The Wuxiaworld Way + Full-Time English Translator Recruitment

Greetings, friends! As Wuxiaworld continues to expand, collaborate with various rights holders, and also possibly accepts outside sources of investment, we shall have an increasing need for more translators to work on projects. I thought it would be good to make a post that transparently explains how Wuxiaworld operates, shows a sample Wuxiaworld contract, and makes it clear that we are seeking motivated full-time English translators!  We need both translators for new projects as well as some to buttress existing projects, so give us a ring!

To begin, Wuxiaworld Limited is an actual company incorporated in Hong Kong, a locale famous for being where East meets West. While the content we work on and generate is Eastern, our culture and our business model are definitely Western and is very similar to Western publisher models.

Let me start with the most important thing of all. On Wuxiaworld, our default stance is that the translators maintain ownership over their work, with Wuxiaworld being the exclusive publisher. In other words, the relationship between you and us is a collaborative relationship, rather than an employer/employee relationship. We bring the platform and the audience and take responsibility for procuring authorizations from authors/platforms and compensating them, while you just bring your work. We keep both of us fed through sharing advertisement revenue as well as future revenue from ebooks and other revenue streams, and together we bring wonderful, high-quality translations for people to read for free.

There are other sites in which translators are paid flat fees of say $35/chapter, with all ownership rights going to the site.  As a translator myself, I believe the Wuxiaworld model to be a superior type of relationship. Translators who own their work and depend at least in part on it performing well have a vested interest in making it the best quality product they absolutely can. The terms are ‘pride of ownership’ and ‘skin in the game’. If all you get is $30-$35 a chapter and you lose your ownership rights, the incentive is for you to pump out as many chapters you can, irrespective of quality. That’s not good for the publisher OR the readers, and frankly it isn’t good for the translator’s mindset either.  Note – I’m not saying that being a flat-rate translator will necessarily result in bad quality, I’m just saying that it incentivizes it.

In fact, the standard Western model in which authors/translators maintain ownership rights is more rewarding long term for translators. Due to having ownership rights, if the quality of your work is high you’ll be generating revenue from ads and other sources of revenue for years after you finished the work. As an example, I finished Coiling Dragon in late 2015, but in 2016 we still saw over forty million pageviews, and we’ll be publishing ebooks soon as well.  I don’t actually give myself revenue share… but if I did, the completed Coiling Dragon translation would be have generated more for me in 2016 than the average full-time ‘paid per chapter’ translator would be getting on flat-rate sites.  This is the power of ownership!

Never underestimate the power of ownership, no matter the industry; when you own your work, if you work hard for a single year you will continue to benefit from it for years to come. Remember what you are signing away and make sure it is worth it!  I will say, however, that almost every single ‘full-time’ Wuxiaworld translator (by which I mean at least 2-3 chapters a day) who has been translating for a while is earning significantly more from ads + donations than the ‘flat rate’ sites… and even after our translators finish the translation and move on to a second one, they’ll still be earning from the former!

So what type of translators should be interested in joining Wuxiaworld?  Those who love this work as much as I did and do, are capable of high quality work (or improving to that level), and who are interested in doing it full time or at least half time (1 chapter a day).  If you join us, you will be a true partner, an owner of your own intellectual property (pursuant to our negotiations with the rights holders, of course!), and be able to pour your effort into making the finest translations you are capable of.  In short – do you wish to work for yourself, with us as your publishing partner?  Or do you just wish to be paid labor?  If the answer is the former… give us a ring at [email protected]!

Our contracts are very clean and honest, and don’t include nonsense like non-disparagement clauses; I’ve always believed that if you treat people right, there’s no need to put in such clauses.  And if you find the right people to work with, you don’t need to put in all the other punitive clauses either. Indeed, Wuxiaworld has been around since 2014 but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen our translators disparaging us!  Our contract also puts in specific protective clauses in for our translators; any decent contract should protect the rights of both parties, not just the ‘big company’ (although Wuxiaworld is still tiny!).

