The Twelve Sovereigns of Webnovels

Hey, I almost never post links to outside sites, but I think this one is worth your time! Dreams of Jianghu has done an excellent translation of a post on the top twelve Chinese webnovelists, giving short descriptions of them as well. While I knew many of them had become millionaires, particularly surprising to me was that Tang Jia San Shao made ~$8 million in royalties in 2014! Anyhow, give it a read!

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  1. My face melted when I peaked at Zither Emperor… Welp I guess it’s time to start slowly translating through it… (couldn’t find anyone translating it already, so have to do this manually :'[…)

  2. Er Gen is not on this list, therefore i invalidate it in its entirety.
    JK hahaha

    Got some nice novels to read in my list, now hahaha
    But anyway. Is there any other author that is not on this list but is as good at them? (Excluding Er Gen, because he’s the best hahaha)

    1. This guy is knows what’s up. I had half a mind to raise up hell to whoever wrote that article since they decided in their arrogance not to put Er Gen on this list. … I’m not being vengeful. No, I’m actually very benevolent as I’m giving this person a lot easier way out of all the bad karma sown by not putting Er Gen on this list. He wouldn’t want to wait for the Heavens to dictate their own punishment 😀 lol jk but still the fact that Er Gen isn’t here blows my mind. Is Er Gen a relatively new writer so he isn’t well known or what?

      1. Yeah – he’s a fairly new writer with only 2 and a half books to his name. Checking most of that list, you’ll notice that a large number of the authors have half a dozen books published.

        There are exceptions but they typically have a very different writing style than other Chinese authors – Mao Ni for instance (writer of Ze Tian ji, Joy of Life and Jiang Ye) writes novels that are written in a manner that perhaps wouldn’t immediately draw scorn from Lit academics. 😉

        Er Gen, writes very well – but he is also writing fairly mainstream for the genre, so is likely seen to be treading in the footsteps of other authors even though he probably has used the same tropes and plot elements far better than the works he is seen to have referenced.

        I expect that he will naturally move into the top 12 as time goes on and people start thinking other authors are referencing his work rather than the other way around. Given ISSTH is treading some new ground, I don’t think that will be long.

    2. *hmmpf*

      Soul Storm sighed in his heart. “They have read EVERYTHING, yet comprehended NOTHING.” For once he decided to enlighten them. It might damage their future prospects, but what was the chance of reaching the next realm if they couldn’t even get the first insight?

      “Fellow Daoists… who is Grandmaster Pill Cauldron?”

      As soon as the words “Pill Cauldron” were uttered, everyone turned to look at Soul Storm.

      “Fellow Daoists… who is Fang Mu?”

      The surrounding cultivators all fell deep in thought. Some thought they knew the answer, yet not one dared to say it aloud.

      “Fellow Daoists… who is the Ninth Demon Sealer… the Demon Lord… the Blood Tournament legacy holder? Who is… Meng Hao?”

      Everything turned quiet. Everyone present felt like something had loosened and that they had finally understood everything! Merely seconds later, Divine Sparks descended like rain from the skies.

      Yet this was not the end to it.

      “Fellow Daoists… who is Chen Dong… Tang Jia San Shao… Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi?”

      His voice suddenly went from a calm whisper… to a roar of insanity.

      “Fellow Daoists… WHO IS ER GEN?”

      When the surrounding fellow Daoists heard that final sentence, their minds started trembling. One by one, as if their minds couldn’t handle the truth, they exploded into fine mists of blood.

      Soul Storm once again sighed inwardly. “It appears their future prospects indeed became damaged.”

  3. BTW Fang Xian’s World of Cultivation that translated by Dreams of Jianghu is pretty interesting.
    kinda hoped someday it would be “absorbeb” by wuxiaworld 😀

    1. Absorbed? 😐 Dream on. It’ll be probably added after it’s done being translated by the translator. After she picks up another web novel after some years enjoying to savor each single cliffhanger chapters at her own pace.

  4. This is really amazing! Hey RXW do you think there’s a way we can put this somewhere people that want to translate some chinese web novels can look? With this we should have a select choice of good ones for years! 😀

  5. Cool list, I know or have read something from most of those guys, and they’re all good so that proves it. Who is this Er Gen guy everyone is commenting about, what did he write that’s good?

