The Godsfall Chronicles Begins on Wuxiaworld!

Friends, I’m happy to announce that novel ‘The Godsfall Chronicles‘ (陨神记, formerly known as The Fallen God) is now officially launching on Wuxiaworld! We are launching with twenty chapters (well, prologue + 19 chapters) which are about as long as forty ‘normal’ chapters, and I will personally lead this project. I have fully read up to the latest raws, and honestly believe that The Godsfall Chronicles is a webnovel which comes closer to ‘print-quality fantasy’ than any webnovel that I have ever read before.

When I said that it’s very nearly a print-quality book, I meant just that. This means it has mastermind villains that are actually intelligent, it has characters that are multi-dimensional rather than cardboard cutouts, it means it has side characters that are actually relevant, it has female leads/romantic interests that actually have goals and personalities of their own, and it has very little fluff and repetition.

Since Desolate Era will remain my main project, The Godsfall Chronicles will start off a bit slow at around ~5 chapters a week until the sub-translators I’ve been working with get into their groove and start producing at both the speed and quality which I insist on (if you think you are up for it, go ahead and ping me!), at which point it will become a 2/day project. I’ve included both my synopsis and the author synopsis below. I strongly recommend you read this, and I know you won’t be disappointed!

RWX’s English Synopsis: The nuclear holocaust which caused the collapse of the Old Times on Earth should have wiped out all human life on the planet.  Yes, the gods set up their beautiful Elysiums to provide sanctuaries for their chosen, but by all rights everyone outside the elysian lands should’ve perished long ago.  Yet somehow, human life still managed to persist, even in the deadly, mutant-infested wastelands.  Cloudhawk was a young scavenger who dreamed of being as free as the hawks in the skies, yet seemed destined to live out his life scrounging for scraps in the wasteland ruins.  Fate, however, is ever-fickle.  A chance meeting with a ragtag group of mercenaries changed the trajectory of his life, bringing him into a world with mutants and metahumans, demonhunters and godslayers, and even gods and demons.  Cloudhawk would find his own place in a world that was far greater than he had imagined, find his own path between the zealous light of Sumeru and the whispering darkness of the Abyss… and one day, he would find that even gods may fall.

Official Chinese Synopsis: This is a world of nirvanic rebirth, a world of marvels and illusions, a world where faith is enduring and yet ruined. This is the story of a youth who seems ordinary, but who shoulders an earth-shaking secret and burden. He shall rise to prominence from his humble roots and walk a tightrope between life and death, and be lost in deciding between what is right and what is wrong. He seeks out the truth behind the destruction of Earth’s civilizations, and shall experience unbelievable dangers as he grows. In the end, he shall discover the hidden secrets behind the ancient war between the gods and the demons, and shall play the lead role in this stunning and exciting story!

Note – Dual-language readers, every so often, you may notice a few minor differences between the translations and the raws. This is because I am in extremely close contact with the author, and he has given me full permission to modify and edit a few scenes as I see appropriate in order to either improve them or to better localize them. In essence, I will be both his translator and his editor. If any of the changes are major (none thus far are planned), they will be fully vetted with him and I will get his permission first, and the changes in the English version might actually be mirrored by changes in the Chinese raws later on!

Some people are already asking me why this is necessary.  Here is my response.

To be frank, amongst some readers there’s certain romantic view of an author’s work as being a wholly individual product, whereas anyone in the literature business knows that this is anything but the case, with the author’s editor playing a major role, as well as many other figures. Generally speaking, in the West a novel will go through revision after revision, often with author and editor working together, before the ‘final’ version is ready.

Chinese webnovels, however, have neither editors nor multiple ‘versions’; even when authors later regret things they did in early chapters or drop/de-emphasize certain plot lines, they rarely go back and change it because of the constant need to produce 1-2 new chapters a day. This is one of the biggest problems in Chinese webnovels, imo, and what keeps many from becoming truly ‘classic’ works.

In this case, I am partially assuming that missing role of editor as well as being the translator, in the hopes of providing an experience and a product to the English readers which is even better than the ones that the Chinese ones originally had, and in each case I’ll review my proposed edits and changes with the author and get his concurrence that they improve and enhance his story before going forward with them!