For the sake of complete transparency, I’m actually including a sample Wuxiaworld contract below.  All actual contracts are of course individualized, but this should give you all a rough idea as to how Wuxiaworld works.  I hope this was interesting and instructive, and I hope to hear from some of you!


AGREEMENT dated May 25, 2017 between Wuxiaworld Limited (“Publisher”) and _____ (“Translator”).

The parties to this Agreement are working together to publish and make use of Translator’s translation of _______ (“the Translation”). The two parties agree as follows:

Usage and Rights

  1. Translator shall deliver to Publisher an original Translation of [Novelname].
  1. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, Translator grants to Publisher the exclusive rights to print, publish, distribute, make use of, sell and license the rights to any and all editions and/or formats of the Translation on Publisher’s website under paragraph 2a, in whole or in part, in the English language throughout the world.

2a. Publisher has unrestricted rights to use the translation on Publisher’s website, If and when Publisher intends to make additional usage of the translation outside of Publisher’s website, a secondary agreement must first be reached between Publisher and Translator regarding the scope of usage and revenue share as appropriate. If a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached, Translator has the right to reject and veto the proposed additional usage.

2b. Translator shall receive remuneration of $XXX USD per 1000 pageviews which the Translation receives on Publisher’s website, calculated monthly and to be paid on a NET60 basis either by wire/bank transfer or Paypal.  Publisher is responsible for providing translator with a monthly report detailing how many pageviews the translation received.

2c. The Translator shall have the right upon written request to examine the books of account of the Publisher insofar as they relate to the Translation; such examination shall be at the cost of the Translator unless errors of accounting amounting to five percent (5%) or more of the total sum paid to the Translator shall be found to his disadvantage, in which case the cost shall be borne by the Publisher.

Legal Responsibilities

  1. Translator guarantees that the Translation work is his; that to the best of his knowledge, and subject to paragraph 5, the Translation will not infringe upon the personal rights of or give rise to any claim by any third party, including, without limitation, claims in defamation, privacy, copyright, or trademark; and that the Translator has the authority to grant Publisher the rights granted in this agreement. Translator guarantees that the Translation will be of high quality and faithful to the original text.
  1. Publisher will make no changes or alterations to the Translation without the Translator’s permission.
  1. Publisher will be responsible for procuring the relevant trademarks, copyrights, and/or authorizations from the original rights holder of the work which Translator is translating.
  1. All sums of money due the Translator under this Agreement shall be paid to the Translator in a timely manner, and the receipt of the said funds shall be a good and valid discharge of all such indebtedness.


  1. Both parties will make a good-faith effort to resolve any disputes which arise out of this agreement. If there is a disagreement which the two parties cannot resolve, it will be resolved in good faith through an arbitrator in Hong Kong to be selected by the parties. The arbitrator’s decision may be entered in any court having jurisdiction.

No arbitration can be commenced and neither Translator nor Publisher can be found to be in breach of this Agreement unless they have been given written notice identifying the breach and a thirty-day opportunity to cure it.

  1. Should the Publisher be found in breach of this Agreement and does not rectify the breach or comply with the arbitration decision within 30 days of the arbitration decision, in addition to any other remedies available to Translator, all rights shall revert back to the Translator.

Final Notes

  1. This agreement is subject to the laws of Hong Kong.
  1. This Agreement may be assigned by Publisher as part of the sale or transfer of all or substantially all of Publisher’s business or is part of a merger or consolidation of Publisher with another company. This agreement may also be assigned by Publisher to any subsidiary or affiliate or any company or entity under controlled by it. The performance of the terms of this Agreement is personal to Translator and may not be assigned. Otherwise, the provisions of this Agreement shall be binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the parties, their respective successors, legal representatives, and assigns.
  1. This Agreement reflects the entire understanding between the parties and it may not be changed except in writing signed by both parties.





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  1. In your post you mention that you think a standard would be at least half-time at 1 chapter a day. Does that mean that Projects which currently do not meet that standard (not that I fault the translators for it, just as a fact that they do not meet that quota) will get more translators who will up the chapters to 1 per day, or will the current translators have to fullfill that requirement or is it only a guideline for newer projects?