    1. ISSTH – one of the best xainxia novels out there… which is actually really really good but… TJS aka Tang Jia San aka the greatest author of all time. Deserves his spot. He is a machine. IMO followed by IET – I eat tomatoes… Coiling dragon is good but I like ST and DE from him more still needa read SS and his others but they’re so damn long… But you look at TJS not one moment of boredom… granted he seems to like using woman having memory loss a lot as a trope… like 5 times if i remember correctly and it is somewhat strange.

      1. Oh ok ISSTH, sorry but I hate that one. Him not being on the list is no problem for me then. I agree with you about TJS tho, about the only story of his I don’t love is Child of Light, mainly cos it’s his first story and it shows. It’s still allright though.

        1. I don’t understand why people want Er Gen to be in the top,he wrote only Xian Ni which is one of my favourites (no comment about the plot,no talented guy-finds a bead who makes is an space-time item and so the time in the bead is 10x slower than real life and you can upgrade it,works hard even if people mock him and stuff,the rest you know it..just amazing as plot.),then ISSTH which with every new chapter get’s better,but the author creates too many legacys,techniques and so on that are even more confusing than Xian Ni void translation,I like ISSTH but not enough as the darker Xian Ni,that may be my opinion,you guys may like ISSTH more but that’s how I feel.

          Then,he made only 2 novels and you want him to be the best of the best? It’s not like if I get full points in a test and in the other tests I did shit I’m a genius because I made a good test,that’s it. Plus I saw now that he made another one called Beseech the Devil,if people who are his fans didn’t even know he wrote this novel how can you expect him to be one of the best.

          1. Haha I didn’t like xian ni one bit,and as for issth it’s parts in good rest boring,solitude heroes r no fun ,real plot develops when heroes gains power while protecting something but this novels r like each arc heroes meets a new women’s at end of arc they fell for him and before both sides feeling turn deep arc ends,and females are send to southern side and heroes move ahead,repeat of terms no real plot ,even if I read issth if u ask me which novel update I will follow last of my preferred 20 it will always be issth

        2. child of light is… different. it has this light rythm where nothing is too serious…
          the thing i reall like about TJS is that every one of his novels has its own writing style. (i’m reading 3 of them, never imagined they were from the same person before reading the name of the author)

  6. oh!! so many authors and novel names i do not know!!!!! can anyone comment on the other stories on WW? I hope most of those have a (good)translation for them. I’d like to check some out but I have no clue which to start on. They all seem epic, but hopefully their eloquent writing styles and wording aren’t in the translation.

  7. These people who voted have eyes but do not see Mount Tai as Er Gen was not on this list of top 12 or Mars Gravity for that matter or Kindhearted Bee. Meng Hao, Yun Che, Chu Feng, DESTROY THEM!!!

    1. Again Er Gen did 3 novels,Mars Gravity 3 too,Kindhearted Bee did 2—can they be comparated to the dozens of awesome novels the other authors did? No,they can’t.

  8. No shit Er Gen isn’t included! Have any of you actually read his other works aside from ISSTH? Nothing but repeated ten chapter chase scenes after chase scenes after chase scenes after chase scenes after chase scenes.

    1. Are you serious? Isn’t Er Gen the guy that wrote Xian Ni? Xian Ni is one of my favorites because everything in it is very unique! It does start off slow, but thats true of I Shall Seal the Heavens as well. I like his style of building up plots slowly with a solid foundation. Granted, I have only read Xian Ni up to 210 (Whats been translated so far), and have no idea what else Er Gen has wrote.

      1. Beseech the Devil did Er Gen write.

        I love Xian Ni too,love the plot and of my favourites..or maybe my favourite,who knows..

        And again x3,he can’t be there,he did 2 novels who are quite famous and good and another one almost no one knows about,you can’t expect him to be the best.

        1. I’m not saying that he should be in a top 12 authors list. But someone could have read “Have any of you actually read his other works aside from ISSTH?” and actually thought his other works were bad. I have to give face to Er Gen’s other works when someone is bashing them!

          1. If they aren’t translated or stuff,it means they aren’t worth it..I get what you say,I like his novels too but not enough for me to say he is one of the best

      2. I agree Xian Ni is well written and I like it too, but this poll/article was based around the influence of the writers.