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          1. All of his comments takes some time to describe, but in actuality it happened in the time it takes for a spark to fly up from a piece of flint

  1. This is so cool! Am very excited! Thanks so much for the new hype project! Sounds exactly like the sort of thing I was hoping to see next in Chinese WN’s especially if you’re picking this up yourself. My expectations are now very high. 😀

  2. Saw this novel like 30 minutes ago and I was wondering why there was no announcement about it yet. I guess I saw it literally at the moment you added it to WW.

    Story looks really interesting. Will wait for few more chapters before I start reading it though.

  3. OMG! A recommendation this high from RWX? I’m sure to read the crap out of this! So excited!

  4. I was excited when you said fantasy, but then the synopsis was mostly about post apocalypse, the most antifantasy setting known to man. R.I.P Hopes.

    1. There is a saying that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. That saying applies to Fallen God perfectly. Give it a shot! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

      1. My main issue has always been with the contestant bleak and dreariness that is inherit to the setting, and comparing it with the predominantly fantastic and magical(Even if it kills everything you know and love) settings fantasy is known for that I adore… Its just super hard to ever get into these things no matter how good the actual quality may be.

        I skimmed through the latest chapter and my apprehensions seemed to have been spot on.

        1. to be fair, this is a chinese novel, any idea you form on the overall story when you have only read 40 chapters worth of content will strike very far from the truth as the story hasn’t even begun to begin yet. that’s why i gave Xian Ni (as it went by at the time i read it, now renegade immortal) over 140 chapters. ultimately I decided to drop the story, but I am sure thats its not the fault of the story or the original author, but the previous translation groups. How they chose to present the translations made the story hard to enjoy or follow. that’s something we readers never need worry about here at WW with a project handled by Ren directly :3 heck, hearing that the source material might even undergo a few edits in reverse makes this all the more appealing to me.

          I am a fantasy lover through and through, I don’t read a spec of sci-fi even if i can appreciate the occasional star trek episode or sci-fi themed cartoon. Yet when it comes to certain plot types the sci-fi gets so infinitely close to and intertwined with magic and what fantasy gives us that i can easily read them and be as satisfied and fulfilled as if it were another of my more mainstream fads. take for example, what swallowed star (devouring the stars) is like, it’s a science based story but most of what it shows us are almost identical to the fantasy and magic version under different names. the only difference in the chinese webnovels is that 1 of them uses an advanced tech to fly and travel between worlds, while the other chooses to use artifacts of equal or greater complexity powered by the individual’s own cultivation. ultimately, the artifacts can be considered a science as they still rely on power sources. just instead of something impersonal and dead like plasma or electricity or solar power, the artifacts are powered from the inherent power of living beings. god knows there are tons of magic tricks that in sci-fi are just referred to under the name of psychics with magical abilities like telekinesis or pyromancy, mind reading and teleportation.

        2. Yeah, i also have this problem with post apocalyptic setting. They are always bleak and most characters have tragic fates awaiting them. I really hope this novel will be different and since RWX seem to like this novel then there has to be something that set this novel apart from those bleak post apocalyptic novels, like GDW.

      2. Ren-neesama, I believe that even ignorant fools who find the site at random having never read a story in their life will eventually fall in love with a story just because it’s being handled by you 😉 you are like a mark of quality all your own :3

        That saying is all too true, and even in fantasy stories the world over there is science to various degrees, you can tell the same story twice and the only thing which would define the genre it falls under would be the words used to describe all the phenomenon, and how the focus is distinguished.

        If we say a tech is powered by electricity, then it’s science. but just choose to call it ether or mana even if it’s just the lightning element version and boom you instantly leave science fiction for the realm of magic and fantasy :3

        so why can’t we have a fantasy setting that is based on the apocalypse following a nuclear fallout holocaust? xD

  5. I’m pretty excited about this one!
    I enjoy the quality of your DE translations, and I’m sure these will also be amazing!

