The Purple People Eater Sect Returns!

This isn’t very important in the grand scheme of the story, but I’m debating how to translate one of the special techniques of the Violet Fate Sect. In Chinese it’s 紫运天. The first two characters are the “Violet Fate” the last is the character for “Day” or “Heaven.” The name doesn’t seem to have anything to do with what the technique does.

I’m leaning toward “Violet Fate Time,” which isn’t the most accurate translation. But in my mind, they I can hear them saying it M.C. Hammer style: “STOP! Violet Fate Time!”

Anyway, if you have a moment, please participate in a quick poll.

And, if you haven’t already, start reading I Shall Seal the Heavens!!!!

17 thoughts on “The Purple People Eater Sect Returns!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Could you maybe describe what this technique does, what are it’s effects? Then it will be easier to give proper suggestion 🙂

    PS: Yeah, efen if name and effect are not similar at all xD Still, choosing the most reasonable one will be easier ~~

  2. Well, if you don’t want to spoil effects of the technique, then i’d truthfully go with easiest route for it to sound good:

    Heavenly Violet Fate ~~ 🙂

  3. maybe you shouldnt be too literal about it.
    Day of Violet Fate?
    Violet Fate of Heaven?
    Violet Fate – Heaven! ?
    Heaven Law – Violet Fate. – this one is random ;p

  4. instead of fate, can’t we put judgement? violet judgement or violet heaven judgement or if it is going to be shouted as a technique then it can be even better as “judgement of violet heaven”.
    instead of judgement, we can also put decree. Violet heaven’s decree or such.

  5. Gah… you got me, I’ll start reading this lol between waiting for… EVERYTHING on this site I might as well read absolutely everything lol… I swear if Wuxiaworld ever went down for a day or just didn’t post anything for a day I’d probably suffer from withdrawal symptoms

  6. Can’t make much of a suggestion unless there’s more context. Heck, depending on how 运 is being used, it could also mean move or transport. A wild suggestion here, but it could be Violet Moving Heaven. Another one can be Violet Fated Heaven.

    On a side note, how many people here even knows who MC Hammer is?

  7. Actually, I think it should really be the Violet Fortune sect, or a word pertaining to “Good Luck”. This is because the sect is associated with the phrase “紫气东来“, which essentially means that good fortune / luck is coming. Since this is the case, I believe the second part of the sect’s name “运“ should probably be associated with fortune in this situation, rather than fate or destiny.

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