        Xian Ni contains a lot of elements from other books in the genre, so while it is better written than other books with similar tropes such as a magical artifact that provides power to the MC, has a Hidden expert inside and also distorts time (lol I can already think of 3 others with that exact same item), you couldn’t really claim that the use of the trope was influencing the Chinese web-novel market but instead was being influenced by it.

        I haven’t read enough Beseeching The Devil to really comment but barbarian tribes with totemic magic is also fairly common in the Chinese web-novel market.

        ISSTH does cover a fair amount of new ground and I think once he’s finished this he’ll have laid the groundwork to be considered an influential writer but at the moment he’s still a newcomer.

  9. Wow, thanks for an interesting article! I’m really surprised to know that Feng Ling Tian Xia is in that list since he has been kind of repeating himself in his last 3 novels.

  10. From all of them I can say that at least 6-7 are really good and deserve this ranking. TJSS has my respect,I can’t belive such a good author not only does everytime awesomes novels and gains so much money,but he still works and improve himself.

    About Chen Dong,what did he write so good? PW is annoying with that milk and blablabla,but I like the plot,kid in never heard village-villagers put all the hopes in him and try with all they power to help him. Then about other novels I don’t know.

    Mao Ni’s novels are awesome,found Jiang Ye manhwa and then read the novel,really good. Ze Tian Ji,I must read it tho.

    Meng Ru Shen Ji (Dreaming Into A God Machine),just for Sheng Wang he deserves his rank.

    IET,I don’t know if he deserves this..CD was good,but only training-battle arc-training-battle arc + some stupid love story and time skips of thousand of years,the ending was so rushed that even a blind could have seen it. ST,I heard it has a lot of time skipes and stuff like this. DE,I don’t like it..MC makes no sense and it doesn’t have any character (I’m at book 2,so It may change)

    Feng Ling Tian Xia,his trascending the nine heavens is one of the best reincarnation wuxia out of there.

    Tian Can Tu Dou (Heavenly Silkworm Potato),no comment,awesome novels.

    Also many thanks Ren for this post,if not I wouldn’t have found Sheng Wang which I was searching for months and still didn’t find.

  11. Too many xianxias, too little time >.<

    Er Gen is relatively new so he can't be up there yet. Also, there also a lot of upstart writers with good debut novels but failed to follow up with other good ones THOUGH I really hope Er Gen to be successful.

  12. Am I the only one who doesn’t understand why tang Jia son Shao is ranked as King? I admit I am not Chinese, nor am I aware of the many artists out there, or read the originals, but all of TJSS works I’ve read were mediocre. Hjc is, sadly, the worst web novel I’ve ever read. The plot line itself is good, most of the interactions between characters are well made, the idea is solid, but it’s badly written. For example, why, after being brutally raped, is what’s her face completely okay? Or why did she hide him being a hjm? Or another example is how unstable the economy he portrayed in Hjc is, it literally makes no sense for it to function. And yes, while the last example is minor unless you pay attention to things such as that, but regarding the first example, It’s like nothing ever happened; a day later, she’s interacting with him just fine, even if she’s “cautious”. I get that it’s hard keeping a progressive solid storyline, especially when you need to think of, and post, a new chapter everyday, but Jesus. I tried reading Hjc several times, and after a few chapters I just couldn’t take it, and the illogistics overwhelmed me into stopping. I really disagree with him being first place, I feel like out of all the authors whose works I’ve read, his is one of the most amateurish.

    1. Man I think you should read HJC for good and understand why this and that happened! And no,contrary to what you say I think HJC is more than real! She was raped but it was the “spirit” who controlled him and needed a sacrifice but thankfully to his will he was able to restain himself and not kill her,she knows this well and that’s why she is trying to be normal around him. Plus it was her fault for coming to him while he was breaking in the HJ realm or whatever it’s called. If you are sane even a bit you can understand why she is so,plus x2 she likes him and so on. TJSS novels are amazing because the plots are new and refreshing,the characters aren’t the same like in every wuxia novel.

  13. Potato deserves to be higher up on this for me, maybe its cause he’s only 3 novels or so in. But considering its only that much he’s already made quite some progress. Too bad for Er Gan maybe he’ll make it in another list.

  14. These writers clearly haven’t read ISSH, I admit er gens previous novel were..decent at best, however his newest novel is on another level! Aside from that, seems the top 12 has very similar styles/ in you piss me off, I kill your entire family, friends, generation and steal your woman *yawn*

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