -60 If lost: +10

42 thoughts on “TheLeecher’s Challenge” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Haha… Ren is in for it. Challenge Number 4 is never gonna work. You have many fans willing to sabotage….

      1. what are you talking about. ren winning takes away from the queue. if you want more chapters you want him to lose not win 0.o

          1. TheLeecher donated $580. If I lose a challenge, I increase the queue. If I win, part of his donation becomes ‘deducted’ and no longer counts towards the queue; basically, it becomes a no-strings-attached pure gift 🙂

    1. Hello welcome I’m bebes clone I’m a -8 rank shadow mouse I’m -8 cuz I am of the light element yup got pick on a lot

  2. I’m on the fence for these challenges. I want ren to complete them…. But at the same time I want him to fail LOL tough times

  3. brrr,,,,,
    most challenge are somehow not humanely possible (Ren is an Overlord though)
    but i have faith in you
    well humans have their best weapons, their wit, cunning and strategies *wink* though i doubt RWX will need them, he can just bulldoze his way through those

    1. Hehe I have my doubts. The daily average of comments is only 400 to begin with! xD Welcome to our little community, YyAoMmli!

    1. TheLeecher put $580 into the queue. If I win a challenge, part of the money he put into the queue no longer counts towards the queue, and is just treated as a ‘no strings attached’ donation with no moral obligation to translate a chapter xD

  4. no offense but i hope Ren lose and we get more money on donate queue and moooree chapter…. ^.^V peace Ren

  5. 4th is so easy, just make the post first and then add the chapter.

    edit: nvm, it says before 😛 mb, yeah never gonna happen

  6. damn it leecher you want to kill him???
    rxw be careful with your health and thanks for your works till now

    1. Thanks for registering and joining our little community, Madness! Thanks for expressing your care and concern as well 😀

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