    1. It seems like this isn’t a standard which can be strictly adhered to, mainly due to the variations in chapter length from different series.

      But it would be amazing if PW had a second translator.

        1. Can i reply here? Thanks. Wuxiaworld Mobile version got too many virus and malwares. Always redirect me to a website. Please fix. And wuxiaworld desktop version got some little problems to. Please check it. Desktopversion problem is that it always reload for no reason at all. i tried a lot pf devices. A lot of connection. Please fix the security of your sitem thanks

          1. Yeah, the page reloads itself on my ipad a lot. I have tried clearing cookies and browsing history. On my phone, it happens less often but instead i’ll sometimes get redirected.

          2. i know that the ads help support the site, but for the mobile version an adblock browser will do miracles for you. i had the same problems till i couldnt take it and installed an adblock browser on my phone

  2. Qidian is the largest webnovel copyright holder in China, but Qidian is not the largest reader platform in China. Many third parties are even larger than Qidian, so in order to gain income, Qidian has to cooperate with these thrid parties. So, I don’t think Wuxiaworld in under bad situation while competing with Qidian. I think what Wuxiaworld needs to do is copy the way those third parties did in China. It’s very understandable, the trend is readers thift their reading mothods from web pages to mobile app, or so called mobile reading. It also happeneed everywhere, like ppl watch videos more on mobile etc. Wuxiaworld need to keep its advantages over Qidian International not only on web pages, but also on mobile app. It’s very important to build and maintain a solid reading platform with as many registered readers as possible.

    1. It doesn’t really need a mobile app, just updated formatting for its mobile site. I read a lot on my phone and in the upper right corner of safari is the read mode, and it makes reading super easy, and a lot like kindle.

    1. wait, what are you actually implying??
      Are you just saying something like…
      “12 year old does not understand legal this/legal that;but older people do…”
      is it that kind of thing? just wanted to ask.

  3. Thank you Ren for being transparent with the Wuxiaworld business model. I enjoy knowing that Wuxiaworld will support translators and that Wuxiaworld will continue its righteous path rather than falling into corporate darknes.

  4. Qidian=
    Blatant Slave Contract Sect of Monopolizing Money Grubbers

    Transparent Righteous Sect with Funding to Fight Back

    Unrelated… (nope, um) Sect of High Standing Caught in the Crossfire

    Sect of translation and source of the WAR between Sects.

    Overlooked, yet extremely important Sect of Grammar and Understanding.

    and best of all? this WAR incidentally Fully reminds me of things happening in the Novel “I really am a Superstar”…
    Where is Zhang Ye with his Poems when you need them?

      1. being honest, I’m there to watch/read about him fkn with everyone. after all, he’s Zhang Ye and he speaks for himself; aka, face slapping Zhang Ye.

  5. Ren is an awesome guy with an awesome vision doing an awesome thing for the community. You have our full support!

    How i see it is, this is not about the difference of eastern/western business models, but a difference of a more socially-responsible business model or friggin corporate greed.

    Not all chinese companies operate like QI did, and not all western companies are socially responsible and good towards their employees/working partners like WW is.

    Each and every company regardless of East/West is their own entity. Support and/or hate each individual entity, not their origin/country/culture.

    WW (and Ren) is and has been going to the right direction from the start, which is why you are awesome and we LOVE you!

    A silent follower since the days of old wuxia spcnet days.

      1. But, programmers are In a whole different mess, they are under the constant threat of being replaced if they don’t meet quotas and EA is a complete cu!;

  6. There’s series that I’ve had to drop simply because the translations were too difficult to read, and were obviously brashly released. It’s good to see that this mentality is not propagated here!

  7. I think 7x a week release is decent to us readers but most translators translate during their free time. Reducing it to 5 releases a week in my opinion would be favorable to translators. They can increase it as their availability permits.