  6. Noyce!! New novel!!! Just the right time to plug the hole left by issth…. any news when awe would start publishing again?

    1. I can’t remember when exactly but Deathblade said he wanted to take a month off after ISSTH ended. Not sure if anything’s changed since I heard that but it’s probably reliable.

  7. Wow i’m really looking forward to this one! Now don’t shoot this lowly one, But reading the synopsis with the (mutants part) i almost get a G&DW feeling from this 😀 I will definitely be starting this tomorrow sucks such a high interest comes up right once i start a new schedule for work :c

  8. You had me at nuclear holocaust, been craving some post-apocalyptic story for a while :p

  9. I’m going to read this and see if I like it. And I have a question as well. Will you want to make this a good translation like ISSTH without typos? Or more like desolate era which has quite a few? If you decide to be an editor as well to make the novel better it might be worth it to invest a bit more time into typo fixing and perhaps create a thread in the forum like Deathblade did.

    Just my two cents and my hope cause I dislike seeing typos but right now there’s no way to get them fixed 🙁

  10. looking forward to another good novel i am currently reading 8 on Wuxia barely have time to game anymore lol

  11. Thanks for your own intro cuz official intros always seem identical to every other novel of the same genre in existence.

  12. I am really excited about what I read so far in the introduction to this project. I’m excited to see your editing work (albeit only slight changes) and I’m super glad that the author was actually willing to go through with the project.
    I feel like the addition of an editor will truely make this read awesome! Ugh I’m so tempted to start right away but I also want to wait for chapters to build up for a binge read! Muuuuuuuuu

    Thanks a lot! This seems awesome!

  13. Awww ye Desolate Era is my favourite and the translation on that is outstanding! Glad to see Desolate Era’s translator give such positive reviews about a new project! Will check out !

  14. Dare I say it? RWX, I am optimistic. I’m all for your edits. I’m excited of the possibility that the Chinese readers will get to read your editorial work, as I know it will raise the standard. Possibly for all webnovels. One can dream… Have you considered at some point writing your own story?

  15. Oh wow, a novel getting that much praise from Ren has to be really great and the synopsis looks good too.
    As soon as I am up to date with the novel I just started this will be the next one on my list!
    (Still filling the blanks torn open by the ending of ISSTH)

  16. The concept of editor is exciting, can’t wait to see quality novels to become classic

  17. Is this novel that announced with secret title when WW start the translation for 17k and zongheng? ?
    I mean the surprise project

  18. Sounds great, I’m always glad to hear about new novels, but I have to ask, is there a harem/polygamy? I can stand almost anything, but harems just kill immersion for me.

    1. Romance but no harems per se. Female characters are well-thought out and have their own personalities and uses.

  19. It’s definitely a great story and I will look forward to releases.
    Do note that it depicts a post-apocalyptic society in which the strong thrive, and the weak try to survive so it’s a dark novel which won’t appeal to everyone.
    It kinda reminds me of The Dark King in regards to the settings, but a tad bit less gloomy.

    1. Monarch of Evernight is pretty similar too, but after reading, even that doesn’t seem as bleak.

  20. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee, looks interesting.

    As for your comment about editing. As an editor myself I can wholly agree. Sometimes the author kind of lose the thread and then some minor changes need to be done.

    Even better since you have direct contact with the author.

  21. Based on the what I read in the prologue, it is really “closer to ‘print-quality fantasy’”. Thank you for translating it. And I’m expecting to read a whole good lot more!!! ^____________^.

    1. someone says it doesn’t have romance at all up to the current chapter, according to novel updates tags (which usually have all tags according to completed/current chapter)

  22. I’m hyped! And yea, I think that Ren’s synopsis is much better. It’s less vague and actually gets me interested in the story.

  23. We are most excited for this. As an amateur author ourselves, we know how much a good editor is desired and appreciated. A good editor can only improve a story, and this will no doubt be infinitely beneficial for the author. Let us hope this sets a precedent that others will follow.

    Our best wishes and good luck. We will most definitely be keeping an eye on this one, though we might not be reading it before end of the year (closed cultivation and all).

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