The sages said, read ISSTH Book 1, Chapter 15!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Will Meng Hao lay the smack down onto Lu Hong? Or will he regret being so rash as to mess with the “number one low-level disciple?” Find out what happens in:

Chapter 15: Decisive Attack
Translated by Deathblade
Contributing Editor: Madam Deathblade
Proofreaders: laoren and MeeBoo

One of my proofreaders, Lingson, has some personal issues and needed to take some time off, so any typos in this chapter are his fault. Just kidding! Actually, Lingson is a translator in his own right, and if you have time, you can check out his translation of Virtual World: Legendary Thief. He’ll be back in a few days to work on his own translation and continue proofreading ISSTH. Take care, Lingson!

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  1. You sure know how to hype these chapters, Deathblade. Gotta say I’m even more excited for this than I was as a kid when the new episode of DBZ came out! Thank you for using your skills to bring me (and only me, since I’m special) amusement!

    And Lingson, what’s the deal? Don’t leave DB alone, man! Jk, I’ll check out that translation too ;D
    Haven’t started a new LN for at least two days now!

  2. Hey guys! I’m back already. Finished my things, successfully fusing some profound mysteries and still managed to get back today with a fresher level of condensation energies. 😀

    So, I’ll be involved in the next chapter again. Sorry MeeBoo, can’t let you shine for too long, otherwise it would be hard to catch up with you later 😉

    @Other: Thank you all for reading ISSTH (which will be even more interesting in the next chapters) and for also visiting my site and reading my translations. Hope you liked it! (You have to like it! Otherwise, I will stop proofreading ISSTH!! But… if I stop proofreading ISSTH, then MeeBoo will continue to shine. Ahhhh… Hehehe.. Just kidding folks…)

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