  8. Though what I am concerned about is not related to recruitment… Hmm, I checked out the About Us page and found out it is not quite updated. I didn’t see Turtle-sama there. There are also some missing or incomplete info about some translators and projects. Just saying.

    1. There are quite a few epub versions of coiling dragons etc. on other mirror websites.
      Some people might take refuge in that fact during this Qidian onslaught…
      But we, as a community, need to remember something.
      These translators over here at wuxiaworld and etc. . They made this market, they put their sweat and tears into their work, growing the international market of chinese novels.
      And now after they have sown their work,
      Qidian wishes to reap their efforts.
      Let Qidian know:
      We will fight back!.

  9. Have you guys ever thought of hiring inspiring webauthors as well, or is Wuxiaworld just completely focused on translations as their main priority?

    1. There is a section on forums dedicated to original works, nothing reached requirements in terms of popularity or quality. Not even Deathblade’s Legends of the Ogre Gate (just started, so probably will be published here if it gets popular enough ) Give it a shot. If that one original novel is accepted, many more good novels will flock here. It’s wildly growig community, perfect way to gdt into the industry IMO. Of course if the style is chinese fiction

  10. Nice to know the transparency of Wuxiaworld in recruiting new translator, editor, and proofreader.

    I hope finally this one will make our WW getting stronger so that more high quality and huge quantity translation will be released 😀

  11. I have been silently following WW since 2014 and you’ve my full support as well especially since you’ve always been true to your words. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you succeed over Qidian. I highly anticipate the arrivals of the ebooks or even apps as well as I’m not able to always read online

  12. I agree, lately HJC’s translation speed is being inconsistent sometimes we don’t even get a single chapter for 4 days and the chapters itself are in decimals which makes it a chore to complete an arc. Someone needs to talk about HJC and bring up its translation speed!

    1. An expression of interest will be sufficient, we’ll give you a test first! At present we are not interested in Qidian novels, correct!

  13. In fact, I might re-read coiling Dragon myself.
    such good memories… such a good novel and translation…
    I’m looking forward to the next project of Ren (after DE translation is finished).

  14. The lack of a valid second language is sad enough, but now seeing this just makes me a bit more depressed with my education. >.>’

    Seems like I shall be learning Korean one of these days, because lord knows I would love taking this sort of job! Time for gaining at least enough fluency in the Korean written language that I can, perhaps, translate the one novel that I desire translated above all!

    Sword of the Emperor…My training begins! >.<

    Edit: Wait! Ren are you also accepting Korean Translators? If so I shall return within at least two years! Gotta actually learn the language, but I damn well will learn this language!

  15. 8.This agreement is subject to the laws of Hong Kong.
    any links to clarify those laws,,

    and if you decide to sell or merge this site the Translators Have to follow WW without complaints? or does that go under “disputes”? or as i see, its up to the translators to make sure this clause is changed so they can¨t be sold. without their consent.

    9.This Agreement may be assigned by Publisher as part of the sale or transfer of all or substantially all of Publisher’s business or is part of a merger or consolidation of Publisher with another company. This agreement may also be assigned by Publisher to any subsidiary or affiliate or any company or entity under controlled by it. The performance of the terms of this Agreement is personal to Translator and may not be assigned. Otherwise, the provisions of this Agreement shall be binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the parties, their respective successors, legal representatives, and assigns.

    also .. the “accounting books” any translator can ask to see if they got paid, but gotta pay to see it?
    that one seems a bit sketchy-.-

    2c. The Translator shall have the right upon written request to examine the books of account of the Publisher insofar as they relate to the Translation; such examination shall be at the cost of the Translator unless errors of accounting amounting to five percent (5%) or more of the total sum paid to the Translator shall be found to his disadvantage, in which case the cost shall be borne by the Publisher.

    i know this is just a standard contract and all translators get individual contracts, but this got some questionable clauses.

    1. Thought i should help clarify this. As someone undergoing legal training, this looks perfectly normal to me, and is line with standard market practice. Its nice enough that Ren didn’t included any of the prohibitive breach of contract and other clauses.

      8 clearly refers to basic contract law in this case, in HK is essentially the same as in the UK.

      9 is something translators would have to consider, but is quite mild in the scheme of things. Thats how contracts work. Its not just a hi-bye agreement. You’re binding yourself to do something.

      2c is in line with standard market practice for contracts with recurring income streams, and should be read with the rest of 2. Seeing accounting books is very different from seeing numbers and figures, because there’s usually an admin cost involved, and regardless, if the numbers are wrong, there’s other legal remedy (misrepresentation law) outside the contract.

  16. RWX, I don’t know if it’s possible, but try to bring “Legend of the Great Saint” aboard your ship. The translator is fast and the novel itself is awesome.

  17. @RWX
    Hi, I try to join you as a translator and I contacted that email [email protected]. One replied me and tell me to do a test, the test is to translate two chapters of a webnovel. I have finished the test and send to him, but he hasn’t reply me yet, is that means I didn’t pass the test?

  18. I have been wondering.
    Does Wuxiaworld have any plans on recruiting translators for other languages?
    Im asking for various reasons. Most important one is, many of my friends are not as well versed in the english language as I am, and I can’t reccomend them my favourite novels cuz of it.
    Also, In my opinion, for Wuxiaworld to get even more readers this would be a step into the right direction.
    Secondly, the competition is already doing/planning to do this.
    I love wuxiaworld, years ago I read my first wuxia novel (coiling dragon) on this website and have seen it grow alot since then. I got hooked onto this wuxia/xianxia genre, so I would love to share this with friends who struggle with the english language.

    My next suggestion is, which is a bit more ambitious:
    Sure, you want experienced translators. How about you train them too?
    I mean, companies need “employees” and partners etc. But what if they leave? (for any reason).
    Sure, there is no lack of translators out there, but what about those that would love to translate novels here on wuxia – But cant? Im sure many would love to do this, in fact, right now, many youts and young adults dont know what to do with their lifes, dont know what kind of job they want or what they want to become.

    So my suggestion is: Dont just offer jobs/partnerships – Offer a future, a perspective, an existence.
    Wuxia world can be so much more than it is right now. Take in trainees or collaborate with a third party to train people, offer courses for different languages – Chinese, english, russian, french, german, korean, japanese etc.
    Teach them how to properly translate. Even before they graduate they can release teaser projects and depending on the quality they could even start translating while they are still training.
    I know this sound rather ambigious, but its really not. Most, if not all, companies also offer training programs for the jobs they offer. This way Wuxia world could be more than just a translators partner. Wuxiaworld could be their mentor and home.

    Who knows what might happen a few years from now?

  19. Hello i speak spanish and english mmm are you planning to translate novel from english to spanish or something? Well i would take the test later.

    1. I’m with him. Have you thought about having a section in spanish? If yes I would like to join. If no, well… why not? It could expand the readers and you’ll have more people helping, including me.

  20. ren i have a big question, why isnt talon removed from wuxiaworld yet? he disrespected this community and disrespected Wuxiaworld as a brand even if he issues a public apology it isnt enough, he needs to remove the WW flair on the subreddit and needs to stop posting here , since he thinks so little of WW he needs to just leave we dont need him.

  21. Dear Ren.

    We are a Reputation Management student currently, and have been supporting Wuxiaworld from middle 2015. We have been interested and supportive of Wuxiaworld so much so that we even expressed interest in becoming a Public Relations Officer for the company. We were late, however, as we were informed that the company had just the week prior hired a PRO.

    We would just like to say that Wuxiaworld has not made a mistake in their choice of hiring. The individual (we have not had the pleasure of meeting them) has been doing a stellar job of managing the public relations of the company. We hope that things will continue to go well for Wuxiaworld on that front, and will continue to support you.

    Best of luck and we will be keeping our eyes on you (non-threateningly and non-maliciously of course).

  22. I really appreciate how transparent you and WW are. I know that legal and copyright issues can be a huge, confusing headache, but I really respect how you do your very best to respect your readers, translators, editors, and the original authors.

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